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    • This is a roleplay between Cole Silver and DisasterousConcubine. If you are not either of us, but wanna read a good story based in the Naruto universe, feel free to read, but do not post.

    • Cole
      -Kamoku Hayate
      -Zakku Inuzuka
      -Retsu Kori
      -Takai Hyuuga
      -Reido Matsuro
      -Kurai Matsuro
      -Genka Hyuuga

      -Tsukiko Hyuuga
      -Kitari Inuzuka-Nekozuki
      -Hira Yamashiro
      -Reina Uchimaka
      -Yukiyuro Hammamatsu
      -Ai Inuzuka

    • Darkness loomed, a dusk shadowed by clouds--a light snow on this winter night. It was likely to only be 6 in the afternoon, but with cloudy sky's and winter's grasp on how long light shined upon the land, it was already evening. The weather put no village to rest though, including Konohagakure no Sato. The market lit up and filled with figures, the places for dinner still serving many. The village was alive, even on a snowy night, the cold air was filled with gossip and laughter, conversation and chatter.

      Coming from a less-well-lit alleyway, a fairly tall young man crossed into the main village market, a strip full of shops and generally was the heart of village activity--just as it was tonight. This young man bared crimson eyes, one noticeably more vibrant then the other--his left eye scarred with a curse--a vertical slice over his scarlet hue, dulled from blindness. He had long black hair, straight and soft to the touch; a bit of flare to the edges. The dark locks was dotted with white, snowflakes caught in on strands before they melted.

      This man was dressed fairly simply, a long sleeved black shirt with a thick robe-like Yukata wrapped around him for warmth--finished off with a pair of coal shaded pants. No one could even tell he was a shinobi--if not for his headband loosely slung under his chin, dangled from his neck carelessly. He walked along the streets, passing by many a folk as he wondered aimlessly...His facial expression showed sadness, a lonely soul. He was just wondering, maybe hoping he'd find something to do, or someone to talk to, but had no goal or plans in mind. Kamoku had little friends...His youth was a time spent training, and away on missions, he'd made connections in the world--but few close to home. The rather tall man, standing 6'2" and being a physical wall compared to most, he towered over most of the crowd by a few inches as he paced along the path.

      Someone must've been in a hurry, maybe they just made off with some fruit from a stand without paying, or dine and ditched--either way, a man was running through the crowd, bobbing and weaving through the people. He'd come to a crossing and find someone he couldn't dodge, a raven haired female--eyes a shade of lavender. Rather harshly he'd shove the girl to the side, causing her to fall in the moment of all of it. This would only be about 10 feet infront of the wondering Special Jounin, he witnessed this and his eyes narrowed softly. The man was about to run past Kamoku, but an outstuck arm would clothes-line the fleeing man, landing him square on his back with a hard thunk. Kamoku's foot raised up high, before crashing down to the center of the fallen man's chest, violently knocking the wind out of him and causing him to black out. It was about then someone else came alone, likely the pursuer after the man running.

      Kamoku went on walking though, making his way over to the young woman the criminal had shoved down so rudely. He'd knell down in front of the fallen Hyuuga female, and outreach his hand to help her up. "Sorry people are so rude, are you alright? I hope you're not hurt." he asked, giving her a smile despite his rather sad demeanor earlier. He didn't know it yet, but he was reaching his hand out to someone very special...
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  1. The falling of snow, hm. It would bring a smile to the faces of many, the echoing of laughter on childrens faces sent that of a abundance to the towns people. Puffs of snow landing on cheeks, tongues and heavy sleeves as everyone scurried to stay warm. Smoke fumed from the small stacks around the village from fires and breath exited chaped lips of the villagers. Even on the most fridged of nights, there seemed to be excitement in the air.

    One of those villagers, was a young woman. No older than the age of at lwast 23, even though she was truly only twenty. Her young blossoming youth had melded away to bring forth that of a budding young woman rather than a little girl. Her hair was long, longer than some. Falling of soft strands across the small of her back, the scent of jasmine gracing her pale skin. Bangs that would swoop to the side of her face allowed a couple straggling locks to fall across the bridge of her nose. Framing deep lavender eyes with hues and tints of a richer purple. She was there to enjoy the festivites as everyone else, her father strict with studies, allowing the female to relax for once...

    The female adorned a purple dress of sorts. A longer dress, slit up the sides to make way for a pair of deep, black pants to keep her legs warm. Her top included a black sweater with a purple and cream accent. Fur lining her jacket, her waist curved by the wrap of her headband.

    Huffing, she would take a breath. Smoke puffing from her nostrils as she stoof deciding which enjoyment she would like to partake in against the cold weather. Bustling through several crowds of people.

    A stranded "hey" or "watch it" would be yelled out as a passer by seemed to be in a near flighted rush. A scene soon to unfold. The female turning to hear the comotion. Seeing a man coming directly through the crowd, however late she was of being pushed to the side like a rag doll. The snuff of the snow being crunched down as she landed. The powder soaking through her pants as her hands felt the instant cold. Until a warming comfort was heard, the female looking upward from her snowy seat on the ground. Hearing a soft cooing, her hues would look up.

    "Are you hurt?" Rang through her ears, a pair of crimson hues smiling shut at her as her hand delicately grasped onto his palm, lifting herself from the ground.

    A simple, "no." Exited her lips. The females name, was Tsukiko Hyuuga. Heir to the Hyuugan Clan. A shy girl, young and ambitious. Her frame would move, a deep pink darkened against her cheeks as she smiled back at him a little ways, looking down at the ground to notice the unconscious male as apples spilled from his coat.

    "I appreciate your help....uhm..." Awkwardness had set in within seconds, she couldnt even thank him without knowing his name. Her nervous habit set in, a nervous shyness became of her as she dug her teeth into the bottom of her lip.
  2. He'd stand up with the girl, helping her from the ground with his hand before letting go. He stood a good 7 inches higher then the girl once they both was upright. Her answer was good, at least she hadn't been hurt in the scene that had unfolded--by no onlookers who watched started back on their way, going on with their lives. The shop owner was taking back the stolen goods, and writing profanities on the criminals face.

