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  1. There are things in our world that remain hidden from most. Fighting for their own survival, they stay hidden in the shadows but within the shadows is a hierarchy.
    That's how things work, but forces are always plotting to flip the scale and put the Titans on top. With the Gods ordered by Zeus not to interfere in humans lives unless required, it is up to their children and children's children to put things right and protect their parents. There is just one problem. Not all of them know who they are.

    So when they end up going to a Camp for their kind. The kind where they can be free to be themselves and not have to hide their powers or appearances. Until something began to go wrong. Named after Orpheus, the legendary musician and poet who tried to steal his wife from the Underworld, Camp Orpheus had always been peaceful until monsters of all shapes and sizes began to attack. They never managed to penetrate the defenses of course, the shield holding them at bay until the Demigods disposed of them, but it was odd all the same. No longer did the creatures and monsters hide in the shadows. Now they walk in the light and it is up to the Demigods to find out why.
    Our story begins in the camp just outside of Boston, Massachusetts where the newest batch of Demigods arrive with orders from their parents who walk through their dreams from time to time. Never interfering, just watching and waiting for a time when it was necessary to intervene. When they arrive at Camp Orpheus, they are met with stables, cabins for each God, training rooms, mess halls, docks, a tennis court and so much more, all of it to train them to fight the monsters that rise up against their Godly parent.

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  2. Date: 15th September 2014
    Time: 08:00

    The sun was shining across the camp through a gap in the crowds, the wind blowing softly through the trees the surrounded it keeping it hidden from view. And although it was only eight am, the camp was already busy with Demigods ready to start their days training. Groups were sat in the mess hall, chatting and laughing with one another as they picked at the various kinds of fruit, pastries, bacon and eggs that were served to them each morning. Others had already started training, taking their places at the climbing walls, stables, assault courses, archery ranges, the armory. Each were connected by dirt paths that cut through the grass linking everything together in the center.

    It was one of these paths that Lena was walking along. She moved quickly between the stables and the assault course, making a bee-line for Aphrodite's cabin. She'd been living in the camp for almost a year now after her mother had found her in her dreams. She'd explained that things weren't quiet as Lena thought, but it wasn't until she got a visit from a cyclops. It had nearly killed her, bursting into her apartment in the middle of London. She'd managed to knock it out with a swing to the head from a baseball bat. From there she'd shoved her clothes and precious items in a bag and fled to Massachusetts. She'd spent most of her savings on the plane ticket, but when she reached the border to the camp and stepped through the large stone archway into her salvation. The relief had been almost instant as she stepped through. She was finally safe, where should could be free and not have to hide. Her father had had no idea what she was growing up, and a wide variety of theories had drifted through her mind. Everything from mutant to radioactive spider bite, although she was far from Spiderman. Her powers were that she could change her appearance. She could look like anyone or any living creature she wanted. She could grow wings or a tail, spend her time walking the street as a tri-coloured house cat. And while in the privacy of her own home she'd enjoyed it, it had made life in London difficult. When she wasn't concentrating, upset, angry or distracted she would find that her appearance changed automatically. Whether it was something small like a change in eye colour or the lengthening of her hair, or a total change like a change in height or a growing fur. She also found that she had the power to temporarily manipulate the emotions of people around her to make them fall in love or lust with her or others. It took her a long time to get a grasp of it, but seven years after her powers kicked in, she was able to keep a tight lid on it.

    Dressed in a pale blue tank top and black shorts, with matching sneakers, she made her way into the large concrete space that housed the cabins. They were arranged in a series of large circles going out from the center where a large apple tree was planted. Benches surrounded it for a short distance before paths broke off like a spider web, joining together infront of the cabins with one for each God. The main Greek Gods were first; Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, etc. followed by minor Gods and then Titans on the outside. Lena was Aphrodite's daughter, which meant she only had to walk directly opposite the path leading into the courtyard. The house was two stories with 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a large open plan kitchen/diner/living room on the ground floor. They were all cream coloured with wooden floors and similar coloured furniture.

