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  1. Hey there people, nice to meet you all. I am new here but not at all new to RPing. Unfortunately the site I loved died about a month ago after the founder left, I tried to stick it out but there seems to be no hope of reviving it now so I think it is time to move on. Anyways Tom is not my real name but it will work for the time being. I am a male as you probably guessed by the name.
    I was the oldest person on my old site so I'm guessing I'll be one of the oldest here. I am married, and I have kids. In real life I am a mature, law abiding, tax paying grown up... but I have very immature tastes in entertainment and I do not apologize for it. Besides I love writing and I am a total nerd for all kinds of fantasy. Anyways looking forward to getting to know everyone.
  2. Hi Tom!

    So sorry to here that, I too feel your pain since my two roleplay site died down 2 years ago. Sad face.

    Welcome to iwaku~
    Where youn don't just write stories, you live them~
    Said so in the banner.

    If your new to Roleplaying in this forum refer to this: Roleplay 101

    If you want to know all about the community then read this here: Community 101

    If you want to chat with everyone live go here: Chat
    The general chat is usually where you'll be able to find everyone. Don't be shy and just chat away! Everyone is friendly there. ^^

    There is also a very interesting roleplay that roleplays the History of Iwaku where it can be seen/read here: Mythos
    There is a new Mythos open called Crimson Souls. Its open for all roleplayer who'd like to join, so maybe if you are lucky enough you can be able to be a part of a huge adventure!

    Hope you will enjoy your stay here~

    Oh, and by the way, if you are shy to look for a partner then look me up! I can be your first Iwaku roleplay partner. I always enjoy roleplaying with new people. ^^
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Tom! o_o Actually, quite a few of the members here are married and some of them have kids too. Also, I can 100% assure you that you are not the oldest member here. Sorry~

    As Primevere said, the 101 threads are quite useful and I don't think I need to tell you about the cbox since I'm certain that I've already seen you there. Just remember, have fun and don't be shy. :)
  4. Tom Bombadil!

    Welcome to Iwaku. I see you are a fan of JRR Tolkein, as am I.

    Hope you enjoy the site and let us know if you need anything.
  5. Welcome Tom. I'm sure you would bring quite a unique presence here on Iwaku with your background. Our community here is quite engaging and I hope you'll have a great time.