Ollo. I'm Artesian.

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  1. I'm Artesian, a gal, new to the site, definitely not knew to roleplaying, fond of both small groups and 1x1's, not a fan of either Pepsi or Coke (ginger ale all the way), and I'm tormented by a song by Weird Al (the title of which I won't mention so it doesn't get stuck in your head too).

    Sooo, I've been roleplaying for a long time (at least five years, I've lost track.) I'm really just checking this spot out to see if it's a spot to my taste, as I'm usually on CS. I'm a writer, primarily, and roleplaying is just a fun way to write collaboratively with interesting people. ^-^ I like to make people laugh and laugh at other people's jokes.

    If you're interested in roleplaying with me, I filled out the resume thingy. (Smart idea, that[SIZE=2].[/SIZE])
    /breaks-off-friendship D8

    I'm so very hurt right now, give me a moment.
    *Shuffles in corner and wipes tears away*

    But welcome to the site, and- *Starts crying again* WHYYYY WHYYY ARTY
  3. I don't like coke either arty, don't feel alone ^^
    //afraid of Blitzy now

    welcome to the site ... even though I've been here for like, 5 days or so ^^
    --- this is crescent by the way ^^

    *hands blitzy a tissue*
    *blasts tissues at blitz*
    we don't want a lake here!
  4. I'd be interested. Send me a PM whenever. We'll talk ideas.