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  1. Okay. So I'm running low on RP, the special fuel that runs my entire existence. I am here to search for more sources of this valuable fuel. I will be posting my Plot Bunnies here, no CSs whatsoever. If you would like to do an RP with me you must be both 18 or older as well as a female. (No offense to the transgender community, but I will not be RPing with any males who identify as female either. I have a very strict regime about who I RP with).

    These RPs will not be family friendly and most likely NSFW. These RPs will NOT use anime physics, but I'd appreciate it if you used Anime-style images for character sheets and references.

    Here are my bunnies.

    -Demon X Human (corruption)
    -Demon x Human (Purification)
    -Human x Human (Magic involved)
    -Royalty x Commoner
    -Thief x Merchant
    -Librarian x Reader/Author
    -Musician x Musician (of different genres)
    -man-made deity x Human
    -Sub/metahuman x sub/metahuman
    -Cyborg/ altered human x scientist

    That's what I've got so far, will be adding more. For further details, read my resume.

    Note: I apologize in advance if my characters turn out to be the Deus or Diablo ex Machina of the RP.

    Edit: I will be including CS's of mine if you would like to see a specific example of a character.


    Suzume Wadashi (open)

    Name: Suzume Wadashi
    Age: 18
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Amber
    Skill: Swordsmanship, Business Management & Marketing
    Suzume, also known as Kuro-Suzu "Black Wasp", is a rich kid in Tokyo. He was raised by his father to respect three things; The sword, The Family, and The People. His gentle and modest nature does not match his nickname, however. This is because Suzume is also a champion of the Tokyo Kendo Tournament, three years in a row. Since he was 15, he took kendo very seriously, training vigorously to hone his skills. Suzume hopes to someday take over his Father's JumpStart company (A company that helps others get jobs and start businesses) and help people fulfill their dreams.

    [Now, this is odd, but I'd like to make a special partner request on this. I'd like the love interest character to be Blind, and the daughter of a wealthy family that could have business ties with the Wadashi family. I'd like to bring out Suzu's gentlest side by making him visit someone in the hospital day after day.]

    DeathBlade (open)

    Name: Sorin "DeathBlade" Raiko
    Age: 20
    Hair: Grey and Red
    Eyes: Pitch Black
    Race: Demon Sword Wielder
    Sorin was born in the occult. His parents were both assassins of the "BloodBath" Clan. As such, he was raised to kill. During a right of passage of his clan, a dark ritual that bestows inhuman abilities to its members, Sorin was technically blinded. Now, the only things his eyes can see, are those who must die, and those who must NOT die. As he finds this ability useless, he mostly has a blindfold over his eyes, using his other senses to fight.

    [Any character will fit this, but I'll make his see them as both a person who needs to die and someone who must not die.]

    Ryan Samson (open)

    Name: Ryan Samson
    Age: 19
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Skills: Martial Arts/Swordsmanship
    Ryan's parents moved to Japan when Ryan was just a kid. A year later, they died in a car accident. Ryan was picked up from the orphanage by a man named "Ryu Yamamoto", who raised Ryan to live a life of honor, under the sword. Now, Ryan mostly fights in tournaments, with wooden swords and fists, but he has been known to get in trouble.
    [Hoping to find a character who gets in trouble with the yakuza, giving him a real reason to use his sword]

    Drake Carbine (open)

    Name: Drake Carbine
    Age: 26
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Brown
    Skills: Blade Evocator
    As an Evocator of swords, Drake was trained in the art of swordplay, he's even learned to perform entertainment for kings with his blades. Drake served in the military for six years, aiding in many battles before being banned from his home country for not slaughtering children and women. He now lives in Japan, working for a shrine master as a guard.
    [A female character should be a woman who is poor, and hides in the shrine for a place to sleep]

    Adam Connor (open)

    Name: Adam Connor
    Age: 18
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Skills: Alchemy/Swordsmanship
    Adam was born in the UK, in london. He grew up listening to the chimes of big ben, and learned the way of the blacksmith from his father, since he is the heir of a long line of blacksmiths who served the kings, queens, and parliament. Adam was born with a rare alchemic ability. This ability allows him to forge weapons out of thin air. He kept this ability secret, because it was of no use to the kingdom. The weapons he can produce are attached to his body, and cannot be removed.

