Old nightmare, new fate.

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    Character: Judith.

    Book 1, chapter 1 "Old nightmare, new fate."

    It is said that there lurks a beast, serpent of both sea and air. With a single swipe of his tail the oceans rise, birthing waves which level entire settlements. With tentacles he drags the largest of ships into the sea. Vast treasures forever lost. When he takes flight the heavens are curtained by his shadow as those he hovers past know only death. Father to all wyrms, feared by mortals and immortals alike. The king of beast and lord of even the dragons. None have ever faced its claws and survived; no army ever captured its head nor did navy spill its blood. To some such tales sound like whimsical fables. Even those which settled near the sea fail to take such stories seriously.


    To the southwest rest a simple fishing town, a small dot on the map seldom noticed. Free from the empires grasp the locals master and tame the sea. Selling their game for livelihood. It was a serene life filled with laughter, chores, net casting and roaring bonfires. The people here were poor yet content. For Kurthalu was the perfect small town to start a family. The locals full of spirit and kindness blessed with boundless levels of charity. The inhabitants for the most part were human, but within this settlement rested a single elf. Her hair long and braided, pink in color. Like all faeries she was beautiful even if she bore a few scars.

    It was midday the cerulean skies clear as a pleasant sea breeze danced throughout the land. The smell of sea salt was subtle as even the choir of the birds bodes but glad tidings. This aroma rushed throughout the home of the elf, Judith. Adopted by the village elder when he found her as a baby along the road, abandoned by her parents. Tickling her senses it awoken her from her state of torpor. Yawning and stretching she would slothfully crawl out of bed. Peering through the open window as a cart carry fresh fish rolled by, making it’s way to the storage warehouse at the market place.

    She could tell by the clamor of her fellow kin and by the suns position that she had slept in more than intended. Shrugging her shoulders the elven beauty would prepare herself for another day. While most hunted the sea she was one of the few which took on the game of the land. Slaying dire wolves and various other predators whom would harm what little live stock they possessed. In silence she would braid her hair, taking her time before sliding into something more appropriate for the day. Her defined form adorned in dark brown leather attire. Which clung pleasantly to her frame whist leaving her toned abdomen exposed.

    On her each side of her hips were attached a set of simple twin blades. Which she used in the name of self defense as well as gutting her game and whatever fish she bought in town. Not wishing to bother her father with her laziness Judith would jump out of her window, landing near the shrubs which adorned the outside of their home. Another yawn and a rather flamboyant stretch crept up on her as she made her way down the road and toward the market place.

    It was another day in paradise, and it seemed life would continue the way it always has. Of this much she was always certain…

    But today would be different…unbeknownst to her soon Judith’s world would forever be changed.

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  2. Jay (open)

    Character~ Jayson Whielder, demon shifter

    Jay sat perched on the roof of one of the small buildings, watching as everyone began their daily routine. The men either went out on the boats or into the forest to hunt the beasts that threatened their livelyhood. The young man always made sure to be out of the way when they went hunting, for one of his most favoured forms was that of the wolf. He didn't particularly feel like being shot down today. It had happened before, in another village, he thought with a grimace, well as much of a grimace as he could muster in the form of the crow. He looked across the road and saw through the gap in the curtains that the elf was awake. What was her name again? Judy? Justine? No.. Judith. That was it. She was beautiful, He thought, his head tilting on the side slightly as he spread out feathered wings and leapt from the roof, shifting to his more human form as he landed and walked to the window, tapping on it lightly. He didn't know what his reasoning was but he figured it was easier to interact with her. Maybe she could help him. He wanted to track down his brethren, the ones that had left him when he was a young boy for being a halfling. He remembered them well, despite his young age at the time, but he needed help to find them. Who better to help than one that had also been abandoned? At least, that was his reasoning. In truth, he couldn't actually understand why he'd chosen to ask her. but no matter, the deed would soon be done. He tucked his hands into the pockets of the long black coat he wore, rocking back and forth on his heels as he waited for her, occasionally reaching a hand up to push the straggling bangs of jett black hair out of emerald eyes. He'd barely waited a moment before the window was pushed open, causing him to fall backwards into the garden bed, watching in slight surprise as the elven girl leapt gracefully out of the window, landing with ease and continuing on down the path, not even noticing him. Slight indignation boiled inside Jay as he stood up, brushing himself off and persuing her. 'HEY! Hey I'm talking to you!' He called after her, catching up and grabbing her shoulder. 'Would you stop a damn moment?'
  3. Judith was on her way to the market district, ignorant of the being behind her. Her head in the clouds as her elven ears picked up on the overlapping of crystal clear cerulean waves against the shore. However she found herself being pulled back into reality via a rude awakening. Letting out a scream as the stranger grabbed her by her shoulder. Turning around she'd slap him with a decent amount of force. If it made contact it would undoubtedly leave a mark on his skin. The impact causing his pigmentation to become redden. Those potent eyes of hers would lock with his own after her initial reaction. Peering deeply into those emerald pools of his her intuition would kick in, something tugging deep inside of her which screamed this fellow was not normal. Though how he differed from most would remain illusive momentary. Generating an aura of mystery around this man with jet black hair.

    Blinking a few times as silence brew between them, as Judith covered her luscious lips with her hand. Feeling somewhat embarrassed by her perhaps over reaction.
    "I am so sorry..." She would respond, lowing her fingers permitting them to once more nest against her exposed, defined abdomen. Those purple locks of her swaying in the gentle ocean breeze. "You're not from around here are you? are you some sort of traveler?" she'd inquire into, somewhat perplexed behind his reasoning for approaching her. After all though their town was simple, it flourished with various colorful characters. Perhaps it was her pointed ears which drew him or caused her to stand out? Or maybe the odd color of her hair? Whatever the reason she doubted they were of any real import.

    Judith would jump as she realized her manners had escaped her, if only her father were here he would probably slap her for such rudeness.
    "Forgive me...My name is Judith daughter of the elder." She'd introduce herself, granting him a simple nod. The arches of her lips contorting adorning her picturesque face with a simple inviting smile. for though she was known as a tomboy and a troublemaker Judith was not without some proper upbringing. "So what can I do for you mister?" she'd inquire into, concluding permitting silence to creep in as she awaited his reply.
  4. Jayson eyed her suspiciously, the anger dimming to a simmer rather than the boiler fury he'd felt before. 'I'm... well yes I suppose you could say i'm a travellor. I'm looking for someone. Well, a group of someones really. My.. family.' He had trouble saying the word, it having been such a long time since he'd needed to use it. How much could he trust her? She said she was the Elder's daughter. Did that mean that she was likely to report him? Well it wasn't like he'd done anything wrong. He'd been watching this village for nigh upon a week and hadn't drawn any attention to himself that he knew of. He rolled his shoulders a little as the sting of the slap finally sunk in, making his cheek feel swollen and pained. But it was nothing new. Nothing like the arrow through the shoulder, he thought to himself, rolling it again to remove some of the stiffness. He flashed her a slightly cocky grin. 'I'm Jayson, Jayson of the night.' His eyes flashed from gold, to black and then back to green. Maybe she would help him, maybe not. She could see him as a monster, a threat. 'I was wondering if you'd seen anyone out of place recently. My own efforts to locate them brought me here.' He explained, tucking his hands back into his pockets and rocking on the balls of his feet again, calm, casual, acting as though it was nothing unusual to be slapped by a stranger, even though he was sure the redness was beginning to show. He could shift it away if he wanted to, but he didn't feel like pushing his luck.