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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
Link to your Player Resume: http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/showthread.php?t=4&p=94251#post94251
Contact Me By: PMs, [email protected] , Skype: juliajrudes, or catch me in the cbox.
Gender I Play: Either.
More Than One Character per RP? I'm fine with playing more than one.
Are you it for Romance? I can be. The amount of naughty depends on the situation, but I can go with none, to naughty romance.
Where do you want to play: I mostly play on the forum or in the cults/clubs.

Put a list here of rp ideas and scenes you have for your one on one roleplays! If you don't have any ideas of your own simply list what sort of things you might be interested in.

1. A guy suddenly finds out he's being stalked. In the days following, he tries to evade his stalker, coming close to death more than a couple times, only to be caught and find himself in the clutches of an insane woman who wants to marry him.

More to be added throughout time.
Re: REQUESTS: Roleplay Partners

Link to your Player Resume:
Kidnappable?: Of course. Contact me anytime with any plot; I usually go for anything. ^^
Playing Habits: Typically, I should be able to post at least once a day. However, with school and family, that is subject to change. I'll be on a few times a week, at the least.
Gender You Prefer Playing: I don't mind playing both genders, though I prefer playing the female role.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Yaoi, Yuri, Furry.
Genre You DON'T Like: I don't like Modern that much. :/
Playing Style: Aggressive, but I'm fine with being passive, as well.
Plot Candies: I love, love, LOVE working graphic romance and graphic violence into my plots.
Character Stereotypes: I enjoy playing females in dominant or very powerful positions, stoic females, shy males, characters suffering from some kind of crippling insanity, and monsters.
Character No-Gos: I HATE playing air-head females and air-head males.
Random Notes: I love to write and read lengthy replies, and I do expect the same thing from a possible role-playing partner.
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: None, as of yet!
Contact Me By: Private message me or email me, please. :3 [email protected]
Gender I Play: Unless I'm writing for a yaoi related RP, I do prefer to play female characters.
More Than One Character per RP? I have no problem with playing NPCs.
Are you it for Romance? YES. I'll do any kind of romance. <3
Where do you want to play: I'll RP in a forum thread or through private messaging.


They are the last two left. Earth, after enduring a decade long inter-planetary war, has been effectively wiped clean of sentient life. There are two, however, who prove to be the exceptions. Armed with only their wit, guile, and what they can find, they must traverse this transformed world together. Together; after years of silent solitude, the concept is strange to the two survivors. But, how did they survive? Why did the invaders spare them, above everyone else? Perhaps fate had carved them a unique path; a path that they will inevitably have to travel hand-in-hand.

^The above idea can be yaoi, yuri, or straight. If straight is what you'd like, I'd prefer to play the woman, unless you'd feel more comfortable with that role.


Take her hand. Feel the flesh there, the soft ivory skin. She feels, to you, human enough. But you know that you couldn't be more wrong in your assumptions. You couldn't possibly know anything more evil than her. Satan himself practically dumped her in your backyard, leaving her a defenseless demon among mortals. Out of sheer kindness you took her in, and now you can't shake her off. Looks like you bit off more than you could chew, eh? As you try to learn about her clouded history (and why she appeared in your backyard that one fateful morning), you two begin a fumbling, taboo romance. Will you cave in to the pressures of faith? or will you embrace her and her dark past?

^The above idea can be yuri or straight. I was thinking the female demon would be a bit bubbly and spacey, and the mortal male/female would be a bit wary and cautious.
Re: REQUESTS: Roleplay Partners

Link to your Player Resume:
Kidnappable?: Sure send me an invite :)

Playing Habits: I'm usually pretty active, I'll let you know if I'll be away with RL commitments.

Gender You Prefer Playing: I can play both but i prefer Female.

Favorite Genres: I like pretty much everything really Fantasy, Scifi, Modern and totally random wacky RPs. :D

Genre You DON'T Like: I don't like Horror very much unless it has a good plot.

Playing Style: I enjoy playing both.

Plot Candies: Plot twists, Romance, Action, Kidnapping, and of course lots of excellent Characters good and evil.

Character Stereotypes: I like playing a wide range of characters but i particularly like characters with troubled or tragic pasts, the super sweet tomboy girl, the tough but sweet warrior girl, the tough silent guy and of course the insane villain. ;P

Character No-Gos: Characters that are really shy or snobbish.

Random Notes: I'm not new to Roleplay and im fairly average but im always looking to improve and would love any help or tips you have to offer. :)

Contact Me By:
PMs, VMs, or in the Cbox.

Gender I Play:
I can play males if need be, but i prefer to play female.

More Than One Character per RP?
I can play other characters, if asked for or needed for the plot.