    As she entered, she left her shoes quickly by the door and made her way up to her bedroom, her long dark hair curled down her back in a tight, high ponytail. She was 5ft 4in with pale skin and dark brown hair. She had large blue eyes that scanned everything in her surroundings and a sweet voice that sang gently along to the music on her iPod as she moved into her room. Pushing open the door, she changed quickly into a bikini and pulled her tank top and shorts back on. Grabbing a clean towel from the washing pile, she practically skipped back down the stairs in time to her music and it wasn't long before she was back out the door on her way to the ocean.
    Meanwhile, Clarissa was on her way to the camp, a large backpack with everything she owned over one shoulder. She'd been trekking through the woods for what felt like hours, and it made her feel uncomfortable to be so alone. She moved stepped over a large log, her blonde and brown hair flowing behind her with grey eyes and sun kissed skin. It had been a difficult journey from New York, and she'd hitchhiked most of the way. As she spotted the stone archway she smiled, knowing instantly what she was looking for. She stepped through it quickly and into the camp, slowly making her way through.

    She'd known for a few weeks that she was the daughter of the Titaness Selene, Goddess of the Moon, and although she was excited to be here she was also worried that the others of her kind wouldn't be able to see past it. But as the daughter of her, she had the ability to make herself hidden. Bending light around her body to hide anything and anyone she wanted.

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  3. ~Flashback~
    Date: 31st July, 2014
    Time: 0200

    The three Chevalier children sat in the center of the bedroom they shared in deep discussion. The Chevaliers weren't an especially prosperous family, with a single dad and two of them in their first year of college. Living in the Bay Area with the ridiculously high house prices was hard enough as it was. As such, the three of them shared the master bedroom while their father, Patrick, took the guest room. It wasn't a bad arrangement, especially when Melissa and Sierra were living in their college dorms, but with the summer upon them, they were crammed back together into the one room. That wasn't the matter of this clandestine discussion, though. At midnight, which was usually when they went to bed, they'd had an unexpected and slightly unwelcome visitor. A large owl from Sierra's mother, Nyx, had appeared out of the shadows of their room and touched down in front of them, a note tied to one of its feet.

    The note had commanded Sierra and Michael go to a camp in Boston, and it was this that had them squaring off in the middle of the room like opposing generals before a war. "What are we supposed to tell dad?" Melissa said, unhappily.

    "We are not telling him anything. You are. It's not up for discussion." Sierra replied, equally crossly.

    "C'mon, sis, you really think we should leave dad and Melissa here while we go off to Boston just because some fat owl came with a message? I mean, that could be from anyone. It could be from a thief who wants us out of his hair while he steals from poor old dad?" Michael said, keeping the conversation light. Sierra scowled at him further.

    "You know perfectly well it's from Nyx, not just some fat owl. And what, you think we'll be better off if we leave just dad here? Face it, we need someone to make up some sort of excuse for dad while we're gone."

    Michael scoffed at her. "Yeah, because Mel is the best at making up excuses." Both sisters frowned at him this time: Melissa because she was offended, Sierra because she knew he was right in this instance.

    Melissa crossed her arms over her chest, pouting slightly. "I'm coming. You can't stop me."

    Michael rolled his eyes. "There aren't that many things easier than stopping you from coming along. You don't even know where the camp is. The fat owl didn't specify."

    "You've got to stop calling Homer the fat owl. He doesn't like it." Sierra told him, getting side-tracked.

    "Neither of you know where it is either!" Melissa said at the same time, hotly.

    "Like I care what an owl wants from me. The note said Nyx would guide us to the camp, simple. What if whatever it is doesn't work for you? What then, huh, Mel?"

    "I'm coming and that's FINAL."

    Sierra sighed and facepalmed. Whether Melissa came or not they had to figure out what they were going to tell Patrick. Two days later, the three of them stepped off a plane at and airport in Boston. They'd somehow convinced Patrick to let them go, after Melissa blurted the truth to him (which hadn't been part of the plan and had subsequently horrified Sierra). Mr. Chevalier had been surprisingly understanding, since he'd always known there was something not quite human about his children, but he'd told them they'd better call him regularly to keep him updated. After extricating a promise from Michael and Sierra to both take Melissa and take care of her, he'd paid for the flight in full, telling them that "a plane ticket is a lot cheaper than a semester's worth of college tuition." All of them hoped that they'd be back by the time school started, but something in them knew that that was unlikely. Within moments, a very strange black taxicab with no driver and stars painted on the side, had crazily driven them to the camp.
    ~Flashback end~