    He noticed her fluster, a blush had crossed the girl's face. It was actually kinda cute. Her thanks for him came, her struggling too without his name. The young man--22 in age--would smile some. "I'm Kamoku." he told her, introducing himself. "No need to thank me." Kamoku added. He noticed that half of her clothes was now soaked from the snow. "You're gonna get cold if you stay out here with wet clothes, om..."his hand reached behind his head, scratching at his hair nervously as a hint of pink touched his cheeks. "There is this restaurant...around the corner. Maybe you'd like dinner by a warm fire while your clothes dry?" he asked, the blush becoming worse. Kamoku hadn't had any plans, and...she was kinda cute. There was something about her that piqued his interest...Maybe having someone to talk to would be nice. Better then being alone at home...


    Standing at a stand on the side of the street, having watched what transpired was a shaggy brown haired man, blue markings crossed his cheeks--a sign of his heritage, a mark of the Inuzuka clan. He'd seen Kamoku clothes-line the fleeing criminal, and was even about to give Kamoku a 'nice job'--but didn't when he watched the Special Jounin walk over to help up the girl. This would be Zakku, a beanstock of a young man, pretty boy looks and a charming smile contrasted by a large old wound to the right side of his face--even a eyepatch over his now empty eye socket. He grinned--the ANBU knew Kamoku and thought it good of him for doing what he did. But for now Zakku turned back to the stall--it was adorned in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. He leaned over, a hand on his chin in thought as he looked over the items. "Hmmmm. Which one would Kitari like...." he said to himself, smiling at the thought of his wife. He was every bit of 6'4", and rather skinny, with wild hair and green hue'd slits for eyes. His pants ended at his shins, left thigh wrapped in a kunai holster and bandages--he was a lefty. His pants was white, while his shirt a dark gray, he contrasted hard in this snowy weather once you got to his warm skin and lone vibrant eye.

    He seen a bright blue crystal on a thin-chain silver necklace, and his single narrow emerald eye lit up. He snagged it and looked it over better. "How much is this one, ya?" he said, grinning. He knew she'd like it...He always did shit like this, Zakku was like that really nice boyfriend on a 2nd date--even after 4 years of marriage and a child! Always buying gifts and trying to do sweet things. The man answered Zakku but frankly the Inuzuka didn't hear him, a tugging on his pants-leg making the man turn awkwardly to look back and down over his shoulder, to see his best friend--a brown and white furred dog by the name of Shiro. The rather small dog barked. Zakku grinned. "I know, I know, its dinner time--just a sec."--he turned to the stand owner--"This enough? Keep the change." he said, slamming down enough money to buy the item twice over, and walking off--twirling the necklace carelessly as he headed on home, Shiro in toe. It was about this time he almost vanished without of trace, the agile shinobi done in a blur. He was soon home, and stepping through the door, shutting it behind him as he kicked off his boot-like shinobi footwear. He had the gift he'd bought tucked up his sleeve. He'd been gone for almost a week, so an ambush surely was coming...
  3. It had seemed to have gotten colder, tr dampness of the snow melting into the fabric of her pants. The female would look up to the male, her asure plum coloured hues loomed upward at the male. There was something about him, his long black locks and the nervousness that came with it. She smiled, noticing his honerable intentions if not from the snow covered clothes but merely since he was the only person to offer the lady a hand when she was thrown on the ground like a banana peel.

    "...Kamoku..." Was whispered into words that parted her lips. Her eyes darting at crimson hues only to look down with a nervous laugh. His name rolled off her tongue nicely, the intent of it warming her blood. Sending thoughts rushing to the mind. His question.. He asked her to dinner!! "Oh...u...uhm. Sure!" To the males more than like surprise, the female accepted. Her hands cuffed together lightly in front of her, she hadnt decided where to eat or even manage picking a place where to go to for excitement within the evening. "Lead on." Was spoken, her crimson cheeks could melt the glistening snow pieces that placed themselves on her skin.


    Moments would pass as the male would flash off into the distance, the echoing of his boot like shoes being slung across the room would come to sting the ears of the two female that would be in their home. Kitari, the wife of the ruffle haired male was actually dressing at the time, just releiving herself to be out of the shower. Long brown locks were being combed out with a soft wooled brush as stray strands dipped to the softness of her back before she stepped over to the bed they shared. A simple black top was placed along her skin, her bare feet would move to walk into the entrance of their home down the hallway until a familiar scent hinted at her nostrils. She would recognize it anywhere. Like a shark in water she made her move.

    "Zakku....?" The female questioned, her voice slightly more stern and mature than that of the previous female. Brown hair made way for hues to look upon the tall, lengthy male that stood in the middle of their home.

    "Zakku...!!!" Was shouted, a large blasting noise would be able to be heard echoed outside as the female would rush to the male's arms. Her notions of tackling him to the ground rather strong. It had been a week or more. But to them it felt like years. Before the male could even more or make a sound, lips were pressed against one another with excited tears flowing down cheeks.
  4. She'd accepted his offer, it actually surprised him. Kamoku's face had to get a hint pinker before he turned away from her to hide it. "Its'ah...Its this way." He said, looking back over his right shoulder--of course cause he can't see over his left--and giving her a nervous smile. "Om...I never caught your name?" he asked. The thing is, he already knew the girl's name. Kamoku was the head ANBU captain, it was part of his job to essentially know every Konoha shinobi above Chunin level. Not to mention...Beyond that, her spot in the most prestigious clan in the village. He'd heard about Tsukiko Hyuuga before his time spent as an ANBU simply because in some eyes she was almost like the village's princess to the biggest clan--heir to the Hyuuga throne. The dead giveaway...a young Hyuuga girl, with no markings on her forehead. Sign of royal blood, as far as the Hyuuga clan went. He'd gester for her to come along with him, slowly walking about the direction he'd come from and soon around a corner of another alleyway leading to the next street over.

    It literally would take them 30 seconds walking slowly even to round the corner and be at a doorway to a somewhat nice little restaurant--the man opening the sliding door for her and revealing a well lit dinner, including a fireplace with a nice empty booth right next to it. The booths was mildly private, and there wasn't too many already here. "This place should be warm. I hope you wasn't busy, I don't want to be a bother..." said Kamoku, a bit quietly.