Are you it for Romance?
Got to have some romance :) Nothing too naughty, because I'm not good at it. :P

Where do you want to play:
In the Forum


Afraid i haven't got any right now, but i love fantasy, modern and medieval themed RPs.
Re: REQUESTS: Roleplay Partners

Link to your Player Resume:
Kidnappable?: I am a Garnet Til Alexandros to your Tantalus.
Playing Habits: I've got an obscene amount of free time on my hands, but within reason, usually afternoons and evenings, EST.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Women are too complex and conniving for me to play convincingly, but I can give the fairer sex an attempt, though most of my creations are male.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy and Modern work well for me; Silent Hill buff I am, horror fits in nicely as well, but isn't a subject that lends itself well to rp, in my opinion.
Genre You DON'T Like: I'm not much a fan of stereotypical rps, and homo-eroticism isn't my style.
Playing Style: Passive aggressive. Either or.
Plot Candies: Romance is big, as is action. I like intrigue, adventure, and a sense of unity above all else. These ideals encompass any genre.
Character Stereotypes: I am a professional Brooder. I brood HARD.
Character No-Gos: Giddy, quirky, curious mage-types.
Random Notes: I've been doing this since I was twelve. Started off in Yahoo Ayenee, my first serious guild being a group of Turks. I play a convincing Reno, if I may boast.
Scene Sample: OPTIONAL.

This was going to get bad.

A surge of adrenaline... and perhaps something more sinister... threw Liore into a sprint, knocking aside any that stood in his way. He passed through them like a salmon through the stream, wriggling out of grasping hands and slashing off arms that sought to bind. He was only twenty yards away when the ritualists slapped their hands together, uttering a violent and otherworldly oath that shocked the air around him.

As had happened countless times since the invasion, the charred ground sparked to life in the shape of a firey glyph, and in a sharp instant, a flame-slickend portal between the realms lashed open and vomited a sulpherous being that did not belong. As air caught the fetid gasses pouring from its rocky flesh, the wind stank of brimstone and hellfire. As the flaming, stony elemental raised to its towering height, it released a flame-touched bellow that evaporated its summoners, rock-shaped fists slamming furiously into the earth. The creature had no discernable eyes, but as Liore came to a skidding halt before it, he was suddenly aware that IT was aware of him.

Subtlety be damned. This thing had to be returned to its home, or lives would be erased.

As Liore again spread his stance and called forth the coiling, slithering, icy hatred that had burrowed its way into hi...

Tristess. She was in a tomb of sand, a weeks journey away. She was robed, beautiful, and sad.

It danced on the very fringes of his thoughts, but as so small a pebble can shatter a king's mirror, his mind simply broke. All the want, all the longing came crashing down onto troll shoulders, as surely as an elemental fist closed and came crashing down towards his head.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: None, as of yet. :I
Contact Me By: Ler Privetu Messago would be the way to go. I'm... shyish ._.

Gender I Play:
As stated in my resume, I typically stick to male characters, because girls scare me.

More Than One Character per RP?
I tend to stick with one character, to avoid becoming self-indulgent. I roleplay to see OTHER people's ideas and styles, not to auto-gratify. Though, if asked... sure! I could probably manage.

Are you it for Romance?
I fancy myself a romantic. Its in my blood. We'll go wherever you feel comfortable.

Where do you want to play:
Forums are good. While I don't care for limelight, showcasing ability is an entirely different matter. I try to put my best work into my writing, and am proud of it. To that end, Private Messages are also acceptable.


I'm uh... admittedly barren at the moment. But that just means I'm more than willing to go along with YOUR ideas :3
Re: REQUESTS: Roleplay Partners

Link to your Player Resume: There you go.
Contact Me By: PM or Email: [email protected]
Gender I Play: Either is fine.
More Than One Character per RP? I've only done a few games where I played as multiple characters, but I did very much enjoy them. So, I'm open to that.
Are you it for Romance? No, but certainly open for romantic plot if sticks out enough.
Where do you want to play: Either thread, email, or PM.

I have a few, but I'm definitely open. Most of these are pretty loose. Just basic ideas.
1. Comedy Duo
If Alex Adams and Mac Miller know anything about their heritages, it's that as far as they can care to trace it, members of their two families have always had close friendships. Just for starters, their grandfathers ran a store together, and their mothers are partners in the police force. Both can trace their roots to at least one Roma ancestor, but through the generations, these two particular branches have been completely assimilated. In other words, they have no clue as to why they are so tight.