    Date: 15th September 2014
    Time: 0800

    The three of them sat together in the mess hall eating. Even though they'd been shoved into separate cabins, they still ate together and considered each other family. They'd fallen into a training routine very quickly and easily. This was becoming their new home. Exchanging comfortable banter, the three of them were happy. It was like nothing could go wrong.
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  4. Liam, the son of Poseidon, wore a confident smirk on his face while holding up his double bladed sword. '' Is that all you got?'' he asked to his kneeling opponent. '' Dammit Liam.... You know I don't use swords...'' Adrien said panting. This was one of Adrien's days where everything went wrong. Adrien sighted and threw his medium sized silver sword. '' I hate this. Ciao!'' He said with his french accent rolling his neck as he gave back the sword to one of the spectators. That was their usual Monday trial. Liam would shout out a challenge to anyone who dared fight against him, Adrian would take up the challenge and lose. Liam simply was that good. But he wasn't an asshole about it. It was mostly fun challenges for the sake of having fun. Plus, Liam would always keep it amusing for everyone even tho sometimes people would take it personal, but not Adrian.. Liam smiled and handshaked his opponent like usual. '' It was nice fighting with you Adrien.'' he said respectfully with a smile. Adrien simply smirked in a friendly way and walked away to go eat something at the mess hall. The son of Poseidon stretched himself hearing a few praises from his little fan girls and just shrugged it off. He never was interested to that type of girl. He walked down the dirt road towards the ocean for his usual morning swim.
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  5. Date: 15th September 2014
    Time: 08:30

    After a short while, Lena stood on the docks looking out at the ocean. She dropped her towel onto the wooden floor and slipped off her shoes, readjusting her ponytail before pulling her tank top up and over her head. She stared out at the ocean again, folding her top and placing it on top of her shoes before she slid her shorts down her legs slowly. She stood on the shore in a navy blue bikini that flattered her figure, with a hoop in the front and over both of her hip bones. Slowly, she sat down on the dock, sliding her feet into the cool water slowly and gracefully. Rolling her neck, she closed her eyes and waited. Focussing on her transformation, she used her powers to change the lower half of her body into a shimmering navy blue tail that matched her bikini. She felt as her cells began to change, like a large vibartion that shuddered through her, stretching and pulling and her legs until they became one tail. She winced slightly, still not used to the pain that spread through her before it disappeared and she was left with a tail. She opened her eyes and smiled brightly, happy to have completed the change with so little effort.

    She slipped into the water and dove under, her hair turning black as the water soaked it. Moving back to the surface, she gripped the dock with her hands and took a deep breath. She practiced with her tail for a moment, trying to remember how to use it, before pushing off and beginning to swim quickly.
  6. Date: 15th September 2014
    Time: 08:30

    Following a small trail Vice rips through the forest with his Suzuki RM-Z450 Dirt bike which he purchased from a Bike shop that was near the airport he landed in. It only took minutes for Vice to navigate his way through the forest and enter what looked seemed to look like an open field, He stops at the Edge of the forest to scan the area, " well dam " The sight of the camp on the other side of the field looked liked a regular camp site from a distance. He places his helmet back on his head before shooting across the fields leaving . As He enters the camp Vice begins to slow down before finally coming to a full stop, Vice looks around starting to get second thoughts about getting involved with whole thing. He pulls his helmet off and takes a deep breath "ok.......... lets do this" Vice rolls his bike further into the camp were he is Met by a person that explains he had a cabin prepared for him. When he arrives at his cabin Vice stands his bike up at the bottom of the stairs before entering the cabin, " cozy" Vice says sarcastically while he tosses his backpack onto the bed, Exiting the Cabin Vice takes a seat on the stairs and pulls out his phone . After a few minutes have past Vice stands back up and put his phone away. He steps of the the stairs and takes a knee next to his bike " maybe i should of gone with the Yamaha " Vice knew if his step mother ever found out about him getting a dirt bike she would freak, He opens the mini tool box that was attached to the bike and pulls out a wrench, " hmm... lets see " He removes his jacket and then his shirt before wrenching away .
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  7. Liam didn't take time to pull out his shirt from his torso and kick out his shoes on the sand not caring if it fell on someone elses stuff. This was his place, his home. He noticed some mermaid and was surprised since they didn't come since it wasn't the season for it. The water's were too hot here for them. He dove in with his navy blue swim short feeling the water graze his skin and his hair completely damped with the salty water. He swam towards the girl with a blue tail. '' Yo! Are you lost?'' he asked since he could technically help her to get to Atlanta. Even if he hated going there.
  8. Lena raised an eyebrow and stopped swimming. "Why would I be lost?" she asked, steadying to stay in one spot. She flicked her tail delicately to try and attempt to stay in one spot but she was struggling. "Damn it," she swore under her breath, leveling her arms against the water as if she could use it pull herself up. She looked down at her tail for a moment and wrinkled her nose as she tried to decide how long it would take but concluded that she would probably sink first. Looking back up at the boy and was struck by how he looked. His eyes were blue like the ocean and she could tell that he was blonde, even though his hair was soaking wet. As she glanced down, she could see his muscles until the rippling water and she found herself oddly attracted to him. It was the first time since she had been here that this had happened but it probably wouldn't be the last.

