Old School OR New School

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  1. Are you Old School OR New school?

    Do you miss how "Things were back then" OR are you progressively changing with the times and enjoying new thoughts and ideas? It has nothing to do with being old or young, really, but more about how you accept change. Sink or float!

    What say you?


    I follow no school. More of random zig zag pattern that goes up and down, around a few trees, into a rabbit hole, and then straight into China.
  3. I like so many progressions that are being made in fields like space exploration, medicine development...
    So if I had to choose between "back in the day" or the now and tomorrow, I'd certainly choose the latter.
    But as far as culture goes, I'm sort of old school. Most of my favorite music is from the 90s, etc.
  4. After hearing some of the stories my family have about their lives... I think I'm good with progress. >.> But like Kitti as well, I do prefer the music and movies from the 90's.
  5. I wear 1940s suits all the time, like a boss.
  6. IM MY OWN SCHOOL! *cool face*
  7. Eh, it depends on the change in question. With technology, I can be pretty grouchy about it. I don't like how phones have become, like, mini computers. :I So I refuse to get one that does more than it's supposed to; texting, calling and waking me up in the morning. Those are the only functions I like that phones can do, in addition to taking pictures. For video games, I'm the same way. I don't like Wii or Kinect because it's so different from the standard controller... And, like, the new Pokemon games. *turns her nose up at those*

    Gawd, and movies. I don't care about 3D and likely never will! It's totally lost its excitement because every movie is filmed in 3D nowadays. *mumbles*

    With music, I just don't keep up with new stuff anymore. To this day, I am confused about what the fuck 'dubstep' is. I stick to the bands I know, the genres I know, etc. and if I suddenly hear a new group I like, I'll acquire more of said group's music. *shrugs* I otherwise just quit caring about 'new school' music or whatever.

    So I guess you could say I'm a bit of both, or my own school like Angl. Hehe.
  8. I like all schools. The future of technology makes me excited... Down there... Yet I'm totally not opposed to spending time away from it all. And by all, I mean no tech. If I have tech, I want to be here. And if I can't, I go bonkers.
  9. Drink your school, stay in drugs, and don't do milk.
  10. I am probably NEW SCHOOL.

    It's important [for me] to be able to adapt and evolve. It's not about following trends or anything like that, but more about being comfortable and "in tune" with current culture and society. You don't forget old stuff, you just update it to be relevant to the present date. :D
  11. I'm new school unless we're talking about music.

    Fuck dubstep.