As for Alex and Mac personally, they've been sharing an apartment in Metro City, Statesboro for the past month now. Both are twenty six and out of college, each with a master's degree… but neither with a job that fits the field. They've been friends they were both six, growing up in a small town unfortunately named Kickapoo after the Native Eaglandian tribe. They have always shared at least one class together ever semester throughout their school years, and were even roomies during college. Last week, their friends tried to sign them up for couple's counseling, which lead to quite the awkward moment. Neither seems to like retelling their first encounter, but its common knowledge that it ended with both of them getting sent to the emergency room.

Alex (rough Idea, change as you wish if such chacter is your choice.)

Be it sneaking into R rated flick back when they were in middle school, making college orientation "epic", or simply coming with the next plan to pay the rent, Alex has always been a schemer. Even though none of such plans seems to be long term, Alex could actually make good management material if an attempt was actual made. However, motivation is either slacker or hotblooded depending on the subject, with little middle ground; many of said inspiring subjects aren't the most productive, obviously. Most remembered for being a blast at parties, many are surprise s/he actually got a master's. Others are simply surprised Alex hasn't already gotten them the duo blown up.

Mac (See above)
The (slightly) straighter arrow. Ironically pays more of the rent but not in control in the least. Has a notoriously short temper, made worse because of having a bigger workload than Alex. Frequently complains about Alex's antics, but remains loyal, eventually going along any of the plans that can't be talked out of. A good example of this is claiming that being in a relationship would be impossible because Alex would wind up in jail without him/her to talk some sense. Also a bit of slacker, but obviously tries to fight it more. A cheapskate, but blows money on a psychologist every week.

2. Sorcerer's Apprentice

A wizard finds an orphan and takes pity on the poor child and is housed and even trained by the master. However, one day when the wizard goes out on errands, the apprentice's curiosity is peaked and s/he uses a left behind wand, runes, or whatever of the wizard. Things go horribly right until the master comes home, making things right, and hoping that the apprentice has finally learned the principal of equivalent exchange and that more practice needs to be done.

Eventually, the apprentice gets better over time and eventually goes solo, having learned most everything on the magical side things necessary. But when s/he starts dabbling in some of the darker arts, the students surpasses the master. Unfortunately, one of the side effects is a lost of control or possibly humanity.

The wizard eventually figures out about this and tries to take responsibility.

3. Godfather and Daughter

A couple decides to try to rejuvenate their relationship with a vacation, though their daughter (preferred age six to twelve) would only get in the way. They decide to leave her with her uncle and godfather who has been known as a hermit and curmudgeon. The girl on the other hand is a classic genki girl- caffeine running though her veins instead of blood.

By the time the time the parents return, the uncle actually finds spending the time with the girl to be "tolerable". Unfortunately, they both get some bad news: the couple tied on the trip, leaving the child in custody of the uncle. He councils her though her parent's death and they eventually become a real family themselves.

I want to play the uncle, but it doesn't matter.

4. Crazy Ass Love Triangle

A young noble hold to determine the woman worthy enough to marry him, the one in a particular village with the greatest magical talent. A is chosen and gets quickly attached to her new soon to be husband. Let's just say it was too attached- he got creeped out amoung other things. The wedding was off and the runner up got the privilege, B.

The time of year for a popular pilgrimage arrives, and by chance, A notices B is taking it by chance, and getting the impression the soon to be noble is an unworthy idiot. Hoping for revenge a second chance at the noble via a chance to kill B, A disguises herself and is allowed by B to travel with her.

With personal guards and no particular vendetta against men just doing their jobs, A travels with B for longer than expected, with an opinion somewhat changed because of it, while B gets either the suspicion A is after her life or just plain paranoid. Eventually, B makes it seem like she is vulnerable, but A does not strike, thinking too much of the person to kill her. And yeah, the two chicks falling in love could be a possibility if you're into that sorta thing.

5. A loose retelling of the fairy tale Tatterhood.

6. Boss Battle Marathon
You ever play games like No More Heroes or Metal Gear Solid, and really appreciate boss characters. Even in their briefness, splendid characterization and development can be done! Essentialy I want to practice on my fighting , adaptively and ability to make characters. You would make the hero, while I'd play the antagonist, essentially. Tone and exact details are up for discussion.
Re: REQUESTS: Roleplay Partners

I need practice before I can tackle a big group roleplay.
Link to your Player Resume: http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/showthread.php?t=4&p=106173#post106173
Contact Me By: PM me
Gender I Play: either
More Than One Character per RP? I can play as few or as many as needed
Are you it for Romance? Not necessary, but I'm fine with it. I'd rather not do anything heavy though.
Where do you want to play: PMs or thread
I don't have any ideas off the top of my head, but I'm willing to work together to make a good one. I'm most interested in either a horror medieval plot, a fantasy medieval plot, or a post-apocalyptic plot