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Hi, my name is Orbit. I am brand new around here, and I am feeling my way around the place. Slowly.

I have yet to make any characters here. As I wanted to test the waters first to see what is out here. I normally (In the past) RP supernatural/Immortal type story lines. Modern day preferable but I am very open to storylines and being swayed. I am willing to play any form of RP as long as it is original content. I do not like fanfic. Or being limited by a pre-set creation.

I am easy going when it comes to RP and I will adapt to my partner/partners, within reason. I am fine with any gender, and I am fine with romance if that is where the story goes. I am willing to do mild sexual content, but I am not about writing smut. It is not my thing.
I will not RP anything child harm related, bestiality or s/a so don't ask.

I love to communicate with my partners. So speaking either on site or offsite in an OOC format either messaging or email w/e you like is preferable. I enjoy coming up with story and characters with my partners, I find RP more sustainable that way.

I will endeavour to write a minimum of 300 word per-post. But will not write overwhelming amounts. I probably average between 400-700 words per post. I do not expect perfection. If your grammar is rubbish, who cares? So is mine. Spelling Pffff what ever. As long as I understand what you mean, and if I don't I will communicate that with you.

One thing to note about me though! I am a fossil, I so not understand lots of the newer RP terminology. But again, if I do not understand you I will just ask.

Thank you for reading. And I hope to create worlds with you :)