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    "On the count of thee, one, two, three..GO!". The swim coach blew on his wistle and Brian Rivers flew into the water like he was born to swim. The cool water splashed against his body and face, soon he was consumed by the water. His arms and legs were one step ahead of him, already moving and cutting throught the water like their life depended on it. The sounds of the cheering comming from the stands as people where screaming his name and shouting out. Brian blocked out the noise and then swam even faster like the people were his motivation and extra boost to move forward. Touching the wall he pushed himself off and then swam his way back fro the finial time. He knew he wa sin the lead, he could feel it and the adreniline going through his body made him feel like he had an extra help. He heard the wistle and he knew that he'd won.

    It was only a pre- game but evey game counted if they were going to make it to the nationas and winter games. The coach, Coach Karson clapped his hands in approval and called everyone out the pool. Climbing out he spotted his his firends and his parents as well as some othe people that he knew. Out of knowhere Karen Brandon, a girl in his class rushed up and kissed him. They had a fling over the summer but it was long ago and the fact that she kissed him confused the hell out of him. Smiling he nodded and then walked into the showers with his team.

    The coach was giving one of his famous lectures about how winning wasn't everything and that as long as we had fun that was all that mattered. After getting dressed Brian headed out and looked around he had football practice the next day and he was dreading it for the simple fact that he would see some people that he didn't want to.

    Everyone knew Brian. He was like a champ for the boys swimming team and the second best as wide reciver in football. Girls swarmed around him and flirted with him all the time but he wasn't intrested in them. No matter how much he wanted to move on there was always someone creeping in the back of his mind...his ex.

    The wistle blew and then he saw that the girls team was perparing for their game. He walked over to the slideline next to his bestfiend Mark and watched as the game was about to begin.
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    Sarah Fritzgavin & Justin DeLaTorrez

    “So, you’re ready for this?” Justin asked sweetly, tucking Sarah in his arms one last time before she had to step away to compete.

    They stood in the hallway leading from the swim team’s locker rooms on one side – the other leading towards the loud swimming center where the crowds were cheering the last leg of the boys’ swimming competition.

    Sarah’s radiant green eyes smiled back at her boyfriend of six months, nodding rather than saying the words ‘Yes’. She was – nervous. Her coach had informed his top swimmers of a special guest sitting in the stands today from the Olympic Committee. They have been watching certain students from all over the world who had registered to try out. Having their eyes upon her, scrutinizing her abilities, was nerve-racking It’s been a year since she decided to try out, with her coaches and her mom backing her up ten-fold; but always having some hotshot watching each and every practice, every competition, even small event she did (even coming to her pep-rallies to watch her cheer) – was feeling more like ‘starker’ rather than ‘observation’. She just wanted to get this over with. If they wanted her, then they should just say so and be done with it.

    “You’re shaking!” Justin tightened his arms around her and kissed her forehead. “You’re going to be great, you know.”

    “Yea,” she finally uttered, “But they’re out there again. I’m so sick of those scouts from the Olympics… I should just let this go…”

    “No way! You've been working towards this like – forever… Don’t back down now.” With his Captain tone, Justin gave her a big pep talk as he escorted her out the door. The Boys event was over and the Girls were starting to enter the gym.

    “I’ll be sitting right there with your mom.” He pointed towards the bleachers. “Don’t worry about those guys, K. If they weren't interested in your skills, they would have been gone. They’re just – making sure they’re making the right choice.”

    Sarah huffed, “Well, they better make up their minds before I do.” The announcements were starting, so Justin hugged her one last time before heading to the stands. Sarah stood with her teammates and waited for her name to be called. She waved to the crowd, smiling to alter her face – to avoid showing her nerves. When her team moved to the side to take off their warmers, revealing the sleek black and gold Speedo swimsuits, one of her friends tapped her on the shoulder.

    “Hey, guess who’s hanging around to watch our meet?” Sarah followed her friend’s finger up towards the stands to find an old, yet familiar face…

    “Um, so.” Sarah continued to pack her stuff before stretching.

    “Sooo, you’re not at all curious as to why Brian’s watching our meet?”

    “Nope…it’s a free country.”

    Her friend giggled as they continued to stretch. Soon, Sarah was tucking her trademark bright red hair into her swimming cap and slipping on her gold goggles. Standing at platform 2, she prepared herself for the relay event. After winning her title in the 200m Backstroke that day, this would be her final event of the day. As she stood on the dive board, she found her mom and Justin, waving like animals. That was – disturbing. Sarah so wished her mom didn’t buy that stupid flag…but there she was waving away like a crazy woman. Then, she scanned the crown and found the Olympic Scout sitting with the principle of the school and her skin crawled. And then, she saw Brian’s face as she turned to make ready. She didn’t understand why she kept finding him in the crowd…and planned on punishing her teammate for pointing him out. She didn’t care if he was there…and she wasn’t curious as to why either… But, she kept looking up towards where he sat – recalling the times when he did stay after events to cheer her on. But, that was a whole year ago…

    Has it really been a year since they broke up?

    Refocusing, Sarah faced the water, stretching her arms and back as she prepared to dive off for the first leg of the relay.


