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  1. I was wondering, what were older games you still play/would play if you still could or just recently discovered?

    I loved both Tales of Symphonia and Radiata Stories to death and am in the process of discovering the Shin Megami Tensei universe. Besides that, I got sad that I would never get to finish or buy all these Legend of Zelda games. The classics Tales of Monkey Island and Gabriel Knights are games I was too young to play and find hard to find now, as well.
  2. o_o I still play on my N64 from time to time. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Bio Freaks, Mario 64, etc.

    I would love to play Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. That game was such a big part of my childhood.
  3. Pokemon Crystal has become my current love affair. I play Morrowind for the PC and I play on the game cube a lot. As for the N64 at my parent's house....it stays there until i decide where I'm getting a job.
  4. Still own my N64~ As my first ever console, it is well loved and still used quite often. A few titles I enjoyed quite a bit on that system are: Paper Mario, Mario Party 1-3 (1 had the best mini games), Mario Kart, LoZ: OoT and MM, and probably the best 3D platformer of the time… Donkey Kong 64 :P
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  5. I loved that game!!!!! that reminds me, I should nab a copy of that sometime. Maybe even Hey you pikachu.
  6. Ahhh! Finally! Most people I talk to hated it, and I'm just sitting here going "IT WAS MY FAVOURITE! ;A;"

    And I don't even like Donkey Kong on the whole :/ Dk 64 and Jungle Beat are literally the only two games I enjoy in his entire line-up.
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  7. i love how i found two threads today similar to the Retro Games thread.

    Baldurs Gate series
    Parasite Eve
    Megaman X
    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy 6
    Starcraft 1
  8. I still play the following older games at least yearly, if not more:
    Ninja Gaiden Black
    Devil May Cry 3
    Deus Ex
    Doom 1 & 2 (I play these several times a week, thank God for Zandronum)
    and Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines
  9. Dino Crisis 2
    Parasite Eve
    Final Fantasy 7
    Final Fantasy 3 aka 6
    Final Fantasy X
    Rogue Galaxy
    Chrono Trigger
    Star Ocean Till the end of time
    Tekken 3
    Tekken Tag Tournament
  10. Valkyrie Profile Silmeria. I wish they would release this on the PSN.
  11. There's a working NES on my console shelf with copies of Metroid and Super Mario Bros+Duck Hunt beside it to go with the first three MegaMan games. Those games are hard.

    I've got Morrowind here on my Venue8Pro for sating that craving of AMAZINGLY DONE GAMES whenever it hits.

    (It hits an awful lot.)
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  12. FF VI - second RPG I've ever played, favourite villain, favourite character roster, and it gave me the option of hopping into the setting's giant mech and running around wrecking things! Seriously, this was awesome!
    Chrono Trigger - I might get the DS remake, just to see the added content. It'll be a while before I do that though.
    FFT - Favourite story in an RPG, starring a not-so-superpowered protagonist who long ago cast aside any notion of being thanked for all the good he does in the world.
    Tactics Ogre - I never played the SNES / PSX version, but the PSP remake is fantastic. The GBA add-on was pretty nice for a GBA game, too.
    Rockman II - I still pop this in from time to time, and sing along to the level music.
    Rockman X - Another oldie I still pop into the PS2, thanks to the collection. The tunes here are amazing too, and so are the fanworks.
    Morrowind - My copy is modded to almost unnecessary levels (seriously, almost every named NPC has loads of unique dialogue), but I adore this game more than I probably will any later installment in this series.
    Ultima: Underworld - Discovered recently, not given much attention (just like Daggerfall), but I'm determined to get through this game once I have a few nights to myself.
    Kirby: Super Star - another casual one I fire up when I need to kill ten minutes or so. Suplexing everything is tricky, but always satisfying.

    I've got a copy of Ogre Battle 64 and Majora's Mask sitting around without a console to drop them in, and though I've never played Parasite Eve, I've always wanted to hunt down a copy. I also do campaigns through Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege II (can't find my copy of the first game), and loads of fan-translated SNES games. There is literally no reason for me to ever need any game built for the current generation of consoles, ever.

    PC games, on the other hand...
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  13. Zork
    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    All great games, all games I played in my youth, and all of them I still play, from time to time.
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