    The man was lucky...a beast user with sharp senses made little a surprise, of course his wife shared similar traits from her own connection with Cats. He heard her coming a mile away--by then he already had placed his weapons he'd had on him up on a shelf near the door. He'd smile when the girl appeared in front of him. What came next although not a surprise, still surprised him. Expecting a big hug he'd open his arms after Kitari exclaimed his name loudly. Unexpectedly, this turned into him falling flat on his back with the girl huddled ontop of him in the floor. He was just about to say something, but he couldn't--his lips was sealed by hers before he could speak, the man squirming in surprise but kissing her back, arms wrapping around her curvy frame.

    It took a moment before he'd break the kiss with his wife, Zakku smiling as he looked into her vivid piercing yellow hues. "Well hi there beautiful, ya' miss me?" he said with a light snicker, the man then nuzzling her forehead--dotting a kiss in her soft skin under her damp bangs. He'd lean forward, making them sit up--before standing while bringing her up with him. A charming grin crossed his face. With a smooth movement, the necklace slid from his sleeve and he looped it over her head, even gently making sure her long dark locks wasn't captured by it by lifting them through the necklace. The sky blue crystal like pendant would fall into her cleavage, giving her the first chance to look at it. "I got you somethin'. Sorry the mission took longer then expected..." said the young man of only 20. So young considering him and this woman of only 19 have a 4 year old child.
  5. It would be moments before the female would stand around toward the corner with the male, her hand slightly latching onto his arm around his clothing to gently pull forward against his arm. Moving away from the people within the crowd. Before they moved, she pulled away and blushed a deep crimson red to realize what she just did.

    "Uhm.." As he looked back and asked her what her name was she hesitated for a moment. Should she tell him? Would her father even...approve.

    "Tsukiko...Hyuuga..." As if he wouldn't be able to tell from her eyes. She stood next to him with a smile and looked into the small food shop. Entering she would feel the automatic warmth of the fire, her clothes beginning to dry as soon as she moved.

    "Mmm. " moving the female would have herself sit down in a small booth like setting of a table, looking at the grill like table to cook meat. "Hungry?" She asked the crimson hued male with a smile, her eyes shutting.

    On the other part of the village, the wife of the one eyed man would smile at her loving husband as she felt the chain lace around her neck ever so gently, her eyes beamimg as she felt the cool metal deepen into her chest. Looking at him she pulled the stone from her clevage and smiled at it, feeling the warmth of his smile and kiss.

    "I understand...I'm just glad you're safe...and you're okay..I'm glad that you're here now... " her voice cooed at him, until that of familiar tiny footsteps walked forward into the main entrance of the home.

    "Daddy??" Was echoed, hearing the laughter and the foot steps. It was Ai. She was excited to hear that he was home.
  6. Crimson hues watched as she went inside, him following after shutting the door. Kamoku would hesitatingly sit down at the booth across from her. The long haired man felt so awkward, him diverting his eyes to try not to look at her--he didn't wanna be caught staring. "Yeah...Ah--order what you want...I have it covered ok?" Kamoku would say, glancing back to her. Her eyes...they was beautifully empty--it was hard to explain. Some of her clan would be teased as children for having 'monster eyes', but he disagree'd completely; he thought them to be unique. Of course it helped, the fact he himself had strange eyes without any pupil. He looked down at the table--this was about the time someone came to take their order--Kamoku looking to the person. He'd have an order of soup, just something simple. The person would get Tsukiko's order and be on her way to get things prepared.

    Kamoku rested his elbow on the table, leaning his head into his hand tiredly. Kamoku wasn't used to actually having company, someone to talk too--he felt nervous--as well as simply having a feeling of stress. His head shifted in his hand, sliding over his eye, one marked with a curse from times past--a vertical strike across his left eye. He removed his elbow from the table a second later to look back at her. "Om, so...Tsukik-"He was suddenly cut off by a loud voice.

    "Look who I found, it's Kamoku-kuuun!" echoed across the room--a slightly older man approaching the booth the two was sat at. It was none other then Reido Matsuro...The timing of it all. Reido smirked--he leaned over with his arm ontop of Kamoku's head, using him as an arm rest, bright pink hues sparkled as he gazed directly at the raven haired beauty across the table from his buddy. "And who is this lovely lady huuuuh? I knew you had taste, but daaaamn man." it was about this time two masked bodyguards may have become apparent now standing around the three...

    Kamoku was just red from what his friend was implying--like they was on a date. "I-it's nothing like that Reido!" Kamoku claimed, moving to make Reido stop leaning on his head and step back. He sighed deeply. "Tsukiko, this is Reido Matsuro...The Yondaime Raikage."Kamoku introduced the skinny, black and red haired man standing before them--who was now grinning. "Namakemono Kage..." Kamoku added in a low grumble. This made the Raikage suddenly hang his head. There was a good chance she'd never heard of him, he was actually only fairly recently appointed Raikage--only about a year and a half ago...and sometimes word traveled slowly.

    Ignoring literally just being called 'Slacker Kage'--a common name he was teased with by close friends for his rather....lazy ways. Reido gave the girl a smile. "Tsu-chan eh? I'm even more impressed. Its nice too meet you, Hyuuga-Hime." Reido said, even giving the heir to the Hyuuga clan a bow. He was already thinking about something through...something Kamoku didn't even know, him raising up from his bow with a more serious look on his face--but only for a second, giving her another charming smile. He knew what this girl was...what she harbored inside. He turned back to his buddy, "Well. You seem busy. My ANBU informed me they had just seen you walk in here and I had to say hello."-Reido slugged Kamoku's arm with a big grin-"Have fun on your 'not a date' you two." said the pink-eyed man before turning and stepping off--him dressed in a very well known cloak all Kage had--the back baring 'Yondaime Raikage' in traditional writing. He exited the place--followed by his two ANBU bodygaurds.

    Kamoku's face was obscured by his locks as his head hung, he was blushing horribly after that. He shyly looked up at her, hair fallen back to the sides of his face. "I-I'm sorry about that...Reido has no self control...I...Om..." he just dropped his head again, just....face full on pinkish red. He was so embarrassed!