    When the meet was over, and Sarah gained her winnings and took her pictures with the team and friends, and the newspaper, and more pictures with both the boys and girls swim teams together; she was ready to get out of that Speedo and head home. Their school, the fighting panthers, beat the five other schools in their district again – both the boys and girls team drowned them all. It wasn’t anything new. The swim teams for their school was as big and well cared for as their football teams. And they had the winnings to prove it.
  3. As the pre-game was going to start Brian looked out the corner of his eye to see Sarah walk in with Justin. The chills rolled up his body as he looked at them. The one thing that bothered him was the simple fact that Justin wasn't who he pretended to be and everything he said in the locker room after football practice made him want to puch Justin in his face. As usual people would be all over the star quarterback of the football team. His skilss were good on the feild and he did show teamwork but off the feild he was a total asshole. Everyone was either sitting down or standing up watching as the girls were preparing to start. Looking up he spotted Sarah's mom who gave him a warm smile and congragulated him on the game. It was still nice to know that Sarah's mom still loved him even after the breakup with her daughter which was a completle misunderstanding.

    Looking down for a split second he caught Sarah looking in his direction and then around at everyone else. It brought back memories he didn't want to remember and the fact that they were both on the swim team was difficult. Mark wispered in his ear about the scout and he looked over at the man who was focused on the girls that were baout to swim. Coach Karson blew the wistle and the girls dove into the water. It was a few mintues before the girls climbed out the water and Brian already knew that Sarah had one. She was the fastest on the girls swim team.

    After taking pictures and the Coach talking with the scout the parents and students, and swim mates started leaving and soon the stands were empty. Brian was the last to leave. He looked at the water for a moment not moving and then he looked up at the list of winnings. His name was on top for the boys division and Sarah's was up for the girls division. He really was hoping that the scout liked what he saw so that they'd have a chance in the winter games.

    Mark tapped his shoulder and then told him that they were going to celebrate at Tony's Pizza, a place they've been going to since they were little. Throwing on his t shirt and jacket he headed out and then followed the coach who was loading the swim team into the vans. Brian climbed in after Mark and he was poked by some girl on the swim team named Tiffany. " So i see you stayed for our pre game, that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Sarah was there?". Brian sighed and shook his head. " No i stay for every game regardless who's there". Leaning his head back Brian closed his eyes and tried to block everything out. All he wanted to do was eat some pizza and then head home. His mood was totally shot.
  4. Finally, dry and dressed... Sarah sat in the locker room packing her wet things and grabbing her bag. The stress she held during the event had finally washed out of her system. She had a chance relax and just take in her victories and the success of her team. It was exciting - but, mundane, for it happens all the time. Sarah wasn't trying to be egotistical or puffed up, but it was the truth. The swimming program here was the best and every year proved it. She looked at the results again as she left the gym - and, as always, hers and Brian's name was up top for the fastest heats, and the most wins. She wasn't too thrilled at sharing the spot with her Ex, but she wasn't going to bust her bubble over it either. Can't argue with the truth - Brian was a fast swimmer...

    Sarah made it to her car after all the congratulations from the remaining spectators and students still leaving the campus. Everyone was heading to Tony's, that was tradition, and in a way - she didn't want to go. But, she was starving and Justin would want to come. By the way, where was Justin anyway? Sarah threw her things in the back of her convertible and pulled her cell phone out to dial his number. When he picked up the phone, she could hear giggling and such in the background and the sound of water. Justin said he was on his way, but had stopped in the boys locker room to grab the laundry he'd left there. At first, Sarah didn't believe him, but she didn't say anything at the time. When he emerged from the gym with his tied up string bag full of his training gear, she just blew it off and drove them to the pizza place.

    When they stepped inside hand-in-hand, the room roared with cheers and congrats. Justin escorted her to their favorite place to sit, across from the jukebox Tony himself had rebuilt and stocked with a MP4 system. They took their orders and settled down in the booth. All of their friends came by to say hey, and Nicole and Dexter slipped into the seats beside them. Nicole is Sarah's diving partner and Dexter is one of Justin's huge linebackers. The guy took half the booth up just for his biceps. Nicole wasn't looking so well, and Sarah asked her what was wrong. She excused them while she dragged Sarah out of the booth and towards the hall where the restrooms were located.

    "I don't know how to say this," she started, knowing what Sarah had gone through before in her previous relationship.

    "Say what?"

    "Well, when I left the locker room today, I saw...Jessica Newhart with Justin..."

    Sarah's face paled and she almost felt like, once again, someone's ripped her heart out. Fluttering, she took a deep breath as she recalled the phone call - that giggle... she should had known. Jessica was just - that type of girl. And Sarah was always leery of Justin, since he's Captain of the football team and Quarterback - it was just a matter of time, right?

    "You gonna be okay?"

    "Of course not!" Sarah snapped, but then calmed herself. "But, I'll be fine - for now." She gave Nicole a smile, and her friend enveloped her in a strong hug. "You've always had my back, thank you for being a good friend."

    Nicole smiled, "Hey, you're my girl. We've got to keep up with each other, right?" Sarah almost burst into tears, but she held off. Nicole understood why. Her diving partner was always strong underneath her tiny, delicate exterior. Everyone truly misreads her, for this sweet little red-head was not a Strawberry Shortcake doll. She had a fire that would incinerate anything in her path.

    After she had a moment to fix herself back up, Nicole and Sarah returned to the guys, finding their order waiting for them. Sarah tried her best to play off things... acting like nothing was wrong. But, deep down, she really wanted to learn the truth from Justin...and Jessica. By the end of the day, she will know...
  5. Everyone arrived at Tony's Pizza shortly and he gladly began on the pizza's. Brian chatted up with his friends and members of the swim team. Everything seemed to be going great, everyone was enjoying eachothers company, laughing and talking about upcomming games, other players, and of course the drama going on in the school. It was about 10 minutes when the pizza arrived and everyone chowed down like they had never ate in their entire life. Just as he was about to eat he heard the door open and he watched as Justin and Sarah walked in hand in hand and took a seat by the jukebox. Cracking his neck he looked away and slowly ate his pizza.

