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      For now I know-
      It was cast here from the Naught.
      The Naught, the Naught,
      The deadly rot.
      Oh- my mind reels at the thought
      Of the Blood Fountain.

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      - Semi-realism preferred; the time period is loosely based on Victorian England, so a character that reflects this would be recommended.

    • Main Characters
      1. The Artificer:

      Name: Dominic Tisher
      Age: 23

      Dominic is a tall, lanky, and awkward presence. He had dark, thick hair, pale skin, dark eyes, and is almost always seen wearing a vest. He's rather attractive, in a dark, sleepless mad scientist kinda way.
      Dominic wears his glasses only when reading.

      Brief History: Dominic studied to become a scientist, and is attempting to find a cure for the Mottle.
      His family life was normal, although his parents were rather poor, and his mother recently began to show signs of the disease, furthering his need to find the cure.

      Personality: Dominic is clumsy, although endearing. He easily panics, and is afraid of the dark.

      2. The Slayer:

      Name: Lucien Fulbright
      Age: 16

      Lucien has bright grey-blue eyes, and light blonde hair cut in a straight-across bob, reaching just slightly past his chin. He is very sensitive about people touching his hair, for personal reasons.
      Lucien wears iron armor that he fashioned himself. It is composed of several main pieces: Two shoulder-guards, a chest-plate made of square-shaped bricks of iron chained (three rows of vertically-aligned chains) to a belt upon his shoulders, with identical square-shaped metal plates covering his shoulder blades. Finally, underneath a dark-colored cloth shirt, several make-shift lengths of chain run along his body, and his groin is protected by a similar metal square attached to two elongated chains, hidden by his shirt.
      Covering all of this is a long dark cape. Peeking out from just beneath this cover, one might see a necklace, to which a large, strange vial filled with a reddish-magenta substance is attached.

      The secret to his powerful attacks comes from his impeccable timing and the blessing he received when he was a babe from the guardian of battle, Eras.

      History: Lucien was the offspring of a nobleman and a common woman whose doomed love was never meant to be. Forbidden by society, the two lovers left Lucien with his uncle, and left the city only to die just outside of the walls.

      Lucien matured quickly, and thanks to his uncle's books, was very well-educated.
      Then came Scarlet Tuesday, where the enraged beggars and low-class commoners revolted against the dominating bourgeois- to which Lucien's uncle belonged. Eight homes were set alight by the angry people triggered by the refusal of the rich to aid the families sick with a disease called the Mottle.
      Lucien woke up with an axe held over his head, and while his house was not burned down, he was kidnapped to be held for ransom.
      Lucien just barely escaped by praying to Eras, who 'possessed his senses' and made him fight and kill the men keeping him hostage. Since then, Lucien felt the need to fight.
      He left the city (making it further than his parents did), and became the proficient warrior he is today.

      Personality: Lucien is an incredibly sweet young boy, a fact which contrasts intensely against his incredible fighting ability and rather merciless behavior mid-battle. He can be melodramatic at times, distant to particular people, and cries with little provocation, and often. His temper tantrums legendarily end with him isolating himself from the subject for as long as possible then attempting to apologize by either cooking a large amount of food, or crying until he is noticed by senpai.
      So pretty much, despite his occasional badassery, Lucien just can't deal.

      Likes: Sweets, forests, kind people, fighting, books, having a goal.
      Dislikes: Emotional conflict, mean people, when people get hurt, death.

      PENDING. Probably something an old military scythe like this:


      Or a Victorian small sword.

      3. The Mad


      Name: Cecelia Grant
      Age: 21
      Gender: Female


      She's short and slim and usually wears strange clothes... some of which she has made up on her own (looking sort of... steam punk-ish?). She seems like quite a normal girl at first glance...

      Personality: At first, she is very quiet and sweet. A tad shy but always able to get on other peoples good sides. She doesn't make enemies so easily... unless you truly know her and lived to tell the tale.

      History: She's been checked into psychiatric wards a few times but has managed to get out just as quickly as she has gotten in (since when she is in she acts usually sweet and normal... they let her go quite quickly. Even if they are skeptical, her sweet words persuade them to let her go). She knows how to manipulate, but with her condition... once she's insane, she has trouble switching back quickly when she needs to. But once she has calmed, she is normal again. She usually wanders the streets to look for victims to 'play with'...


      4. The Executioner


      Name: Hans
      Age: 25. Older than Marcel by exactly 3 minutes.






      5. The Medium


      Name: Marcel
      Age: 25


      The Four Pillars; The Guardians
      1. Aione and Exon:
      One entity- four arms, four spears, and four eyes.
      It speaks with two voices- a young girl and boy.

      It is the Guardian of Life and Death, Fate, Creation, and Destruction.

      2. Lilios: A smart-looking man, always seen with a faint glowing 'ember' in his chest. He has short, even-cut silver hair, sharp, silver eyes, and a white robe.