    Zakku smiled, seeing she had seemed to like his gift too her. He always loved her smile. "You think I'm gonna not come back every time I leave." he said with a chuckle. It was then his ears burned with the echo of soft steps, and he'd see his lil' girl. He stepped over and scooped the child off the ground and nuzzled the top of her head. "Ohhhh I missed my girls!" he said loudly, setting down Ai and smiling, leaning back as the beanstock stood tall over the both of them. It was funny, he didn't used to be this tall....When him and Kitari met, 5 years ago, they was basically the same height...Now he towered over her, she never grew an inch since then, maybe one...He'd grown so many. This was about time Shiro--Zakku's partner in crime--had tackled Ai, the puppy-sized dog licking the little girls cheek. This made Zakku burst out laughing, before an arm snaked around Kitari's curvy hips and tugged her against him, smiling at his midnight haired dream.

    "I missed you hun...I live to see your pretty face when I come home..." he whispered more seriously, as he kissed the top of Kitari's head. A truly loving husband and father, Zakku seemed to know just what to do to make her smile. But...he was a man. He may have even ruined the special moment if not for Kitari's own dirty mind, a hand firmly grasping the female's plump ass cheek. Seems he missed a bit of that too...4 and a half years together and some things just don't change.


    The dark winter night outside bared cold chills...They also came with warnings of times to come...Figures lurking outside the village--a red haired specter in the night, adorned with a black cloak. He was accompanied by a female, a lusty woman also in a matching cloak. Beware...Ravens haunt the night, the plans of the Karasu are slowly shaping.
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  7. As the two would sit down, the warmth of the fire mended the wet clothing she adorned. They ordered, she ordered a small soup and a order of Teriyaki Beef. By that time, Kamoku the young male had gone to speak to the female before a yowling of the young man's name was lashed out in a hurry. As the male would make his way over to the two, she noticed the older male having the ANBU and symbols of being a leader. The Raikage. Hm. So he was introduced, even though Tsuki had known about him. Her father being strict with studies, heir to the Hyuugan clan. He sought it to be her job in order to find and honor others.
    Thats when the word spoke from the pink hued male's mouth.. Date.

    "No no!!...n...uh..nani." Tsuki's face flushed with a heat of red, all the way up the bridge of her nose. Until she looked over and noticed that Kamoku was flushed as well with embarrassment. It made her feel bad.. Why would he be that way? He seemed nice and sweet, someone who she wouldnt mind spending time with... If only they knew.

    After the Kage made his way and greeted them with a friendly goodbye. Kamoku sat there with his head in his lap, a shy and flushed face. Pink still echoed among the female's cheeks but she took a deep breath and sighed.

    "I'm glad I'm here with you. I'm glad you asked me to dinner." She spoke, "so thank you, for inviting me." Her hands would clench together, cuffing her fingers together she smiled up at the male in front of her. Even when the pink turned to a deep red. She seen something in him, something considerate, kind. "Here ya go." Was spoken, their food being placed along the table.


    "Daddy!! Daddy!!!" The feeling of Ai being picked up from her father made her smile, giggling in his arms as she felt the affection tear from his arms into her. Smiling and laughing. As the male turned his attention back to his wife, she smiled at him as the animal would lick attack the young childs face.

    "You always think I'm not comig back." Would burn the females ears as she looked up from raven coloured locks.

    "You're my life you idiot what do you expect. Im not going to be excited to think you're not coming home. I get worried sick that Ai could grow up without a father....and I dont want to be alone or lose my best friend." She spoke, sniffing slightly as she smiled and looked down at their daughter. Hearing that he missed them put a smile on her face, he knew how to truly do that with no other. Like no other. Until she felt her butt being squeezed.

    "Zakku!" Was moaned slightly as she tilted her head back with a bit of a blush crossing the bridge of her nose, before gently gripping his fingers.

    "You know better to do that in front of Ai."
  8. Reido really had done it this time, he came in and probably just fully creeped this woman out. Frankly at this point, Kamoku figure she'd pretty much run out as fast as she could. Figure'd Tsukiko would tell him some excuse and exit...But instead essentially the opposite happened. He looked up, eyes meeting with hers as she spoke, thanking him for asking her to dinner...He was shocked--didn't know what to say for a moment.

    "I ah...om..." he looked down, knowing he was just a nervous fool now. "You're welcome....I'm happy your glad to join me." he finally got out, looking back up at her with a small smile as the scarlet hues peered upon the woman's lavender gaze. It'd be this time a 'here ya' go' burned both their ears and their food was placed down upon the table. He leaned down a bit and gently blew across the steaming bowl of hot soup he'd ordered--glancing to notice she had a similar order. "So...I've actually met your dad before...He seems...tough? Strict? I'm not sure...he's hard to read. You're supposed to take his place some day..?" asked the special jounin, him finally becoming a bit less embarrassed from earlier. He'd take the time for her to respond to get a few spoon-fulls of his soup.

    Some time would pass, enough for the both of them too finish their meals. Kamoku would go ahead and pay for their orders before returning to the table she was still seated at. He gave the Hyuuga girl a small smile, "I'm sorry to have taken so much of your time. I'm sure you're a busy person...I'm glad you accepted my offer."--his hand went to the back of his head as he begun to blush a hint again--"It was nice spending time with someone for once...I usually just am on missions, training, or at home...Its nice to relax and have dinner with someone, its..Nice to not be alone...." He said, tone of voice dropping towards the end to a more somber one. What she didn't know...this was the first time in a good 7 years he'd spent time with a female. Not since time spent with his former teammate...Before 'it' happened.


    Zakku snickered some, letting his arm release his lover after her 'you know better' comment. Not that it mattered, Shiro had Ai distracted enough. He looked at the young mother of his child, giving her a reassuring smile. "As long as I have you to come home too, I'll always come back." he stated. He shivered a bit--the cold over the past week was rigorous. "Heh...The way the weather has been reminds me of Yukigakure..." he mentioned in passing as he finally moved deeper into the house. The small dog Shiro would take this time to chase Ai back to eher bedroom, leaving the Inu-Neko couple alone. Zakku sat down on a couch, him giving Kitari a smile--gesturing for her to come and join him. "Kitari-chaaan. Why do you worry so much when I'm gone? You know I'm strong. Saved your butt before." he said to Kitari, a teethy charming grin accompanying it. He had though, and had the scar to prove it...Although one could say it didn't do his depth perception any favors.
  9. As Kamoku was shocked at her response the female ninja would smile at the male across the table. A soft voice would speak probably the most rememberable thing hed be able to hear.