    He hated how his mood would change completly when he saw them together. It wasn't like he wanted it too but it just did. His feelings were mixed with anger, jelousy and another feeliong he couldn't describe. They broke up because of rumors of him cheating with Sindy Weathers. A cheerleader that had recently transfered schools. It wasn'y true but back then everyone wanted him and Sarah to break up because either the girls wanted to date him or the guys wanted her.

    When they finished eating Mark nuged him and he watched as Sarah got up with her friend Nichole and then came back. Sarah's facial expression seemed diffrent, almost like she was sad and pissed at the same time and fighting back the urge to cry. He wanted to get up and ask what was wrong but they haden't even talked since the breakup. They made small talk when they had too but other than that they just ignored eachother. Brian didn't want to but he really didn't know what to say to her.

    After and hour or so the team and the coach cleared out and Brian and Mark stayed behind to just relax before walking home. It was dark outside but he honselty didn't care. His parents didn't mind him home late at night anyway. " Hey iv'e been hearing alot of rumors going around about Justin messing around with some slut in our school..you think its true?". Mark asked taking a bite of his pizza. " I honeslty think its true, i mean you should hear the shit he talks about in the locker room..it makes me sick". Brian shook his head and then stood up from the table. " I dont even want to think about if because if it wasn't for stupid people in our school, we'd still be together".

    Mark nodded udersatanding and then they did their handshake before Brian glanced in Sarah's direction and headed out the shop. Mark and Brian went their seprate ways and the cool air hit his body. Once he headed home he did his homework and then ccollasped on the bed falling straight to sleep.

  6. On the way to Justin's place, Sarah tried her best to not bring up the situation. She knows how things start up around campus - and she knew why. But, many times the rumors are true and when they're filtered through the concerns of a good friend who doesn't want to hurt your feelings, then they're more likely to be fact than fiction. Because of this, she didn't want to just throw this up in Justin's face...not until she had more of the story to back her up. Besides, Justin's temper was enough to remind her to think cautiously.

    They parked before his house for a moment, but nothing felt right and he knew it.

    "Baby, there's something wrong? I can read if off your face."

    Sarah sighed, "I'm just tired, that's all... It's been a long, nerve-racking day."

    Justin rubbed her thigh and gave her one of his perfectly 'fix anything' smiles. "Yea, I know. You were a wreck, but look at what you've accomplished. And by the summer, we'll all start calling you Miss. Olympian."

    Ah, that just turned her stomach. She can just see it now: while she's away, Justin's playing with Jessica. Then, when she returns, he's by her side getting his fifteen-minutes of fame as the boyfriend to an Olympian. Sarah bit her tongue... Justin leaned over to give her a long kiss goodnight, but she pulled away before things heated up.

    "I've got to head on...I'm really tired..."

    He stopped, pulling back a bit to get a better look at her. His face contorted in its typical irritated fashion, "Where is this coming from?"

    Sarah closed her eyes, wishing he wouldn't go there. "I'm exhausted. I just want to go home and get some rest."

    "But giving me a little kiss is a problem for you?"

    "No...I'm just feeling a bit nauseous after eating the pizza..." she rushed her words out. "That would be kinda sick if I burped in your face."

    Justin pulled back with a gross look on his face, "Yea, you're right. You're feeling that bad? Why didn't you say so sooner? We could had left early..."

    "I - I know... I just thought you wanted to stay. So, I dealt with it." That calmed him down.

    Justin leaned over to cradle her head between his hand and head, giving her another peck on the forehead instead. "Well, you get to bed and rest. I'll see ya tomorrow then."
    Jumping out, he waved to her as she drove off.

    That was close, she thought while pulling into the driveway, but it was true. She was feeling a bit sick after all that greasy food. Sarah dragged herself to bed, feeling no need to collect her things for tomorrow or to throw her wet gear in the laundry. Monday was going to be light for her since she had no gym classes or anything like that. But after school was diving practice... and then cheerleading practice outside while the football team practiced...that was a whole other problem.
  7. Brian groaned as the morning alarm woke him up. Slowly he reached his arm out and turnned off the alarm and then he sat up in the bed and rubbed his eyes blinking a few times. Crawling out of bed his body felt sore from the game yesterday and his arms felt like they were going to fall off. Walking into the bathroom he brushed his teeth and then got in the shower feeling relived and letting the warm water pour on his acking body. After the long shower he driend off and then thew of jeans which he wore loose and a t shirt. rabbing his jacket off the chair he put it on and then took his phone off the charger before heading downstairs.

    He knew that Mark would be waiting for him like the usual and they'd walk to school since their was no sinse in driving if they were only threee blocks away. Brian quickly sat down with his parents who asked him the usual about school, grades, and how everything was going and he gave them the usual answers. " Good". He had great parents but heh wasn't really a morning person so he barely spoke to them with just a hi and bye. Putting on his seakers he headed out the door only to see Mark standing there as usual.

    As they walked to school they chatted up about practice. Mark was a running back for the team and knew the run down on what went on in the locker room. School was the last place Brian wanted to be. He wasn't really in the mood for his teachers but he knew it was only because it was still early for him. When they arrived at school it was like the usual people hugged him and told him good job and other people just looked at him from their lockers jealous.

    Sitting through the classes was hell. His math teacher gave him a pop quiz which he aced and then his english teacher gave the class a long lecture on bullshit. Once the bell rang he grabed his stuff and then headed to the lockers to change into his football gear. Of course Justin was in the locker talking about some girl who wasn't Sarah. Shaking his head he changed and then headed outside. Coach Wilson drilled them brutally for a few minutes before letting them rest. Mark grabbed his water bottle and headed over with a weird look on his face.