    Her mouth went dry as she opened it to speak but she was lost for words. "Lena," she said before mentally slapping herself. "I'm Lena," she introduced, holding out her hand for him to shake. She regretted it instantly as she waited for him to touch her. She was going to have to touch him. This man who had captured her interest. Her. The daughter of Aphrodite, interested in a living breathing man. Her heart began to pound as she waited, and she was sure that he could hear it as loudly as she could. Her tail flickered again, and she blinked waiting for him to take her hand or reject it.
  9. Liam flashed his most charming smile. He knew of his looks and it helped him out to get out of troublesome situations '' Nice to meet you Lena. I'm Liam.'' he said looking at her eyes. He then realized that she was basically holding out her hand and it was shaking for some reason. He shaked it scared the girl would drown from the effort. '' So.... Are you not a mermaid? Or Is that some powers? Cause I'm not sure anymore.'' he said with a small chuckle.
  10. Lena swallowed as his hand took hers and she nervously shook it. The feel of his palm against hers was nothing like she'd been expecting. His hand was coarse against her soft one, his hands engulfing hers due to their sheer size. It felt like an eternity as she gazed at his charming smile, but as he let go of her hand it was as if she could catch her breath again. "No I'm not a mermaid. I'm a Demigod," she said simply, her voice soft and sweet as her thoughts rapidly tried to come up with a way to find an immunity to the boy, no man before her. "I'm still not used to the tail, I'm better with wings," she said with a brief shrug. "I'm also better if I keep moving, it's just staying still I struggle with but I'm like that on land so it's not really that much of a difference. Of course it could just be that the water is a little rockier than I'm used to or the fact that I don't have gills like real mermaids. I'd imagine that I'd be a lot better underwater than over it kind of like a fish. Although every time I've turned into a fish I've had the same problem. And even though I could grow gills if I wanted to, I'm kind of scared of drowning. Although if I did grow gills that would probably make that impossible right?" she rambled nervously. She blinked delicately before staring at him again and giving him a sweet smile. "Sorry I ramble sometimes.... I just go off on tangents and say four words when one will do."
  11. The son of Poseidon laughed out loud clutching his stomach. He laughed and laughed, '' Oh wow. I never saw someone go so off topics in my life!'' he said wiping a fake tear from his eyes with amused grin. '' Gills. There annoying to be honest. Almost died with a rock getting stuck in them like... two months ago.'' he said remembering the first time he had to go to that underwater palace. '' Anyway, So.... I assume you either are... well I have no idea which god parent is yours. Maybe a.... Apollo? I might be in a illusion now so... that could explain the shape shifting... Or maybe you are of Proteus descent? '' he proposed oblivious by the Aphrodite powers. He assumed that they were simply weak since he never met one.
  12. Lena shook her head and looked back to the dock. It was only a short distance away and she longed to change back. She looked back and smiled gently. "Come with me?" she asked, gesturing to the dock before swimming slowly over to it. Once there, she took hold of the dock in one hand and allowed her tail to float to the surface. "Touch it and tell me if it feels like an illusion to you," she said with a soft smile. She'd decided when he'd asked about her Godly parent, that she wasn't going to tell him outright. She'd let him guess for a while before finally telling him the truth. Something inside of her told her to let him get to know her first, knowing what people assumed about Aphrodite's children. Whore, slut and flirt were all words that immediately came to mind. But the truth was, she was insecure about her looks and her heritage. She felt like everyone expected her to be someone she wasn't. Because while yes she was the daughter of Aphrodite, she was raised by her father who loved and cherished her the way any human father would his daughter.
  13. Esme looked at Alto as they came towards the camp. Both of them had bags on their back and had slightly worn out bodies.
    "I feel like maybe we should have asked the taxi driver to take us a little further in..."
    Alto looked at her and raised an eyebrow, "and how was he suppose to do that with no road?"
    Esme took in his point and nodded, "Your right."

    Sighing Alto looked back at the entrance and hoisted his guitar case up onto his shoulder once more.
    "okay Alto. LET'S GO~!!!"
    Pumping the air and acting all happy, Esme giggled as she entered the camp and looked back at Alto, "Well, come along now."