    "You're welcome, Kamoku kun." In a almost cheerful and shy mix of a tone. Her voice rolled his name off her tongue with ease, allowing her to smile as a blush of confidence washed over her. Until she heard the question of her father. Her happy apperance looked downward. Her eyes becoming mellow.

    "Hes very protective of me since my mother died. I never knew him when I was younger. Being kidnapped will do that. And after I was brought back to the village.. He made sure I did a lot of studying and owning what I learned. Not only for myself... But for others. Not a lot of people understand when people are different. We can be just as frightened by ourselves, as everyone else. He is a book worm. He has me constantly studying and training. Honing my skills and doing it for my mom. Becoming the heir of royal blood."

    A sadness came through her voice when the Hyuugan woman spoke of her bloodline. It was a heavy burden but one she had grown to become respected and acustomed toward. It was hard to be kept away from so much. Friends. Family. Especially when you were made to train.

    "Dont get me wrong. My father loves me. Hes just strict and wants what is best for me...I'm all he has." Speaking of her mother's death as a young child. The female Hyuugan would look over at the young male with a smile. Her eyes lighting up with confidence. Made her happy to see that she could help someone.

    "I'm really glad you got the chance to sit down and relax. I'm glad we got the chance to know one another." She paused.

    "What about you, Kamoku?" The plum coloured eyes looking up at him. "How long have you been here? Why are you always gone? Do you have family?"


    Kitari would look up at her husband with a huff, before Ai was chased offward into the bedroom by the pup. She looked over toward him with a smile. Atoning to her husband's wishes she stepped forward and slouched beside him on the couch in his arms.

    "I'm your wife. Im always going to worry. You should know better than that. I have to much to lose." She paused with a smile.

    Even if he was the toughest ninja in the village, she knew he would protect her and her daughter with his life. He was sweet and kind and a wonderful father to their daughter. A sigh came from her but a giggle would follow.

    "Your perception has always been off you clumsy goofball. It amazes me how you can be so profound but trip over your own shoes." She laughed, the raven haired female nudging with a playful demeanor.

    "I will always worry, Zakku. I wouldn't want to lose you. You're strong but sometimes we have to save each other."
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  10. Kamoku would listen to Tsukiko, but as she went on...He felt bad for askng. Her past...she'd been kidnapped. He didn't know that...He'd heard her name mentioned by other villagers, he'd seen her entry in the data books only ANBU and the Hokage had access too...But thats one thing they leave out--people's history. The shinobi glanced down. "I'm...sorry for prying." he said, looking back up at her. He didn't mean for her to bring up any upsetting memories...Then again, he'd find himself in the same shoes. She asked about his family. That was a rather long story in itself...She'd given him a smile though, looking at him. He decided to answer the best he really could.

    "I don't...really have family. Not anymore. I never knew my mother, they said she died giving birth to me...And my father was killed in action 10 years ago. The reason I'm always gone is just...I do a lot of missions. I don't really have anything else to do but missions and training" he responded, followed by a 'Heh'. "I guess I'm pretty lame..."

    Kamoku would glance down and notice her clothes had dried out from earlier. He hadn't really noticed, but they had been there a while. He'd look into Tsukiko's eyes and give her a full smile, the first time she'd seen it all night--while offering his hand. "May I have the pleasure of walking you home, Tsukiko-chan?" he asked her as he stood in front of where she sat at the booth. Someone must still believed in traditional ways...Besides, never know who could be lurking in the night.


    The Inuzuka male would smile as Kitari slouched into his arms, him embracing the woman closely and nuzzled the top of her head as she spoke. Once she'd get to the 'you can be so profound but trip over your own shoes' part, the male lifted his head from hers to look at her in confusion. "N-nani?"...sometimes Zakku wasn't the quickest to catch on. Heart of gold, but maybe not the brightest of the bunch. Kitari always seemed to confuse him sometimes, she was always the more brainy half of this relationship. But he moved on, "Well I will always be here to protect my girls..." he responded to her last bit about not wanting to lose him. He kissed the top of the young mothers head, nuzzling into her hair. He took in her scent--it always just melted his heart. Might have even been was drawn him to her in the first place all those years ago. "You know I could just lay here with you forever, ya'?" he said more quietly, relaxed as he held onto his lover. Shrio--who was just slipping out of Ai's bedroom--just had gotten the child to go to bed. He was good for doing that...The dog slunk out into the living room and simply curled up behind the couch to rest.
  11. Tsukiko would look over, her deep hues looking up at the male before down at her now dry clothing, and can up. Listening and gently nodding to prescience information as she listened to the shinobi speak of his tale. Until the sound of his apology would ring her ears. A sudden flush of pink would rush to the females cheeks.

    "There is nothing for you to be sorry about!" The females hands would slightly wave in front of her. The ethic suit of his apology wasn't needed, however he was just being kind hearted. Something she had come to notice about the man.

    "Sounds like you've had a hard life. Here in the village.. But there comes a time where everyone has to make decisions, as my father says and you seem like a great ninja. " the compliment would lead to the female hearing the males next question. The offering of asking her to walk her home. A smile would glance her face, a head nod. Reassuring him off a yes for a answer. The Hyuugan woman would stand, brushing off her skirt as she stood, feeling the cool air draw closer as the two made their way outside.

    "You're not lame, by the way." She said cheerfully while taking his arm.


    The wife of the messy haired man would giggle but then blush as he fondled her hair with his lips, kissing and feeling the warmth of his lips press against the stem of her body rise anxious feeling. She hasn't seen her husband in a week. Being gone so often made it stressful on everyone. Noticing the pup exit their daughters room sent a sigh of relief to the mother, realizing that he would of put her to sleep again. Something he has become good at.

    "I would hope we wouldn't just be laying forever, if we were to stay here forever, Zakku kun. " the female would jar before looking up at her living husband. He was here. He was alive. More importantly... He was with her.