    " Whats up with you?".

    " Nothing its just..the rumors that were spreading around about Justin and Jessica is true".

    " And how do you know that?"

    " Because he's bosting about what they were doing over at his house the other night and what she can do".

    Brian just sighed and then placed his helmet next to him. " I guess i tell her? Well it's not really my place i mean im sure she knows by now". Leaning on the bleachers he debated on wether he should tell her not.
  8. Sarah really felt horrible the next morning, but slowly went through her daily routine - minus yoga - and dress for the day. With her dark green hoodie over her red locks she mulled through breakfast, giving generic answers to her parents about how she felt. She didn't really know if it was just her reaction to all the pizza yesterday, or the sickening emotions about Justin churning up in her gut. But, she wasn't in the mood to talk to her parents about him - they considered him a saint.

    She beat the traffic this time to get to class on time, taking a different route that carried her through the old neighborhood where she use to grow up. She really didn't know why she went that way, but when she passed by her old house, and across the street from there stood Brian's place, she'd realized what she'd done and sped up to get to school. Why was she doing this to herself, bringing him up again? Maybe because she's had run this game of 'who's playing around with who' with him before... and now she's having to do it again with someone else? Sarah didn't understand herself, but it bothered her all day long.

    In Economics, she sat by Justin, per usual, but he could tell she wasn't feeling all too good, specially when she continued to pull away from him and bury herself under her hoodie. That's an Scotts for you - they either bury themselves away to not be bothered, or start a war. Since she wasn't barking at him, he felt relieved - she was still in the dark about everything.

    After school, she met up with Nicole for diving practice, which seen to calm her spirits. The water always made her feel better, even when she was sick as a dog or completely heartbroken; being in the water was like being in her mother's arms. It healed everything.

    Her coach was really happy to see her feeling better, and it showed in their individual diving practice, and their synchronized practice. Her and Nicole were in perfect harmony and dived together like they were Siamese Twins. When they were done, they'd learned that another Olympic scout was watching their practice. Sarah's heart almost leaped from her throat when her coached announced this.

    "We can't do anything without them around spying on us," she growled while dressing for cheer practice.

    Nicole tossed her a towel to shut her up."Don't start all that up. Just enjoy the moment."

    They headed to cheer practice, which only started her stomach to ache again. As she stretched, she saw Brian and his friend Mark going through drills. She was actually scared that he might know something about what's going on with Justin...or, at least, more than she knew. It was sickening - to think that she's going through this again with another guy. I bet he's getting a kick out of it.

    After running through a few yell drills, and tumbling runs, the group began practicing on their dance/cheer routine for competition that year. They were going to perform it for the Homecoming pep rally coming up next month. Sarah drowned herself in the music when it began to blare out, concentrating on her routine and forgetting everything that was going on in her life. She could see Justin watching her from the bleachers as the football team took their break, saw Brian and Mark...and another damn Olympic scout watching the football and cheer practices.

    Suddenly, she just felt completely overwhelmed with it all. Her feet began to slow down and she felt flushed, like she had a fever or something. She stopped to take a deep breath, but when she did all she saw was black. She didn't hear the music anymore and the only thing she could feel was the grass tickling her ear. Sarah had passed out right there on the sideline. Her coach and Nicole rushed to her side to wake her up.

    "Was she alright during diving practice?" the coach asked.

    Nicole nodded, "Yea, we had a great practice. But, she's been a little off all day - ever since last night."

    "Let's see if she'll wake up. She's probably dehydrated..."
  9. As the team took their break the coach went over to some woman who happened to be an Olympic Scout watching them in their other activities. Brian was kinda getting tired of the scouts. It was one thing to watch the games but to be comming to watch them play another sport was a whole diffrent story. He did get a few football scouts that he knew wanted to draft him especially UCLA but he didn't know on whether he wanted to persue a carrear in swimming or football since he loved them both.

    The coach came back and set of the line backers and the running backs so he didn't need to play and Mark didn't go in. When the cheerleaders came out to do their practice his eyes never left Sarah. Brian couldn't help it, she still looked good in the uniform and it gave him memories of when he used to sneak pull her to the sides from pracice to sneak in a few kisses before her coach caught them. They used to be the cutes couple until the breakup.

    Brian watched as Justin threw a few passes and he gritted his teeth. He didn't like the guy at all but only put up with him because of the team. Mark was called in so Brian just remained on the bleachers until it was his tearn to cath a few passes. The Olympic scout left into the school and he felt relived knowing someone wasn't watching him. It made him feel uncomfortable and he knew he was going to make a few mistakes. Just as the coach was going to call him in, out the corner of his eye he saw Sarah collaspe on the floor.

    Rushing over he listened to what Nichole was saying before scooping her up in his arms. He heard the football coach blow his wistle and rush over to see what was happening.

    " Is everything okay?"

    " They said she passed out but she was fine earlier so im going to take her to the nurse".

    The coach nodded and he saw Justin's look of jealousy but it was funny how justin didn't move from his spot to see if she was okay or not. Heading inside the school building he carried her up to the second floor where the nurse examined her and gave her water. Brian sat down on the chair next to the bed and looked at her concerned. " Are you okay? Did you eat before practice?". He tried not to sound like he cared so much but it was hard because he still cared for her.

  10. Sarah felt a cool breeze brush against her flushed face, and that's when she realized she was being moved. She took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes, finding herself being moved down a hallway. She wasn't outside anymore. So, how did I get inside? I suppose to be at practice.. Her eyes started to darken again just when she lifted her eyes to see who was carrying her. She thought she saw Brian, but everything darkened before she could register.