      The Guardian of Light- he was once a mortal man.

      3. Eras: A determined, large-eyed young man wearing armor and usually posed looking to where the sun rises.

      The Guardian of Soldiers and Battle.

      4. Luethia: A blonde young woman, holding a flame in her hands.

      She is the Guardian of Humanity, and the first to fall.

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    (( Quick note: Feel free to make up random places, events, and characters as you go along. The lore of this world is rich, and your contributions will only enhance this. ))


    Dominic Tisher
    He treated the streets carefully, always one black-booted foot in front of the other, so the two peds wouldn't become jumbled among the darting bat-shadows of rats, the stumbling shoes of hollering men, and the horse hooves, drearily pounding the rain into cobblestone vibrations. It was a particularly busy late afternoon- the men had begun their daily congregations before the taverns, and the setting sun failed to mask the starting of a merry blush on their cheeks.
    Streetlamps wavered to life, and were instantly drowned into oblivion by the red light of the dying sun. It was a final, water-color goodbye, and it made his heart ache oddly from the horizon of the twilight alleys the scientist traversed. He was well-versed in these dark routes, in staying away from where the rats followed the man, and where the man followed the ale, and this blue route today, an oceanic wasteland, was one that he knew would faithfully lead him home to the murky depths of shelter. Such passes were home to the gulls, scavengers, the beggars. They begged him shrilly for a turn of the cheek, a shiny coin, "Aye, mista'! Alms fo' a desperate woman? Maybe more?" Although sirens these women were, he would not alter course for them. Dominic was a man of few vices.

    "I can't." Was his incantation against the heathens.
    He was not wholly a saint, although his pearly-cheeks and dark beauty gave him the opinion of innocent. He was a mild Dorian Grey, though the dark, narrowed eyes, and low brows (an overall dark beauty he had about him) somewhat broke the comparison.
    Usually it would be the research that would harken the sleeplessness that caused this visage, but today it was the wish-wash of feelings he had for the rain that held his downward gaze, and in the soaked body, where muscle-to-muscle he trembled, he could feel the cold of it nestle like a scalene beast in its lair. The wet strands of hair that clung to his forehead led the rain to the furrow between his thin, black brows, where daily stress had carved its mark.

    He could hear the tapping of feet behind him, and suddenly anxious, he craned his neck to look behind him. It was a vain effort- he could see nothing in the sudden bubbling fog that curled its way into the city, as if a witch was weaving a spell in her cauldron somewhere near-by. He turned back ahead of him, this time looking above his feet to study the distance between him and his hermit-lair. It wasn't far.
    Step, step, step. There it was again... The foot-falls echoed like thunderclaps in the alley, ricocheting off the grey stone buildings, and suddenly Dominic felt the houses around him draw closer, ringing his neck like the steady hands of a killer. The stone was drowning him, he was a beached whale on a cobblestone shore, there was a hungry, hulking dragon slithering over his gills. He broke out into a run, rushing to escape the strange stepper, and his masking cannonballs of salty rain.

    Dominic's feet suddenly became a hundred in two- the poor body possessed all the grace of a centipede, and his legs faltered and jumbled together. With a splash, Dominic dropped to the ground all weight, like a sack of potatoes.
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  1. CeceliaShe sat beneath a withered old tree, grinning to herself. No one was around to observe her and her strange behavior, fortunately for the girl. Cecelia's face was turned up toward the sky, eyes closed... her long black lashes creating shadows on her pale cheeks as she held out her hands as if trying to catch something. She was imagining spring, as the flowers blossomed and their petals fluttered down and scattered themselves on the ground around her. The thought made her grin even more, and she could almost feel the petals falling onto her hands and face. She broke out into an insane yet childish fit of laughter, scooping up fallen leaves and launching them into the air just so they could fall back down on top of her.

    It felt so good to be free again. Free at last from that wretched insane asylum. Usually, Cecelia had no trouble getting out before she could even be checked in, but this time around, she had some difficulty keeping her insanity under control. So the nurses there deemed it fit to keep her there for a while longer. She hated it there... being forced to a tiny, white room with an incredibly uncomfortable hospital bed. The people there didn't treat her right either. Although she did have fun sometimes... manipulating the doctors and nurses to do something she wanted without them even realizing what was going on. The thought alone threw her into another fit of laughter. It amused her how stupid people could be... even the most respectable of men could become putty in her hands with the right choice of words and actions.

    Cecelia's laughing then ceased, and her wide grin faded when she suddenly felt something on her left hand. She raised her hand to her face to inspect, only to find a black centipede, crawling up and wrapping itself around her finger.

    "Well, hello there little one. My... aren't you pretty? Maybe I should take you with me on my walk around the town. I need some fresh air after being cooped up in the asylum... and I am sure you might like it too." Cecelia got up, brushed herself off, and began walking with the centipede still wrapped around her thumb. Her grin returned to her face... as she thought about all the chaos she would create once more, now that she was free.