    "I think as long as I have you and Ai, I could do anything forever."
  12. He'd blink, confused when she said he seemed like a great ninja. 'Does she actually think that...?' he thought to himself. Before he could say much though, Kamoku would find the girl wrapping her arms around his, this making the crimson eye'd male blush a fair bit. He ignored his nervous feeling though and lead her own outside, the cold air sweeping them as they exited. By now the streets was more empty, a number of places was closed, some still open. He'd walk with her towards the area he knew was her home...The Hyuuga has their own large multi-building estate in the village. He was thinking about what she'd said before they left, looking at the young Hyuuga as they walked--snow softly falling, slowly becoming thicker as they went along.

    "Earlier...you said I seem like a great ninja. I wish that was true but really I'm not...I..." he paused, head tilting down very slightly. "I wasn't able to protect someone I loved...It's been seven years...Thats the day I got this scar, and lost sight in that eye." he'd tell her, his voice quiet and a little emotional. He sighed, "I'm sorry...I guess what I'm trying to say is....I can tell you've been through a lot too...I want you to know you're not alone..." he'd continue. He'd stop walking--they was pretty much infront of the Hyuuga Estate--Kamoku would turn to directly face Tsukiko and give her a smile. "Thank you...You made my night a lot better, Tsu-Chan...M-maybe...we can have dinner again sometime..." the crimson hued ANBU would say rather nervously, blushing some after the end. He swallowed his timidness though, gently taking her hand and lifting it--placing a kiss on the back of her palm before gently letting go of her hand.. He gave her a shy smile, before looking at the home. "I guess this is it. I hope you had fun spending time with me..."--he slowly stepped back--"I guess I'ma get out of your hair now...Goodnight Tsu-chan." he said, giving her a wave with a cheerful smile, before turning around and beginning to walk home. He'd only make it so far though, just about 20 feet down the road--surely she hadn't even hardly moved either. A burning in Kamoku's ear made him turn back to look in her direction.

    It happened too quick for either of them to see, just seemingly appearing from thin air--a cloaked figure now standing only inches away from the Hyuuga girl. He towered over her, a hood shadowing his face--only glowing red eyes surrounded in darkness could be seen. The man reached out to grab the woman, but suddenly haulted--his hand an inch from her shoulder. Kamoku was standing right behind the man...a kunai at his throat--a testament to the speed of the shinobi. Kamoku's eyes narrowed in anger as he held the blade to the cloaked figures neck. He was about to say something but the man tried to move away--that instant Kamoku taking a slice, but his aim wasn't true and it only managed to tear the hood off of the man as he sidestepped the Special Jounin--and with a thrust of his palm air erupted from the spot, sharp gusts pushing Kamoku a good 8 feet back and cutting him up badly. No uncloaked, the dark figure could be seen...Red shaggy hair, eyes once red now back to a more normal state...bright pink--the exact same eyes as the Raikage. It was Kurai, Reido's older brother. Kamoku seen this, gritting his teeth as he knew this wasn't good. He'd start to come back to attack Kurai, but was stopped in his tracks when another cloaked figure joined the fray, jumping in between Kamoku and Kurai. Kurai took this moment to grab Tsukiko's arm, and his eyes flared up red again. Both was gone...Kurai and Tsukiko...the speed involved with the Matsuro bloodline.

    Kamoku tried to give chase, but had to dodge an attack instead--this new figure would rush him with a simple thrown fist. Kamoku leaped back, missing--the woman's fist hit the ground and violently exploded the street there in front of the Hyuuga Estate--a crater formed, Kamoku's eyes wide as the intense force of the punch might as well have been a bomb. In the chaos of it all it blew the cloaked woman's hood back, revealing a rather attractive woman under the hood. Kamoku slammed into a wall, having been knocked back from the blast. The ANBU dropped to the ground, crumpled, but pushing himself up quickly. He strung off a number of hand signs, throwing his hand back as chakra began to condense in his palm...sparking out violently as it grew more powerful, a crackleing mess of lightning. He'd rush Hira, but was too slow, her evading it and pulling back, running from the fight. Kamoku growled basically as he stood in the crater Hira had blasted out of the street. Kamoku had no time to be angry though, or deal with this woman...he had to chase after Kurai and Tsukiko. He darted off as fast as he could, following after the Hyuuga girl's chakra signature...


    Zakku yawned, stretching a bit as he sprawed out on the couch, letting on arm drop off the front of the furniture, his other loosely draped over Kitari's torso. "You know...I'm a lucky man. I got a beautiful wife...a adorable daughter...a couple dogs...a cat...this is the life, ya." he closed his eyes and tiredly leaned back against the arm of the couch. His ears suddenly burned through, and a rumble could even be felt across the house. Kitari had to have heard it too, she was just as sharp of hearing. Zakku's eye shot open, and narrowed, him sitting up. "...That sounded like a bomb..." he said to the raven haired Nekozuki, a serious tone in the shaggy haired dog-boy's voice.


    Standing atop the head of the current Hokage that was carved on the mountainside overlooking Konohagakure, a white haired man stood with his arms crossed. Narrow green eyes, tired looking, they watched the scene unfold from afar. He was dressed in full battle attire, essentially armor...Nothing particularly to keep him warm besides long sleeves...This Yukigakure veteran was unphased by the cold. He just watched, annoyed that he'd just arrived in Konoha on official business just to find some crazy stuff happening. The man sighed deeply, "...Whatever." he said, Retsu taking off down the side of the cliff--him noticing which way Kurai had went. They'd made it just beyond the village walls and into the surrounding forest when suddenly Kurai--and Tsukiko being forced with him--stopped running. He was staring down the white haired jounin. "...How about we make this easy...You let her go, and I take you to the prison instead of killing you."
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  13. As the female Hyuugan woman would listen to the male's words, she would smile at him. The kindness in his voice led to them having candid and light conversations, a smile here, and a true smile there. The casual fluidity of the matter led them speaking and going on for a while as she slightly tightened her grip on what was happening. She would smile again until looking up at the male, small flakes of cold would press gently against her nose. It caused her to shiver as she listened to the male speak. Watching the lights come on and off from the villages attractions, the snow starting to fall again, causing the crunching sound to be more prominent as they stepped through the pathways of snow and gravel. There wasn't many out this time, but there were a few stragglers from shops and dining with one another. Then something would burn her ears.... 'I'm not a great ninja.' but that wasn't true and Tsukiko knew it. Shaking her head she slightly nudged his arm with her head, shaking it with a smile as they reached the Hyuugan housing.