    Again, Sarah woke up, jumping slightly when her eyes adjusted to the dingy walls of the nurse's office. The nurse told her why she was there and asked her a few questions. Sarah wasn't sure what had happened. She felt bad ever since the pizza last night. She felt find after diving practice... But, no...she really wasn't drinking as much water as she normally did, and she's been under a lot of stress... After the nurse gave her a bottle of water, she left the room which opened Sarah's attention to the rest of the room she could not see. Right there beside the bed sat Brian. The shock of seeing him was clear on her face, but she didn't want to make a big deal of it. Her eyes dropped to her lap - Justin wasn't there at all...

    "Are you okay? Did you eat before practice?"

    She cut a look at him, "Why do you want to know?" She took a deep breath...he did carry her to the nurse after all. She really needed to work on her attitude sometimes... "No, not really, but I'm fine now..." She didn't want to be rude, but she really didn't know why he cared to hang around.
  11. Brian felt kina uncomfortable when the nurse left the room. It was only him and Sarah and he was pretty sure that she wanted nothing to do with him. It bothered him because he wanted to tell her what he knew about Justin but then he didn't know how she'd react to the situation. Everyone on the football team was talking about it and he knew that some of the people ariiund school knew to. Nobody knew the meaning of " Secrect" so everyone just told the next person till it was the topic of schools gossip.

    Her voice made him give her a look and then he shook his head when she questioned him on why he wanted to what she ate. Brian was beginning to hate being alone in the room with her. She couldn't look past the break up which she blamed him for.. If only she knew the truth.. " Look im asking because i care, i dont want you passing out at practice or anywhere". Leaning back in the chair he looked away and then out the window to see his team still practicing.

    " Look i think theres something you should know about Justin...". Taking a deep breath he looked at her. " I know you probubally already heard the rumors and.... there true, he is messing around with Jessica". Brian knew it was only a matter of time beforee she found out the rumors were true. Standing up from the chair he looked at her. " Look i know im not your favorite person right now but i just dont want you hurt".
  12. "Look, I'm asking because I care. I don't want you passing out at practice or anywhere."

    Sarah quietly looked away. She knew Brian was telling the truth on that. He was always looking out for her when they were going out... Even though things took a turn for the worse, he was still a thoughtful person.

    "Look, I think there's something you should know about Justin..."

    Sarah glanced over at him. Of all the people in the whole world, why him? Why was Brian going to tell her this?

    Taking a deep breath he looked at her. "I know you probably already heard the rumors and.... there true, he is messing around with Jessica."

    She turned away again, unbelieving that this was happening to her now - holding back her emotions. "Yea, I've heard, but what in the world give you the right to relay that information to me?" Sarah was a bit steamed, but it wasn't really about Brian. It just attacked him because he was there...

    Standing up from the chair he looked at her, " Look, I know I'm not your favorite person right now, but I just don't want you hurt."

    That was it. Sarah turned around on the cot to dangle her legs over as she stared Brian hard in the eyes, "Oh, so now you don't want to see me get hurt? Even though I just happen to be going through the same crap you put me through a year ago - but now things are different, right? Or, you're just getting off rubbing this in my face?"

    She threw herself off the cot to stand up and almost toppled back over when vertigo slammed her. She caught herself against the nearby chair and shook her head to regain her composure. Tears were streaming down her face now, but she didn't cry out - she was far too strong for that. "I've...got to get out of here."
  13. Brian didn't want to tell her the truth but he was getting tired of hearing all the things Justin was saying in the locker room and then just go and kiss up on her like everything was okay when it wasn't. It utterly bothered him and when he first found out they were going out he could barley focus at the swimming meets and at the football drills at practice. He learned to just let things happen even though he knew the type of guy he was. A player. The type to tell you anything you wanted to hear and then messed around with someone you knew. It was discusting and it hurt even more that Sarah thought that was the type of guy he was.

    When she asked why it was him that was telling her about him mesing around he just gave her a blank look. Brian was fustrated but he just kept his cool and tapped his foot on the floor. " Look im telling you because its better that way. Would you rather heard it in the hallway by people you dont even know of by someone that you do?".

    What Sarah did next shocked him completly. She practically spazzed out on him, questioning him on why he cared, and saying that he was a cheater just like Justin. Brian felt like he was going to loose it in a second and the more he listned to what Sarah was saying the more angry he got. Shaking his head he watched as she got up and stumbled before grabbing her arm to stop her.

    " Do you honestly think you can compare me to a guy like Justin!?. I am nothing like him and i will never be. I never in my life cheated on you! Why would i do that to you? Im in love with you and it kills me to see you all over some guy who treats you like shit. All those damn rumors you belived and they were all a lie!". Brian didn't care that his voice was rising he wanted her to know how he felt.

    " If Justin cared about you so damn much then why wasn't he the one who carried you up here? Why isn't he the one by your side asking if your okay? As much as you hate me for something i didn't do..my feelings are still there and im not over you". He only cupped her face for a breif moment and wiped away the tears that were falling down her cheek before walking out the room. Brian headed down the stairs and then back out to the feild. He told the coach he wasn't in the mood andonce practice was over he gathered his things as Mark waited for him.
  14. Brian caught her before she fell any further. She wanted to break his grip, but she honestly was too dizzy to try. She wanted to leave...to avoid this confrontation, but it was bound to happen... There was just so much they wanted to say, but Sarah never got a chance to get her half out. Brian dominated this argument.

    "Do you honestly think you can compare me to a guy like Justin!? I am nothing like him and I will never be."

    Sarah wanted to count in his face the similarities, but she could only see one...