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    Dominic Tisher
    Ah, he was washed out with the rain- his senses screamed to him, cold, run, get up. He looked behind himself before letting the buzzing thoughts get in the way of his precious logic.
    There was nothing behind him.
    He sighed, and slowly stood up. As his body parted from the puddle, a waterfall cascaded from his clothing, as if unwilling to part with him. Dominic was utterly soaked to the bone, and ruined was his friendship with the rainy alley. He cursed under his breath, between clenched teeth, and drew his cloak tightly around himself. This was a fruitless effort, and he was only colder as a result.
    The scientist prayed that he wouldn't become ill. He quickly made his way home.

    Five minutes into his trek, the rain started up again to re-affirm his belief that the gods must absolutely hate him. Dominic stared into the distance bitterly, his dark eyes focused on an orange splash of color amidst the grey and blue- there, where he could see a single tree sprouting from the cobblestone street- an empty space, a strange contrast to the rest of the crowded, busy city. It struck him as a pleasing sight, although he knew not why. It could not have been mother nature reclaiming the city that he liked- although no more mildly pleasing to him was this tree than Ms. Red's flower garden. Neither could it have been how odd the sight was, in what a unique place the thing grew- no stranger was this than his own quarters, hidden between the other large buildings. Where he slept among sanguine-y dissected organs in yellow jars and bloody, red needles. As he drew closer to the massive thing, he noticed a strange girl sitting among the brightly colored leaves. She was happily studying something on her finger, although Dominic could not see what it was.
    He unintentionally glowered at her glee. He was cold and utterly miserable.
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  3. CeceliaCecelia stopped in her tracks, feeling someone's eyes burrowing into the back of her head. Calmly, she turned around to stare right back at the fellow. Looks like she didn't need to look far to have some fun. She decided on putting on the appearance of a shy young girl, making eye contact with the man before timidly casting her gaze to the wet cobblestone ground. A few seconds later, she slowly looked up at the man once more, giving him this innocent yet curious look. She started to analyze him, noting that he was wet and was slightly shivering. His gaze was cold and tired, giving her an indication that he day wasn't going to well. This was the perfect opportunity for her. In a girlish manner, she trotted over to him, not getting too close.

    "E-Excuse me, sir..." She stuttered, continuing to play the role of a shy but slightly concerned girl. "You've been glowering at me... is everything alright?" She then looked at the man's clothing, and pretended to be surprised by his state, as if she hadn't noticed before. "My... what happened to you? You're drenched... You must be freezing. U-Um..." she paused, making sure to sound unsure of herself. "W-Why don't you come with me? I could get you something dry... a-and maybe fetch you a cup of tea as well?"

    Cecelia wanted to know what this mysterious man had in store. Something about him was just extremely interesting, although she couldn't tell what it was that made him so interesting just yet...

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  4. Dominic Tisher
    'Grrr. The girl must have noticed my staring. Shit.' Dominic cussed under his breath and quickly averted his gaze, awkwardly pretending that had not noticed her. He didn't note when she approached him, and was startled by the girl. "E-excuse me, sir..."
    "Gah!" He exclaimed, and bit his lip when he saw the innocent look in her eyes. "I-'m sorry, I didn't mean..." He trailed off.

    There was no way he'd be following anyone home. He glared through the downpour at the dark end of the street. Home was still half an hour away. Damn this city, for being so large.
    "Where... do you live?" Dominic mumbled (almost whispering) very reluctantly, and fidgeted uncomfortably with the collar of his coat. How scandalous, to consider accepting such an offer from a girl. But he had work to do, and being sick would hinder his progress greatly. He bit his lip, eyeing the female suspiciously. What kind of girl just invites strange men over to her house? How could anybody be so trusting?
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  5. CeceliaCecelia smiled innocently at the man. "It's very close... practically around the corner!" She giggled. "If you're asking, I'm guessing you'll come?" She turned on her heels and started to head in one direction, looking back over her shoulder at the man. "It's this way. I don't live in very large quarters but... my home is still quite cozy I believe. I hope you won't mind."

    Cecelia thought to herself, wondering how things would play out. If he caused her trouble, she'd have no trouble getting rid of him. Despite her small size, she was very swift like a fox. So, she wasn't too concerned about what he might try to do. The only thing she was really worried about was if he turned out to be no fun for her. It has happened where she has met boring people who had nothing interesting going for them. They lived simple lives and had little to no imagination. Their thought processes were not interesting nor their lives, causing her to quickly lose contact with them. Cecelia personally liked extremely witty people, because they posed as a challenge to her to manipulate. She's even had some trouble getting information out of those people. Alas, despite these kinds of people being so difficult, she enjoyed the challenge because her succession only led to her becoming better and better and reading people and being able to manipulate them. She could figure out who a person was, how they think, how they act, and generally how they function just by using the right words... asking the right questions... and acting in the right way to gain their trust. Trust was very important. The more a person trusted her, the more they would tell... making it easier for her.

