Old-School Magical Girl Anime!

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  1. Does anyone here remember shows like Magic Knights Rayearth and Cardcaptor Sakura?

    What were some of your favorite magical girl shows from the 80's/90's?

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  2. Uhm.
    I loved both of those. :3

    Cept, I should brush up on them. I just have a distant memory...
    -stares off onto a meadow absentmindedly.-
  3. Why are those both CLAMP?

    aceSailorMoon copy.jpg

    ^ Now hanging out on my bedroom door.
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  4. Mmmm Rayearth. Loved the manga but I thought the artstyle was really wonky in the anime. Maybe it's because of the art style of their eyes...

    Loved Cardcaptors. Loved Sailor Moon. I've been trying to find another Magical Girl manga called Saint Tail. I don't think it was very popular though because I can't find it on any manga site.
  5. I liked the Pretty Sammy OVAs, just because how cleverly it made fun of itself. Not such a fan of the TV series.
  6. Pretty Sammy was ♥.

    Loved Sailor Moon too, but I lost interest with the Outer Senshi. Didn't watch as much Cardcaptor Sakura but I think I would've liked it if I had.
  7. >____>

    This has prompted me to read some Rayearth and try to watch the anime again. Distractions, distractions...

    Maybe I'll be able to find Saint Tail. I remember it being kinda cute.

  8. My little sister used to watched this all the time and I thought I was hilarious and cute. The little kid humor really is funny
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    Of course I loved Sailor Moon too. It was my first magical girl show and one of my first animes.

    I only vaguely remember Saint Tail too, Zen. o___o We should both re-watch it!

    Pretty Sammy was amusing but I don't think I ever watched much of it. I was more a fan of Tenchi Muyo itself.
    • Akazukin Chacha never dies even if the manga and anime went on different paths. Will cosplay that someday!
    • :D The mother of all magical girls, Magical Girl Lalabel. It was fun.
    • Sailor Moon is a distant memory.
    • I love Cardcaptor Sakura, hated the english adaptaion Cardcaptors. Mainly because of the names and the fact that they cut a lot of my OTP Touya and Yuki.
    • I actually liked Magical Do Re Mi
    • ...and Pichi Pichi Pitch
    • ......does Little Snow Fairy Sugar count?
    • ..........Sugar Sugar Ruuuuune!
    GUILTY AS CHARGED. Even if I endlessly wonder what the antagonists do while the girls transform, Mahou Shoujo genre has always been my guilty pleasure. Aside from yaoi.

  10. I know so many I should be embarrassed. BUT I AM NOT
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  11. Double poosssttttt

    I thought I would get people started from the first ones!
  12. Card captor Sakura for sure! And Tokyo Mew Mew (English watchers know it as Mew Mew Power)
  13. I remember being little and hating those shows because I thought they were so boring and girly. With age though, I learned to appreciate them. I think my little sister watching Sailor Moon is what helped me develop a soft spot for these types of animu.

    The ones I remember liking are: Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew, Little Witch Academia, and Powerpuff Girls Z. xP

    One or some of those might not be 'old school', but ah well. lol

    I wanna watch them all again.... :<
  15. Sailor Moon was my fav, obviously. >:3 But I loved Rayearth, Pretear, Kaitou Jeanne, uum... Tokyo Mew Mew was super cute too. XD
  16. Chick had a sucka for every day of the week, respected her hustle then, respect her hustle now.

    And shame on ALL y'all's houses for not mentioning Fushigi Yuugi.

    And because one of the people I follow on tumblr is a magical fuckin' person:

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