    "I never in my life cheated on you! Why would I do that to you? I'm in love with you, and it kills me to see you all over some guy who treats you like shit. All those damn rumors you believed, and they were all a lie!"

    She sat down in the chair she held onto, thrown off kilter with the words Brian lashed out on her. Now she was completely confused. There were so many things said about him and Cindy back then… The only reason she believed it all was because her closest friends had proof…said they saw them do one thing or another… The only reason she believed the rumors about Justin and Jessica was because those very same close friends said the same – they have proof. What was she to believe?

    "If Justin cared about you so damn much then why wasn’t he the one who carried you up here? Why isn't he the one by your side asking if you’re okay? As much as you hate me for something I didn't do…my feelings are still there and I’m not over you".

    Brian walked away, leaving her with the mess he’d left behind. He was right about Justin…even though she was still doubtful about the rumor, she knew Justin didn’t care for her – not like Brian use to… obviously still did.

    But why now? Why did he hold all of this in, rather than tell me back then?

    Or, did he, but she didn’t believe him… Was she really that blinded back then?

    It took her a while to stop crying, but she did. After the nurse released her, Sarah didn’t finish the rest of her classes. She didn’t want to see anyone, especially Justin. He still didn’t come to check up on her after practice. He didn’t call - only left a text: hope u ok <3.

    How pathetic!

    Home was not an option at the moment. She knew the nurse would call her mom and step-dad, and, knowing how overly protective of her they were, they would probably try to talk her out of the whole Olympic thing because with that extra practice after school, along with cheerleading, swim team, and all the other school and church activities she was into – and her part time job as a reception at her mom’s dental office; it was way too much for her to handle. Even though she would agree under her breath, she would give them an attitude about it and argue that they didn’t believe in her. No, she didn’t want to go through that tonight.

    Instead, Sarah drove to the old neighborhood and made her way to the Hedgeway Park, the only one with a full size Olympic pool and diving board. Even though it was close to Brian’s place, it was still the only positive place she knew, and the best pool in town. It was the place where she learned to swim as a YMCA Shark way back in Kindergarten… That was also the only place that held memories of her dad before he died. At this point, she so wished he was around to tell her all the secrets about guys her mom just didn’t have. It would make this problem of her seem less painful.

    After changing into her Speedo, minus her cap, Sarah dove into the pool on the deep side, since the other side was still conducting a basic swim class. She slowly did laps back and forth across the width of the pool, just meditating on everything that had happened that day – and the things that Brian said.

    When the smaller classes ended and the pool was cleared, Sarah began to work the full length of the pool. Her long red hair looked like fire streaking through the water as she sprinted back and forth to work out all of the anger and confusion she held inside. She had to learn the truth about everything….about Brian and about Justin. She didn’t want to go through this again, especially with Justin, but there was no way she will confront him about Jessica until she had some solid proof. That was the only shield she had against him.
  15. After the argument Brian wasn't in the mood to do anything. The whole agrument was wrapped up in his head and he kept replaying everything thst she said to him. Mark tried to make conversation but Brian barley responded so Mark gave him his space. As they sat through his last class for the day Mark fell asleep and all he could think about was getting ot of school and going home. He really didn't have to go the the last two classes because he was exempt since he had major practices and things that he had to do as well as keep up his honor grades. it stressed him out but not as much as what he was going through.

    The only person in the entire school that new the truth was Mark. He knew that Brian didn't cheat with Cindy and he knew where he was the day the made up that she was at his house but Cindy moved and it was pointless to even ask why she went along with the rumors because he already knew the reason. She hated Sarah. She hated her for the simple fact that everyone looked up to Sarah, the fact that she was smart and barely had to study, that she was beautiful and dating him, one of the hottest guys in school. And the people who made up the rumors were friends of Cindy's circle... most of which were on the cheerleading team and others who talked to Sarah.

    Twenty minutes before class was over brian gathered his things and then walked out the class. The teacher already knew that he never stayed for her class. As he walked out the school it was one of those days where he wish he drove his car to school. As he walked down the blocks trying to clear his head he decided to take the long way, Nobody was home and he'd have the house all to himself. Stopping at the pool only a half a block away from his house he looked inside to see someone swimming. The person was good and from his view he could only see arms and legs moving.

    Brian dropped his bags on the floor and then wallked down the stairs to get a better look and from the color of the hair he knew exactly who it was. But why was she here? He barley saw her even drive into the neighboorhood. probubally because of him. He knew that she didn't want to see him and he wasn't really sure that he wanted to see her. The only thing he wanted to do was outswim her. Walking back to his duffle bag he pulled off his shirt and pants and put on shorts before spiral diving into the pool.

    Consuming the water he swam under her and then up for air where he stayed. He knew it was going to be awkward but it wasn't his intention he just didn't know anything better than swimming. When she came up he looked at her. " What made you come all the way over here?".
  16. Sarah knew she wasn't alone - she noticed the other person cutting the water under her as she sprinted. She stopped and looked up at the clock over the utility building. It wasn't time for the after schoolers already? She still had a good hour of swim time before they started to show up.

    "What made you come all the way over here?"

    She whipped around to find Brian behind her treading water. Of all the people she was trying to hide from... If you hide yourself where your enemy would least likely look, her dad use to say... It didn't work this time, but maybe that's because Brian wasn't exactly her enemy here...

    "The pool," she turned away to swim the last length of the pool, reaching the wall quickly to flip kick and continue her sprint. He knew all the reasons why she would come to that particular pool. It held fond memories for the both of them, but she wasn't here because of Brian. It was the only place she felt closer to her dad - the person who introduced her to swimming and diving in the first place.