    She lead the man to her apartment. It was just as close as she had said... practically right around the corner. She went into the building, leading him up the stairs... Cecelia lived on the second floor of the building. She liked where she lived. She had a good view of the streets below... something she enjoyed since she finds it fascinating to people-watch. Not to mention her neighbors were very naive. If she was taken to the insane asylum, and had to stay there longer than she would have liked to, she comes back to say 'I was on vacation' and they believe her. That's all it took. The walls were very thin... so she made sure not to let herself loose with her insane side... the neighbors would catch onto her obviously if she started to scream and yell. So, she kept quiet, only using this place to invite people over and gain their trust.

    "Sir, I have some spare clothes from my father here. I think they should fit you, so maybe you'd like to wear them instead of your soaked apparel?" Cecelia held out her arms, where she held some nicely folded clothes. "You can change in my room whilst I make some tea."
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  6. Dominic Tisher
    "I guess so..." He responded, deadpan. He shivered, although no longer because he was wet, and cold.

    Dominic said nothing the whole way there, instead clenching his jaw to keep his teeth from chattering. His mind was focused on what to do if the situation suddenly went to hell. He would simply inquire, as a gentleman would, if he could leave. And if she opposed him, well... Wait, this little girl? What was he thinking? He berated himself for even considering she would attempt to hurt him.
    Her house was certainly closer than his own, and he signed in relief as he stepped through the door. Maybe this shy, young girl wasn't as bad as he figured. The analytical man studied her carefully as she spoke, nodding at the right moments to create the illusion that he was listening. Instead, Dominic was trying to figure things out. What kind of girl lets strangers in like this?
    Hmm... The city is a more-or-less safe place, and ruffians are almost always immediately distinguishable from common folk.
    Yes, it must be his well-dressed form, and the intelligent look in his eye. And then Dominic suddenly realized that she had asked him a question, and he stammered awkwardly, "Uh... u-u-um..." Before faintly recalling what she had said. "Ah, yes. Thank you very much..." He hesitated before taking the clothes from her, but the prospect of being warm and dry won against his concern, and he quickly scurried off to change.

  7. CeceliaIn the meantime, Cecelia was preparing a nice brew of tea, giving off a taste of peppermint. She brought it out to a small little coffee table she had in the center of some chairs, along with sugar and small spoons for mixing in the sweetener if need be. She wasn't much of a sugar person, but she thought her guest might like it. Instead, she went back to the kitchen and brought out a honey jar which she also placed on the table, as well as the kettle containing more tea in case the man wanted more. Then Cecelia waited patiently for the man to change into the new clothes. When he was finished, she smiled and complimented him innocently. "You look rather dashing in those clothes." Then a sudden look of surprise came across her face. "M-My! I didn't ask you for your name or even tell you my own! How rude of me... do forgive my behavior." She smiled once more before slightly bowing her head. "My name is Cecelia Grant. What might your name be? Oh! Do sit and have some tea as well." She gestured to the chair across from her. "I hope you will like this tea. Otherwise I could maybe make another one with a different flavor if you would like."

  8. Dominic Tisher
    The scientist peeled the damp fabric of his shirt off of his shoulders, and quickly slipped on the steel-grey, tunic-like shirt the girl had given him. His broad shoulders and well-toned chest strained against the cloth, which was meant obviously for an older, perhaps smaller man. Dominic carefully removed his pants next, shyly checking behind him to make sure the girl had not decided to re-enter her room, and then hastily put on new pair of dark trousers. He sighed happily after he was finished, and casually massaged the back of his stiff neck with one hand, in an attempt to relieve some of the tension that had knotted in the muscles there.

    Dominic then looked around for a mirror, curious to see how he looked before he left the room. It would be embarrassing to look like a wet dog before such a lovely girl.
    The steely grey shirt accented his grey eyes nicely, despite how tightly the shirt clung to his broad shoulders. Dominic ran his pale fingers through the mop of dark, damp hair, although this did nothing to fix how messily it framed his face- with some strands falling just above his thin, solemn brows and some around his pouty lips. The back of it, kept short, kept rather nicely with how he wanted it to look.
    The severe expression of the face, with its glaring eyes framed by dark circles, and the down-turned mouth, brought with it a load of regrets - had he retired to his own home, he could have continued to study the Plague. He sighed, leaning away from the mirror and stared at the ceiling. Perhaps this could serve as a much needed vacation...

    Dominic draped his wet clothing over one arm and exited the room, meeting the girl again almost immediately. She offered him a compliment, and Dominic timidly looked at the floor and replied, "Th-thank you..." He reached up with a hand to scratch the back of his neck.