    'I don't find that to be true, Kamoku-kun... for the simple fact that you did try to protect them... and that in itself tells me you are a great ninja. Failure doesn't always mean loss... sometimes, it means opportunity. ' She smiled, her plum coloured hues closing with a flush of pink as she let his arm go, she stepped onto the thick wooden entryway, her hands cuffing together. ''I enjoyed the evening..' She paused for a moment with a smile as she watched him step back only for a moment, 'I would love to have dinner again, and thank you... for buying my soup.' Her voice was soft, gentle sounding. She was truly happy as a hand lifted to pull bangs sideways and tuck them beneath her ear, single strands falling against the bridge of her pink shaded nose. Until she felt the kiss of her hand... her heart froze, skipping a beat as she watched the puffs of air escape their lips, feeling the warmth of his lips against her cold skin; she shivered, a moaning coming from her in almost a whimper. But in a more.. shy way. Not sensual. This meant more than that an she knew it did. A half lidded smile came to her face as she hid her severely flushed cheeks and nose with the sleeve of her top. The white fur covering right above the crease in her nose so only her eyes were exposed.

    'I loved spending time with you...' Was whispered, her other hand bringing itself to its partner, cuffing together.
    That was it... those would be the last words that the male would hear, until a slight scream would echo in his ears, the burning of his voice grounded her again, noticing a conflict behind the two. The picture of her eyes burning against his. The deep pink-eyed male would send shivers up anyone's spine, feeling the gust of air as the male was blasted backward; Tsukiko was gone. Taken. ..A loud booming, a rumbling of thunder would crash against the street; causing it to thrust and rupture, a rapid pulse of vibration; rubble echoing itself as it exploded from the ground. A crater coming forth from that of a woman. A cloaked woman who smiled from behind the shadow as she removed her shrouds. Her hair was long; eyes deep. She was a beautiful and attractive woman; bandages wrapping her hand. A marking above her forehead; more wrapping around her legs; mainly her thighs as she wore a deep green dress; almost a aqua color. Her smile was devious, but that's a part of what made her a threat. The woman would stand and look across the way to the male; before her shadow dissipated. The figure of the woman was gone; leading to catch up to Kurai and the Hyuugan woman.


    Kitari would smile at him, he always knew just what to say to make her head move into her chest; even after four years he gave her butterflies. 'I think we're the lucky ones.'
    Vibrations swept over their home; rumbling of a large echo across the street. The Inu woman would look to her husband; nodding. A echo in violence as she stood; her ears burning. Feeling the vibration of what had just happened. 'What's the plan?' she asked, looking down at him as she watched his much more playful demeanor turn to a serious one. 'What if someone is attacking the village....'


    Almost a mile or two from the village; the captive woman was sewn into the arms of her captor. Her squirming and determination to free herself sent her to try and get lose. The deep eyed male stopped... why would he stop.... Until her purple hues looked upward from her plan; seeing a silver haired male standing in front of them. Was he a part of their group to? No.. he couldn't of been. Until the male opened his mouth and confirmed it. A threat toward the deep hued male, to allow the Hyuugan woman to go free. Pink hues looking like the one's earlier. He looked like he could of been related to the Raikage, but that wasn't something she would allow herself to be confirmed with at this moment. She was still being held tightly against the captor. Her head looked over, the fingers of the female having stern eyes. Footsteps would appear from beside the trees as the raven haired woman would step forward; her aqua colored dress and cloaked hood matching Kurai's if his wasn't torn off. Her stern coloured eyes looked forward at the white haired male; feet landing from the ground. Her smile perked again from beneath slightly painted lips. 'Having fun yet?' She asked; her attitude more than enthused.
  14. Green hues glared across the snow blanketed dead forest, the Yukigakure Jounin's gaze crossing with Kurai's. His ears burned though, the sound of another approached. This one would come up beside Kurai, matching cloak minus the fact Kurai's hood was ripped off. A shapely figure--a woman of course. It wasn't until her voice was heard that Retsu's eyes, until this point full of complete seriousness and intent to kill the two cloaked figures, would turn to almost horror. Her voice...he knew it. "...H....Hira?" he said, voice in shock.

    Kurai slid a kunai from his sleeve, with a rude jerk he pulled the Hyuuga girl in front of him and placed the blade at the base of her neck--ready to slit it at a moments notice. Kurai wasn't the type to speak he wasn't having any words with this white haired man. Retsu's eyes turned back to anger, gritting his teeth. "Let her go no-"--Retsu was cut off by the deep, angered voice of Kurai--now first heard--"You move and she's dead. She is still useful to us not breathing." responded Kurai, his tone almost demonic, pulling the blade against the base of her neck, even enough to very slightly slice her top at an edge. Retsu wasn't sure what to do...but then again, he didn't see this coming--no one did, besides maybe Kurai.


    Kurai's eyes suddenly flared up again, the pink becoming a blood red, and the whites of his eyes--black. He heard the hint of wind behind him being disturbed, and went to rip the kunai across Tsukiko's neck at insane speed. He'd make it maybe a couple inches, enough the blade made it to her skin through her top--but not enough to threaten her life. What stopped Kurai?...As Kurai's arm dropped to the ground--blood covering the white snow, and Kamoku now viable sliding to a stop along the ground coming from that side of Kurai...it was apparent what had happened. In Kamoku's hand now was his blade--a lengthy Chokuto pulsing with lightning chakra. He'd cut off Kurai's arm just in time to save the Hyuuga. Kurai let go of the girl now, freeing her, and stepping back before knelling down on one knee--holding the stump that was left if his right arm..."Hira...We need to fall back." he warned his teammate angerly, gritting his teeth in most likely pain from having just lost an arm--the Matsuro would use his bloodline limit to move at such a speed it could barely be tracked as he fled the battlefield--surely with Hira in tow.