    Rolling his eyes from her excitement, Alto gave a sigh and entered the camp, "Where do we go?"
    "I have no idea~!" Esme acted like her happy-go-luck self and looked around for anyone to help them.

    (Sorry I am just assuming that the surrounding area is forest ^^")
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  14. Liam nodded a bit curious as to what she was going to show him or make him do. He followed her and placed both hands on the edge of the dock listening to her. He placed his hand on her tail caressing it and feeling the fish and musky feel of fish which made him laugh. '' Definitely not an illusion! But can still be one of those mind tricks.'' He said with a wink as he removed his hand from her tail always hating the feel of it even when he transformed in that form with the triton or with the blue rock hanging from his necklace. '' So are you not telling me who you're godlike parent is?'' he asked with a smirk looking at her. She was indeed gorgeous. But it was nothing new to him. He could find all kind of beautiful girls from human or centaur and his all time favorite, demi gods.
    Adrien was obviously one of the first ones in the Mess Hall. A few plates pilled up next to him, it was probably his fifth plate this morning and he still wasn't done. Mainly bread, bacon, eggs, mable syrup he brought from his cabin and smoke meat. Nothing green in there. He was munching on the food not really caring about the noise of satisfaction he was making or the amout of food that dropped.
  15. Lena laughed softly. "No I'm not, but if you guess I'll tell you," she said teasingly, her face lighting up as she laughed. She pulled herself up onto the dock and sat staring at her tail. In her mind, she imagined her legs and relaxed as they began to turn back. The pain was there and it flashed across her face as her tail began to separate, but it was gone after a moment. She opened her bright blue eyes slowly and watched the water shimmering around her feet. "What about you? Who is your godly parent?" she asked to try and change the subject.
  16. Clary looked up and stared at Adrien as he let out noises of contentment. She was oddly fascinated and amused by the sheer amount on his plate. Surely he couldn't eat all that, or so she thought.
  17. '' Ah dammit... I'm not good at guessing game.'' Liam said pulling himself up on the dock. He propped his arms behind his back to lean on and looked up at the sky. '' So.... since you kind of glow and have that Aura like me... You're of Olympus descent... and.... Obviously not Artemis or Zeus. Or Hades. Or Hephaestus..... Or none? Just tell me please!'' he said scrunching his nose up with a pout while brainstorming but not finding possibilities in his mind.
  18. Lena laughed as he sat beside her. "I am of Olympus descent," she said, grinning as she lay back against the wood of the dock, watching the clouds float by. "I'm not Artemis or Zeus or Hades or Hephaestus," she teased as a ray of sunlight hit her and she closed her eyes, reveling in the warmth it provided. "My mother is a God, my father is human," she supplied, narrowing his guesses down significantly.
  19. Date: 15th September 2014
    Time: 0843

    "Why am I learning how to kill people with these?" Melissa asked, disgruntled, holding up the two unique falchion-type weapons in her hands.

    "Hey, you're the one who wanted to come along. We told you it was dangerous." Her brother said with a grin.

    "It's not like you tried that hard to dissuade her." Sierra retorted with a scowl, as she leaned on her naginata. The three of them had each chosen a weapon when they'd first gotten to the camp, and started training. Sierra and Michael were both fairly athletic, particularly Michael, but pacifistic Melissa was taking to learning how to fight very poorly. She may have finagled her way into coming with them, but that didn't mean she could magically turn into a violent, athletic person. The two other siblings had caught on quickly and were now trying to help Melissa practice fighting. Right now it was Michael fighting with Melissa while Sierra watched. The three of them had been mostly keeping to themselves, switching up who fought with whom, but rarely venturing to spar with others.

    "Alright, let's go again."

    "Yeah, yeah." She muttered at him, in annoyance.

    Show Spoiler

    Melissa's: Double sword-ish things (just the swords!)

    Sierra's weapon: Naginata
    Michael's weapon: Horseman's Pick
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  20. (@firejay1 mind if I RP with you?)

    Rune looked around and noticed several small groups but then blinked as she noticed a group of three practicing together all seemingly doing so very well. Esme smiled and looked at them hopping over dragging a very reluctant Alto with her.
    "Excuse me~! Mind helping us!?"
    She looked at them with a chirpy expression her blonde hair bouncing around her as she skipped towards them. Alto beside er sighed and looked at them with calculating eyes.
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