    Dominic, for the first time in the entirety of the long day he suffered, smiled. "Cecilia... What a lovely name." He purred, and took a seat. "Thank you... My name is Dominic Tisher. Is this Earl Grey?" He asked, and quickly stirred in two teaspoons of sugar before he lifted the cup delicately to his lips, and took a hesitant sip. "It's wonderful, really. There's no need."

  9. CeceliaCecelia blushed a bit at the purr in his voice and his compliment. "Thank you... Your name is quite handsome itself." She smiled again. "What is your profession, Dominic? I'm quite curious about you actually. Something about you just... caught my attention. Maybe it was your handsome face.~" Cecelia, almost forgetting herself, quickly began to blush and stammer like a shy girl once more. "S-Sorry... That comment was maybe... a bit out of place. Do forgive me." It was too early to act more relaxed and like her self in front of him. She would continue to act timid around him... slowly 'getting more comfortable' around him. A bit stiffly, she used her spoon to scoop some honey out of the jar and put it in her tea before stirring it, taking the spoon out, and sipping it... not making eye contact with Dominic.

  10. Dominic Tisher
    Dominic first blushed at her words, then chuckled at them. He chose not to respond to the compliment, instead letting her earlier question sink in.
    It sunk so deeply, it struck something within him like a drowning stone hitting another.
    His chest tightened, and he frowned, "I am a scientist." He took a sip of tea. "I'm sure you've hear of the Mottle- it's claimed at least a hundred lives."

    "I am hoping to find a cure for it." His serious tone matched the seriousness with which Dominic handled his work. It was of the utmost importance to him to find a cure, for in honor of his mother he had dedicated his life to the study of disease. He lifted a hand, brushed a few stray strands of hair out of his eyes, and smiled serenely at her. "And you?"

  11. CeceliaCecelia seemed to let his words sink in. "A scientist... trying to find a cure... that must be a difficult job. I wish you luck on your journey to find this cure." She smiled to herself... seeming to day dream. Cecelia looked a little surprised when he asked her what her profession was. "M-Me? Oh, well..." She hesitated. "I am currently studying the sciences... mostly anatomy right now... the functions of living organisms just fascinates me." This was true. She always loved knowing about how living creatures work, especially humans. It was a wonder to her how strong humans could be as well as fragile. They could be destroyed by the tiniest of things... not only physically but psychologically as well. She dazed out for a moment, thinking about the things she has learned about people so far, before snapping out of her day dream. "O-Oh! I'm sorry... I uh... I just really like learning about this. I was even thinking recently if I would want to become a scientist like you. Although..." Her gaze then dropped to the floor.

    "I've been told by many that I could never accomplish such a thing." Again, this was true. Family and friends told her when she was only a little girl that she could never become a scientist. Her father especially... He would have kept her in their house if he could, just to punish and abuse her like he did when she was little. She was so glad that hell was over, although she's almost certain it's caused her to become the girl she is today. Society also played its role, telling her that just because she was a woman, she couldn't do such a job. She frowned believing that Dominic might think the same thing.

  12. Dominic Tisher
    "How fantastic!" Dominic suddenly piped. "Anatomy is my favorite field of study as well." He grew quite excited, not expecting a woman to care for such an art. "Oh, you must never believe in what others tell you. My family also told me that I could never be a scientist."

    Dominic leaned back in his chair, raising his arms behind his head and crossing his fingers against the damp strands of hair. He eyed Cecilia brightly. "I was born to a rather poor family. They were all laborers, except my uncle, Lord Weston. He was a chemist, and helped fund both my studies and my research... It was thanks to him that I am as close to finding a cure as I am today. It's always something, you know?"
    He suddenly leaned forward again, watching the girl intensely. "There's always something, or someone, that can completely change your life." Dominic chuckled, and the look of relaxation did wonders for his expression. The sully grimace became a bright, smooth young boy's smile. After a moment he said, "You really shouldn't worry about what people think."

    He recalled fondly events that had once taken place in his dark, dank hideout. The strange jars, and the expression of his father when he laid his aged eyes on Dominic's collections... his progress.
    "This is... the Devil's work." The old man's lips quivered in emotion. "How could you...?" He stepped further into the little cave, staring around himself like a threatened animal.

    "How could you do this to a human body? This is Satanic."

    The sound of heavy breathing echoed in the room, Dominic was holding tears back. This was far from the reaction he had expected.

    And suddenly the man whirled around, and yelled, "Dominic! Answer me!"

    His former self shuddered under the weight of the judging gaze, and averted his eyes uncomfortably. "I'm sorry father... I just..."

  13. CeceliaCecelia, who was now completely fascinated with the man, gazed at Dominic with a dumbfounded expression. She was right about her first instinct. Dominic was indeed interesting... Instead of criticizing her for wanting to become a scientist or trying to 'put her in her place' since she is a woman... he seemed happy... joyous that she wanted to work in the same field as him. This reaction of this caused a smile to slowly creep onto her face. His reaction reminded her of her older sister... the girl who told her to follow her dreams...