    Still, in a small way, she was there because of Brian. As of right now, after that little speech in the nurses office, he was the only one that she could probably trust to tell her the truth about all this mess with Justin. She thought Nicole had her back, and she probably does, but if Brian is actually telling her the truth about the past and the present, which is likely (if he wants to use it to rip her heart out again for revenge), then Nicole wasn't reliable - or was lied to as well...

    Sarah didn't know how to handle all of this, but she figured Brian had more to gain by telling her the truth, than to lie to her now. But...talking to him after their crappy year was painful. It reminded her of all the good times, it reminded her of her dad and all the college meets they all went to together - just her, dad, and Brian. Everything hurt...everything ached... and being in that pool just seem to numb it all.
  17. When Sarah said the pool Brian didn't question her much further. He knew that before she moved she used to come to the pool all the time and swim around till dark. That was way back in the good days when they were together and she seemed much happier than now. Now her facial expression are dull and lifeless, like she forces a smile around people when she dosen't feel like she's in the mood. Swimming around in the water he dove under and closed his eyes.

    The water swayed him side to side until he felt his body against the pool water and he realized he made himself sink. Brian didn't care, nor was he worried because he learned to hold his breath for 2 minutes. Which was much longer than most people. Slowly he pushed himself up from the bottom and then swam up to catch his breath. He watched as she swam like she was made for the water and that was one of the things that he loved about her.

    Brian started on doing some laps but his body wasn't in it. All he could think about was the practice he was going to have to do tommarow and the fact that his diving partner was out he didn't know who the coach was going to pair him up with to practice with. Soon the sky began to change and he realized that it was almost time for dinner, He wasn't hungry so he stayed in the pool sitting in the shallow end. The pool held alot of memories for them that he'd never forget. He remembered how her dad would swim with them and give them individual times to beat, he'd encourage them and would go to all their games. And then he remembered Sarah. How'd they'd sneak out late at night for a swim and they'd wind up kissing and getting out of control.

    Taking a deep breath he ran his hands throguh his hair and then climbed out the pool. The whole situation was just stupid and it bothered him. He knew deep down that her friend wasn't honest as she potrayed herself. She used to hang out with cindy so Brian knew she was apart up it somehow. That was the main reason why Mark and him have problem with her. Grabbing his towel he dried off and then sat down on the chair putting on his dry pair of shorts. " Hey this place has alot of memories, remember what happened right here?". He called out to her pointing in the pool chair he was sitting on.
  18. Sarah had drained herself of energy and emotion by the time she pulled herself out of the water. Sitting on the edge of the pool, she didn't see Brian anywhere. She didn't realize that he had already left the pool and was drying off. She sat where she was, kicking her toes across the water's surface just reminiscent. She remembered the first time she dove off the 10 ft diving board...belly flopping. It hurt, but it was so funny. She remembered all the birthday parties she had there...and all of the gifts Brian had got her then...

    "Hey, this place has a lot of memories."

    She jumped and turned around to find him sitting down in one of the pool chairs drying off. "Geez, you scared me!" Catching her breath, she stood up and walked towards the chair where her towel sat, which was not too far.

    "Remember what happened right here?"

    She looked over, taking a moment to realize where exactly he was sitting at. Shockingly, a small smile curved her lips for a moment before she wrapped her towel around her head to start drying her hair. "Yea...I remember. Did that scar ever heal?"
  19. Brian watched as Sarah got out of the pool and then began to try herself off. When she said that he scared her he just smirked slightly and then reached in his bag for his shirt. When he looked back up at Sarah he saw the small smile form on her lips when he brought up what happened in that pool chair. " Mostly but theres still a little scar from the incident". He showed her the slight mark on his chest and then back that had never fully went away. By the time Brian got dressed he felt like he wanted to pass out.

    Standing up he gathered his things and then looked at Sarah. " Why did you move? It would have been nice to just walk you home but now you live blocks away from my house". As soon as he finished speaking he felt his phone vibrate and when he answered the phone it was his parents asking if he was okay and then only did he realized that it was getting dark outside. Hanging up the phone he placed his backpack over his shoulders and then rwched for his duffle bag.

    " I miss the old times we used to have, i wish we still did those things". Giving a half smile he waited until she got ready before heading to the pool gate and opening it for them both, and for the first time since they broke up it was the first time they were ever alone together and the first time he genunally saw her smile. Pulling her into his embrace he hugged her and then pulled away unsure if it was even okay to touch her. " Um ill see you at school tommarow".

    Once Brian got home he immdeitally took a nice shower before putting on his night clothes and then eating dinner. His muscles ached and he doubted that he was going to put much effort into the swim drills. Mark text him about typical drama and then he found himself upstairs in his rom laying on the bed thinking about the one person he couldn't get out of his head Sarah. Slowly Brian closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
  20. Brian actually walked up to her to show the light scar that was left on his chest... It still looked like her teeth print. Again, before she could stop herself another smile grew where the first one stared. All she could remember from that day, besides enjoying the pool, was how he'd learned very quickly not to tickle her when she was kissing him. That thought made her blush, but luckily he was already walking back to his things, so he didn't notice.

    One thing's for sure, Brian had pumped up since last Summer...

    Sarah's eyes widened at her thoughts and she shook her head, turning away to partially harden her heart again. Okay, deal with Brian to learn what she needed, but... but don't fall for him again. That was her goal...or, so she'd thought.

    "Why did you move? It would have been nice to just walk you home but now you live blocks away from my house"

    "After dad died, mom just wanted to go..." Just then, Brian's phone rang. She continued to finish packing and drying off. She pulled her jeans and a t-shirt over her damp swimsuit and tossed her towel over her shoulder. She'd stopped for a moment wondering why her mother never asked her about moving. She'd just came home from school one day to find her whole house packed up. Sarah never wanted to move...

