Omega-verse Gang rp?

does this sound intresting?

  • yes, i'd sign up if you moved it here

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • no, sounds boring (if chosen state why, and what we can do to fix it)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • maybe, let me see what you have first (message me and ill show you)

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here, ive made a thread before 6-ish months ago but it didn't much attention, so im gonna make another interest check
so im just gonna copy and paste what i said before and try again

I've really been wanting to do a large action/horror/mystery gang role-play set in an omega-verse world(just because i think the idea would be easy to build angst and discrimation like topics off of it)? Like 7-15 players each playing 3-5 characters? I had tried to set it up on another site only for it to die, and i really only have the barebones of the plot and world structure as i love to build most of it as we go along with rp partners

-we would need at least 5 players or 5-6 characters a gang
-it would be semi advance so 1-2+ paragraphs a post, but try to match your response with everyone else so no 10+ paragraphs if everyone does 2
-i would be looking for someone to co-own it with me
-it is not set in the world today, to make up for how omega verse society works, it is similar to most modern cities but it's thousands of years post apocalyptic which makes the new 'human' species the descendants of werewolves that were mutated during a nuclear war, and now have faded after many generations
-i have the entire thread made on another site, it's just the nobody has signed up and nobody probably will as the site has died
with enough interest ill move it here

so vote on the poll or reply if this idea seems intresting
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Alright, I’m curious. Wanna hit me with the deets?