    "She's a mad child. What kind of girl wants to do such satanic work? Cutting living things up in the name of 'science'... preposterous!" Cecelia could remember her mother remarking while she talked to Isabella, her sister. Isabella sat silently, listening to their mother's rant about how Cecelia wasn't 'normal' like other children. Other little girls were supposed to enjoy sewing pretty dresses or doing embroidery... something that Cecelia hated. Sure, she enjoyed wearing well made dresses but she didn't like making them herself.

    "We need to do something about that girl... maybe someone could fix her." Fix her? Her own mother was talking about her as if she was some sort of broken object. Isabella, still said nothing... not wanting to defy what her mother said for fear of being severely punished. Isabella was always good at following the rules, and therefore wasn't punished as much as Cecelia was. "Your father and I will go out and... see what we can do about her. Go out and play, Isabella... don't talk to Cecelia while we're gone." With that, her mother left with their father. Isabella waited for them to be completely alone before she went to Cecelia to speak.

    Cecelia could remember what their conversation had been about as if it was yesterday. Isabella was trying to warn Cecelia, as well as encourage her. Isabella had mentioned that Cecelia shouldn't show their parents what her passion really was... not until she was older.

    "Cecil, you don't have to give up on your dream... and you're not mad. You're just... different."

    "You wouldn't understand!" Cecelia snapped at her sister. "I'm not sane! I'm crazy, isn't that what mother said!? I'm not a normal child!" She was screaming at her sister, tears streaming down her face.

    "You're perfectly normal, Cecil. Believe me... don't do what mother and father want. Do what you want."

    Something about what Isabella had said, caused something to snap inside of her. "I won't." She spoke lowly, hatred oozing from every word she spoke now. "I won't do anything for them. I'll do what I want... and make others do what I want as well."

    "Cecelia..." This was the first in a long time that Isabella had said Cecelia's full first name. There was nothing more she could do now to convince Cecelia to be a little more reasonable. Her mind was set.


    Cecelia sat in her chair, clutching her head. A million thoughts were rushing through her mind right now. The hatred was filling her up, making her grit her teeth. She was completely forgetting that Dominic was sitting right in front of her.

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  14. (( Omg I love this so much <3 ahhh Cecilia is so sweet x3 ))

    Dominic Tisher
    Dominic smiled back when Cecilia smiled, weather he intended to on not, and took another sip of his tea.

    The man reached behind himself with a long arm, to where he knew his damp things were sewn across the floor to dry. Dominic's hand ventured into his bag, conveniently just beside his chair, and withdrew a cigarette tin along with a box of matches.

    "Do you mind if I smoke?" Dominic didn't wait for an answer. He desperately needed another release, and if Cecilia was bothered by him, he could crack a window open or leave for a moment.
    He struck a match, expecting nothing to happen what with his encounter with the puddle earlier. Much to his surprise, the match lit and a pleased expression appeared on his face. Dominic carefully lifted it up to the butt of the cigarette, and inhaled deeply.

    The bad memories faded from his mind, and swirled away into oblivion with the coldness that had earlier pervaded his body. He put out the flaming stick by sticking it into his damp bag, which he figured he would also use as an ashtray. It all needed to be washed anyway, Dominic mentally shrugged.

    Dominic suddenly realized that he had been rather rudely zoned out, and when he returned his gaze to the girl, he was shocked to see that a bitter expression had etched itself onto her previously kind face.
    Cecilia's head was clutched in her hands as if something was attempting to burrow out of her skull. "Is everything alright?" He tried to sound nonchalant. "I can go outside..."

  15. CeceliaCecelia looked up, a scowl clear on her face. "I'm fine." She snapped coldly.

    "I've always been... fine..." her expression suddenly turned to one of distress. She wasn't sure anymore about herself. She wanted to be normal, but everyone saw her as a freak. She wasn't sure which statement was true... was she mental? Or wasn't she? She really couldn't tell anymore. Realizing she was losing control of herself she quickly got up, causing the fine china on the table to clatter slightly. "I'm sorry. Please excuse me." Hurriedly, she fled to her room and shut the door. Her breathing had quickened... she was hyperventilating, panicked. What was wrong with her? No... no nothing was wrong with her. They're all wrong. Weren't they? Ugh! People were just so rotten! Judging her for who she is... labeling her as a mad woman... how dare they.

    She sat down on her bed and tried to calm down. She didn't want Dominic to know how she really was just yet... although she was almost certain that by now he realized that something wasn't right.

    Once she had collected herself, she went back out of her room, trying to pretend that nothing had happened. "I do apologize for my behavior. I'm just... a little stressed right now. My family situation isn't looking too grand..."

