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  1. um... Hi. I'm Alyss. I'm new to Iwaku but definitely not to role play. Been role paying for years. I prefer solo role plays, but can do small group ones. Most people call me just Alyss, but some call me al, allie, or lyss. I don't mind al, but the others... eh. um... I'm 23 years old, been role playing since I was like 14-15. I'm not picky about grammar, just as long as I can read and understand it I'm good. I myself sometimes misspell things, but I try not to, and I'm not always diligent in capitalizing the first word in a sentence. So if your ok with that sent me a message or... what ever... p.s. I'm also kinda shy.... >//>
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Alyss. We're glad to have you. Here is your complimentary welcome balloon. *Balloon* :) There's something for everyone here, so I'm sure you'll find the perfect RPs and partners in no time. ^-^
  3. O.O ::hides:: hi... um thanks ^//^ ::takes the balloon:: I hope so. I already have my best friend kimmie (was the reason I joined) but I hope to branch out and try some new things and meet new people.
  4. Welcome bestie! Thanks for joining! :3
  5. Kimmie-Chan! ::glomp:: thankies!
  6. Welcome! I hope you have a great time!
  7. thank you!
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  8. Hihi Alyss,. welcome to the community! :D
  9. OwO h-hi...
  10. I like that name variation of yours. Welcome to Iwaku, Alyss~ :)
  11. thank you! ^///^ I have other nicknames, but these ones are from my name. like my friends in high school used to call me envy. you see we had a group of 7 friends and well we each were nicknamed after one of the deadly sins. i was envy, my ex was wrath. we were weird lol.
  12. @Alyss

    Hey there. Don't worry, everybody makes mistakes sometimes and generally people around here aren't going to be jerks because you misspelled a word.

    And if they are, you can send them to me. >:[
  13. Excellent, another ME loving dork such as myself!

    I just got off the boat too, but regardless, welcome!
  14. 0//0 Ma serannas ozzie sir. also welcome to you dervish, i like your picture of grunt. hes looking as bad ass as usual. lol.
  15. Welcome to the website Alyss. Would you like to roleplay with me? Keelah Se'lai