    [This RP would be what I call BladePunk. It's a genre where in this world, gunpowder was never developed and thus, firearms never existed. Only bladed and magic weapons, along with bows and crossbows exist. I would like a love interest who has a different alchemic ability than Adam.]

    Zane Suki (open)

    Name: Zane Suki
    Age: 19
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Race: Demon
    Zane was a normal kid, living in Tokyo with his mom and dad. He had no idea that he was actually demon child. And not just any demon, an Archdemon. He discovered this fact on his 18th birthday, when his blue eyes turned a brighter shade, and a mark appeared on his chest. His life turns upside down, and a new threat looms over his family, worse than any overdue mortgage payment.

    [Okay, this is a special RP. The love interest will be his childhood friend, who also turns out to be a demon. You can decide however you play this out.]

    KNIGHTS (open)

    Vincent Maxim (open)

    Name: Sir Vincent Maxim
    Age: 26
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Title: Freelance White Knight
    Vincent was always a good soldier, but wasn't very good at taking orders. He was a knight fighting by the king's side for ten years of his life. After disobeying orders, even if it led to a successful mission, his place among the King's knights was taken away. Though he was no longer a knight under the king, his knighthood remained. Two years later and Vincent is now a Freelance knight, fighting for anybody who needs his service. He stays mostly in his home City, Sharia. Sharia is the walled city surrounding the castle, and serves as the capital of the kingdom of Tamrin. Vincent saved up his wealth as a knight, and after getting himself a decent home, above a blacksmith, stopped requesting payments for his actions. He now lives by the charity of those he serves.

    Mather Voltaire (open)

    B5SajdACAAAS6ZJ.jpg tumblr_static_5dn4sna76akg4s4w0g0w0kkws.jpg
    Name: Matthew Voltaire
    Age: 26
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: White
    Title: Black Demon Knight
    Weapon: Umbraix
    Matt was always the rotten egg. Even while training for knighthood, he was always getting into trouble. He would break into the commander's ale cabinet, or sleep around with the maids or female knights. Sometimes, he'd even sleep with the healer or the commander's daughter. He was a rambunctious young man. Eventually, before he could even earn knighthood, Matthew was expelled from his training. Angry and feeling betrayed, Matthew succumbed to the evil power of a blade known as Umbraix, which came to him from a dark portal. That same knight, Matthew used the blade to kill the commander and escape the city. After his first kill, Matthew slowly became more and more corrupted by Umbraix's power. Matthew has become a dangerous dark knight.

    [For this RP, I'd like a Love interest for each knight. Vincent would need a princess or noble, and Mathew would need a bad girl]

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  2. I would love to try the Royalty x Commoner or the Thief x Merchant pairings with you ^_^
  3. How about the Thief x Merchant idea?
  4. Musicians could be cool. Have a couple pairings you might be interested in too if you wanna talk it over
  5. PM me with your ideas
  6. I like Suzume the most, followed by Shiro. I also like some of your plot bunnies. I do fade to black, though.
  7. I would loooove doing the plot with Shiro with you ^^. I also love the Corruption demon x human
  8. i would love to rp with you i love the Royalty x Commoner
    and Thief x Merchant parings i also have a few ideas of my own so Pm when u can
  9. I like your idea for Kane. :) PM me if you feel like doing that plot. It looks like you have quite a few offers, so we can always do it later if you're too busy now.
  10. Sent you a PM ^~^
  11. Libertine is for stories that intend to or want to contain sex scenes, not necessarily stories that are more about smut than plot O_o

    If your intent/hope is to at some point in the RP, write out a sex scene, I still need to move this post there. It's a civilized place with nice people; I'm a bit hurt when folks talk about it like it's Iwaku's pornhub. :/
  12. I was told a while back by Diana I didn't have to.

    Edit: I changed it
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  13. New characters added.
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  15. Still looking :p
  16. Two new characters added.
  17. New RP plot added [with characters]

    New characters will be added from this point on whenever I start a new RP, and a character becomes unavailable.
  18. Royalty/Commoner If possible :D
  19. No character choice?
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