  16. Dominic Tisher
    Dominic took a long drag, letting his mind flutter closed for a second. The girl had snapped at him, and left. The clattering china woke him for his daze. Cecilia was most certainly not fine, he dragged a hand down his face tiredly. But, he would not pry into her reasons for leaving so abruptly.

    Dominic stared into the fine, glazed teapot. He could just barely see his own marble complexion reflected back at him from amidst the delicate roses and their thorny stems. The crease between his brows had returned, and his eyes were tired, dark almonds once more- the silver twilight outside was what could compare to him best right now, in this world and on this day. Dominic sighed, and exhaled a thick blanket of clouds.

    When Cecilia returned, Dominic watched her warily through the graying atmosphere of the room. He became aware of the fact that his smoking had managed to change the room, and Dominic worried the smog would grow to engulf the small chamber, just like it had engulfed his own. "I do hope that you don't mind, but I think it would be best if I went outside for a moment." He got up, and crossed the room on long legs like he was leopard returning to the jungle. "I won't be long, we can continue out discussion shortly."

    He opened the door by himself, and saw himself out. The girl needed a moment, he could feel her emotions in the air, just as thickly as the cigarette smoke.

    First, Dominic thought it would be best to stay close to the house- finish his cigarette and get back inside the warm place as soon as possible. But then, he felt the sudden compulsion to take a short walk.
    Unsure of what this meant, he stood for a few minutes longer on her doorstep, then lurched forwards and walked, walked, walked. All the way down the street, in the cold.

    The rain had stopped, just in time for nightfall- although the clear sky failed to help Dominic feel any amount of comfort whatsoever. He began to trot along the cobblestone street with his head up, studying the moon as if he were looking through a microscope at one of his precious samples. Terrifying expression appeared in his mind's eye- the faces of the ill, the dying. All for a greater good. Dominic dropped his cigarette onto the ground and studied it as it sputtered and gave atop the damp ground.

    It glowed for just a moment longer before fading slowly like an echo.
    And suddenly, there were footsteps behind him. Dominic spun around- and there, in the alleyway stood a frightening apparition of a man. He was older, with silver streaks in the wild nest of black hair, and eyes that seemed to peer at Dominic from the very back of his skull.

    Dominic shuddered, and took a step back. Which way was the house again?

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]Somewhere out by the west of though...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Lays an endless nighttime daze,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Where none is made,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]And none forbade,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]And none is made but Naught[/BCOLOR]..."

    The figure spoke in a voice that made Dominic think of ancient elders sharing knowledge gained in their wizened minds.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]End shall meet indeed these walls,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]When lightning rides the booming galls,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Of time that soar through endless space,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]And then shall face,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Indeed these walls[/BCOLOR]."

    The man drew nearer and nearer, but Dominic found the he could not move. A drop of sweat fell down his forehead and followed the line between his brows.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]I know... I saw the Man,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The Great Big Maw,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]These walls shall face[/BCOLOR]...

    He was but a few feet away. Dominic stared curiously.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]From whence it came?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]From down below,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]From down...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Down, deep.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The mines.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Yes, we took all,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]All the salt, and all the ore,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]But more was deeper still[/BCOLOR]..."

    Dominic backed up against the surface of a building, hoping the man was a drunken poet that would merely continue walking past him.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]Ever deeper did we dig...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Deep, deep, in the milky black,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The inky, milky, dark, deep black...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]There we found, the Dark abound, in a Fountain[/BCOLOR]."

    The man leered close to Dominic. It seemed he was telling the strange story to the poor scientist.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]A trued dread was never felt... Than when we met the Fountain...[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]It was cast here from the Naught,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The Naught, the Naught,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The deadly rot...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Oh, my mind reels at the thought,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Of the Blood Fountain[/BCOLOR]."

    Dominic shuddered, the man was before him now, and all he could focus on were the sunken, black eyes.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]God... Oh God, it's a terrible god...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Wit ha booming voice to which Hells rejoice.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]We saw it among the gloom,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Like bone- its pearly whiteness shone,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]And stark against the bone-like white,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Gleamed in eerie, self-made light:[/BCOLOR]


    The man leaned forward, and Dominic tried to lean away.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]Gushing blood... Endless abound,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Then settled in the Fountain's gut...[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]It asked- Do you choose life, or Death?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The man around me chose:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Life," to live, to breathe, to speak,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]But those they did no more.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]For the Fountain said- and I still hear it in my head:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]'Fools. Life ends- abrupt, and quick. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]And rot takes hold[/BCOLOR]..."

    The man trailed off, his eyes glazing over...

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]I learned from their mistakes. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]I chose Death.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Death is endless, Death was wise-[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]and by choosing Death you rise...[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Cut away the lives who're meek,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]In the pasture, those are sheep![/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Worry not, want is dark,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]And wanton dreams- you shall reap![/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Oh you, boy...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Who dances in mortal shade,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Oh, will you fade,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]When the Hour strikes- the time!?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Or stay by me- dance one more time...[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The choice I make for you, [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Dear Artificer, whose makings I hear in my dreams[/BCOLOR]..."