    "I miss the old times we used to have, I wish we still did those things."

    "I do too...," she'd whispered, only to cut her eyes towards him hoping she wasn't heard. Sarah grabbed her bag and walked with Brian out the gate towards the parking lot. She was in a fog of confusion still, more than she was before leaving school that day. Before she could argue, Brian had pulled her into a careful hug. She tensed up in a sudden panic, but then... she relaxed into that very familiar embrace - and then he pulled away, leaving her absent.

    "Um, I'll see you at school tomorrow."

    Sarah cleared her throat and folded her arms around her, "Oh...yea, sure..." She quickly rushed towards her car, throwing her bags in the back and jumping in with a slam of the door. Starting up the engine and tossing the lights on, she zoomed out of the parking lot, not caring to offer Brian a ride. She didn't want him to see her tears, her anger, her mixed emotions... What in the hell was going on with her?

    Use him to get the answers you need, but that's it! Nothing else!
    It was as if she trying to talk herself out of what she felt... She wasn't over him - not in the slightest. Eight months and still she had those feelings for him. Damn, I can't do this...

    Soon, she was pulling up to her driveway, only to find Justin's car sitting on the street before it. She walked in to find him being entertained by her parents.

    "Ah, there she is!" Her mom stood up and smiled. Sarah just headed upstairs without a word. Her mom looked towards Justin and shook her head, "She looks like she was swimming. After the day she had, that would be her typical response."

    "I'll head up there to check on her, Mrs. Helen," Justin placed his cup on a saucer and rushed up the stairs. He didn't knock on her door, so Sarah didn't realize he was stepping into her room. With her swimsuit partially down, she jumped at the sound of the door closing behind him. "Hell, Justin! Who gave you permission to come up here?" She quickly covered her chest and began to pull the Speedo back up, but Justin was behind her before she had a chance.

    "Your mom said I could - to check up on you." His arms wrapped around her and his lips were hot on the back of her neck. "So, you skipped classes, didn't text me all day, or call..." he turned her around, tightening his grip around her arms where they were pinned between them. "I hope I don't have to beat the answer out of you in your own room. That wouldn't be your best idea."

    Sarah tried to pull away from him, but he continued to posses her neck and keeping her well planted in place.

    "I went swimming at Hedgeway," she rushed out, and Justin stopped.

    "Not with someone in particular?" The look on his face was harsh and made it difficult for her to keep her poker face.

    "No, just me and the water. I just wanted a break."

    Justin pulled away, "Well, that's understandable... You've been under so much stress."

    He sat on her bed while she returned her Speedo back over her shoulders. She decided to just throw caution to the wind, now feeling far too exhausted to think clearly in the first place, Sarah turned to him and just flat out asked, "Are you sleeping with Jessica Newhart?"

    Justin's eyes flared open and a flabbergasted expression turned his face into a bunched up prune before he just billowed out in a mad laughter that seem to scare her far worse than when he's yelling. "That's insane! Where in the world are you getting that?"

    "Apparently, from you and her." Sarah stepped forward, feeling more heated than anything for being laughed at. He's such a horrible liar! "Everyone's been quoting both of you from various places. You two are rather popular these days. If they're lucky to have their phone charged, you guys would be on YouTube by now from all the times they say they've caught you two together after swim meets or football games..."

    Justin stood up, stepping up to her as if to threaten her. She stepped back a little, but decided to not give in. She was at home...what in the hell could he do to her here. "Look, I'm tired of this popularity game. You don't really care about me; you never did! You just like the attention I get for you, especially now since I'm training for the Olympics. If you're happier with her, then fine. We're done. I don't want to be in your way."

    Justin grabbed her arms far too tightly, and began to jerk her back and forth, "You are not going to drop me like I'm some hopeless case. We are a couple - that's the way it is suppose to be. You know - the Captain of the Football team and the Cheerleader Captain. Jessica's just around to give me some ass every now and again, because you refuse."

    Sarah was about to be sick. Justin pulled her close, grabbing her chin with his hand to force her to look at him. He had a wild look in his eyes, like he was getting pumped up for a game. "We're going to play this game, whether you like it or not. And if you don't, I'll make sure you regret wanting to leave me." He pressed his lips to hers, smashing them together as she fought to get away. Sarah was able to break free, throwing a hand up to slap him hard across his face. Justin reared back with a punch for her efforts. Sarah fell back slightly against her bed, but was still on her feet. She knew how to take a hit, but she never thought he would go so far... in her own home!

    "Get. Out!" She stood up and began to push him out of her room.

    Justin just laughed as she did, letting her move him. "Our little secret...unless you want more." He continued laughing out of her room. Calming himself, he headed downstairs, giving her parents a gracious smile before telling them good night and seeing himself out.

    Sarah stood in the steaming shower, just letting the water heat up her anger and wash her tears away. She punched the tile in her silent retort, pissed off about everything that was happening to her, at the worst possible time, and coming up with no idea on how to take care of it. She could tell her parents, but that would cause other problems and threaten her dreams for the big O. She left the shower with less ideas and more frustrations that would only linger upon her nightmares and the dawn on the new day. Sarah only knew one thing, she wasn't going to give into Justin's threats - not anymore.

    Lying in bed, Sarah pushed Justin out of her thoughts and concentrated on water...on the soft flow of its current passing around her body as she cut through it. And with thoughts of water, her subconscious continued to bring Brian into her dreams, of times well spent with good company - her dad and Brian and her... Those nightmares she thought she would had never touched her that night.