    By now the old man's face was almost touching Dominic's and his shoulders were heavy with the burden of the man's freezing hands. Finally, Dominic had the strength to stammer, "L-l-let go of m-me..."

    And then, the cold, wrinkled hand cupped his neck and Dominic felt a searing pain run down his spine. He screamed outright, unable to control himself as the burning sensation of pain crawled like molten lava along his veins.

    (( Sorry for the sudden turn of events. This was supposed to happen at the start, but I figured it could happen now as well. It would be awesome if maybe you wrote about what Cecilia was doing while Dominic was out, idk xD
    Do whatever you want, sorry. :p ))
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  17. CeceliaWhen Dominic stepped out, Cecelia had time to think to herself. Her expression changing to a sullen one, she wondered for the first time if what she was doing was actually making any difference. She wanted to get back at people who didn't see her as being a scientist or even as just a normal and functioning human being. So she continued to study... and just for extra mileage, she went out of her way to learn more about people and even manipulate them for her own entertainment. But... did the opinion of everyone else about her change? Not really... her family still does not love her either. That includes her sister.


    "Cecil! Come look!" Isabella cried out to Cecil, clearly excited.

    "What is it?"

    "The stream isn't as calm today as it usually is. Also, there are longs of flowers blossoming around it this time! It looks so pretty!" Indeed, Isabella was right. The stream was moving fast and blossoms bloomed on trees while tulips covered the ground. It was certainly a beautiful sight.

    "Let's get a closer look. Maybe there are some fish swimming around in the stream!" Isabella grabbed Cecelia's hand and ran to the edge of the stream to look in. They both squinted, trying to see if they could see anything swimming around in the water. With the water moving so quickly, it was hard to see, but then Cecelia gasped.

    "I think I saw something move!"

    "Where? Where?" Isabella was getting even more excited with the discovery of life in the water.

    Cecelia leaned in closer, reaching out over the water to point. "Right over-" The only hand supporting her body up slipped, causing 7 year old Cecelia to go tumbling into the raging waters.

    "Cecil!!" Isabella screamed in horror. Cecelia was trying to keep her head above the water, but since she couldn't swim, this was proving difficult for her. After splashing around a bit and moving down the stream, Isabella following on the banks, her head went under.

    She thought for sure at that time that she would die. She could remember clearly looking up, and watching her sister's face contort. Cecelia's tiny hand reached up to her sister, wanting her to save her from the stream... but just when she thought Isabella would reach in to pull her out, Isabella suddenly turned her back... and left.


    She wished she had a better relationship with at least her sister. Her sister was her only light in the dark, but she even abandoned her. Cecelia thought that her sister was the only one who loved her up until that moment. After that, she despised her sister.

    Cecelia was suddenly brought to her senses when she heard a sharp scream of pain outside, echoing through the city. She hesitated, not sure if she should go out to check or if she should sit and wait for Dominic. Well... surely he would have heard the scream too, so maybe he would understand if she went out and explained to him that she wanted to see what happened. She got up, took her parasol, and stepped out onto the cobblestone, her boots tapping when they hit the wet cobblestone road.

    "Dominic?" She called out, expecting him to be nearby. When no answer came, a sinking feeling in her stomach started to appear.

    "Oh no..."

    Cecelia set out towards the noise, hoping that the source wasn't Dominic.
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  18. Dominic Tisher
    The old man clamped down on Dominic's shoulders harder then before, and shoved him harshly against the wall. Dominic ragdolled, his eyes float up to the sky like balloons.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]You have no only just enough time...[/BCOLOR]

    And then the man was gone- the only support he had was gone, Dominic dropped to his knees, and barley managed to catch himself just above the pavement, on two shaky arms.

    Who was that? What was that? Why did his neck feel like it was on fire? The strangest things can happen when one travels the blue-black alleys of the city.
    Dominic brought a hand up to his neck where the man had cupped it, and felt a warm wetness dribble down his hand. Had he been stabbed? No... there was too little blood- with the amount of arteries in the neck... If he had been stabbed, Dominic would have already died.

    The man had told him a strange tale. It echoed in his ears again, and feeling floaty, Dominic couldn't make any sense of it.

  19. CeceliaShe had caught up to him, and caught sight. She didn't see what had happened prior to Dominic being on the ground, but it didn't really matter. She ran over to him and kneeled beside him, seeing if he was okay.

    "Dominic? Oh dear... what happened? You're bleeding!"

    Cecelia reached into her pocket to take out a handkerchief which she used to try and clean away the blood. Dominic seemed to be shaken up a bit from whatever had happened.

    "What happened to your neck?" She asked curiously. It was a strange place to get such a wound...

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