    Kamoku's sword slowly died off in power, as it stopped crackling with lightning chakra. He threw it to the ground and ran over to Tsukiko, his eyes once full of anger now stricken with fear and worry. He didn't know if he'd been fast enough to save her--luckily she'd live, but have a fairly nasty cut. As Kamoku ran to her, the girl had dropped to her knees in the snow...Kamoku fell as he approached, arms going to her shoulders to steady the girl. He looked at the cut on the base of her neck--he was relieved to see it wasn't bad. "Tsukiko are you ok?!" he asked, looking into the girls eyes as he held her by her shoulders--his eyes still full of worry, almost teary.


    While this was going on Retsu sighed, closing his eyes with a stern look upon his face as he processed what happened. He knew that was Hira's voice...and the man had even called her by her name before escaping. He opened his jade hues too look at the two Konoha nin...He approached. "...What was all that abou-" he stopped...his eyes narrowed.

    In the midst of it all, Tsukiko's top had been cut. The front draped loosely down, showing a fair bit of the girl's cleavage. Her chest bared markings...a seal. Retsu had seen this before...His former student was married to a Jinchuriki. "I see...they was after the bijuu inside of you...." he said, voice cold and stern.


    Kamoku turned to glance up at Retsu, then back to the woman in his arms. "...Bi...juu?" he asked quietly, looking too Tsukiko's eyes. "You're a jinchuriki?" he'd continue. He didn't know...Maybe he was just out of the loop--Reido knew before ever even meeting the girl. Retsu could tell within 30 seconds of seeing her...Kamoku kept looking to her eyes. He didn't care what she had inside her, he just was happy she was alive--but worried that she'd gotten hurt. "I-I'm sorry Tsukiko....If I would've been quicker you wouldn't have gotten hurt..." he said, tears now welling up in the special jounin's eyes.


    It'd be about this time 3 more would descend upon the scene. Zakku and Kitari, having heard the commotion, tracked Hira's scent from the crater to here. Zakku would come leaping from the treetops, his hand gripping Kitari's as they came along--leaping to come and land in the small open area they was all in. He took in the scene--his ANBU captain and the girl he'd helped out earlier in the night slumped in the snow--the severed arm nearby--and...Retsu? "Retsu-Sensei?" he said in shock. He had no time for this, he glanced at Kitari. "Kitari please treat the Lady Hyuuga's wound..."--he turned back to his former teacher--"What happened?"

    "You're really asking the wrong person Zakku...I only seen what was going on after it started going bad and..." he paused when he realized...the attack he'd seen, it was from Hira. He ignored it quickly though. "I seen what was almost an explosion...I followed where I seen the man who tried to take this girl, cutting him off here..." Retsu's eyes glared chillingly at the Hyuuga girl. "They was after her Bijuu..." he said rather coldly. Zakku blinked, glancing over at Tsukiko and Kamoku...he seen it now. Markings of a seal...Similar to the ones Kitari had upon her body when they first met 5 years prior. "I see..."
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  15. As the woman spoke, her aqua dress would shift on her body; looking over as her name was called; recognizing the voice but only caring to show coldness inside her eyes, their plan was surely to be ruined if too many people interfered. But her mind would only be interrupted by the sound of Kurai's name. His voice unknowing for many; the depth and almost demonic quality of it. She was interrupted by the two; who were seeming getting ready to fight; until something was moved. A kunai was pressed against the female's neck; her purple hues lightning in a nervous tone; feeling the cold metal against her skin; until it was too late. Noticing the male's eyes flare up to a deep black and almost a blood red scared the female; she hadn't seen anything like it or experienced much except her own power within her body. The kunai would slice across her skin; the deep thud of a limb falling to the ground; as well as the Hyuugan woman dropping to the cold blanket of white, her knees grinding against the cold. Hira would look to Kurai; as he was gone. Ordering her to rereat. "Right", was followed. And they were gone.... The two making their exit before anything got worse or more people showed up, and rightfully so. Everything would go by in seconds; the feeling of powerful chakra; until the male and female ninja were gone... Tsukiko laying on the ground; her chest covered in blood; it slightly being washed away from the cold and wetness of the snow. Her nerves and senses seemed shaken, the shock of being captured sent her body into a halt. And then sour memories flooded her mind, including her mother's death. Watching blood splatter across the ground... Her eyes closed; the female's body in shock from being moved so quickly. The feel of her mother's cold hand, but her eyes would open. Ears burning. She heard a familiar voice; the voice of Kamoku. Looking over; plum colored hues would notice a blood soaked arm in a pool of blood and slurry as it melted against the cold ground, withering like a frozen flower. As well as the blood stained kunai knife.

    "Are you okay?" Was the question asked; as she felt the feeling of familiar hands; his hands lifting her onto him slightly. Looking upward at the male, violet hues stared at dull crimson colored ones as they were covered with tears. "I'm fine, Kamoku-kun....I'm okay. Just a small cut...." She mentioned, positioning herself to notice the cold nipping at the skin of her breast, causing bumps of anxiousness to reveal themselves. A deep black marking stretched across her chest with in depth patterns. A seal... At that moment she would hear the sound of a unfamiliar voice; one with cold tones to it. Asking what the situation was about, until his jade hues would notice the curse that had been put inside her.

    "Yes, they were after my Junchuriki...." The female spoke, covering her chest a bit with the ripped cloth and her arm. Her voice was shaky, unnerving. She had heard rumors of what could be done to a holder; and the power that could be taken.... But hearing the weeping of Kamoku's voice her memories snapped into reality. Looking at him, the female would place a gentle hand on his cheek. Coaxing the male closer to allow his crying eyes to cry on her shoulder. Her hand wrapped around the back of his head as a comfort blanket; allowing him to know it wasn't his fault and she was alright. For now... "I'm alive...Kamoku-kun. It's okay....." The female hesitated, before gently whispering his name. "Thank you, for coming for me..." A slight tear would run down the female's cheek. Because if it wasn't for him cutting the male's arm off, she surely wouldn't be alive. And either way, the monster would be able to be extracted from her lifeless body.

    In the heat of the moment, two other's would join the crowd within the compound of trees and blood soaked ground. Zakku held Kitari's hand as she looked over; her raven hair accented off of the white colored trees. Her eyes would see the same scene as any of the other's did, the scent of blood stinging her nose as they looked back. Her husband telling her to see to the Hyuugan woman. Kitari would kneel down beside her, moving the fabric away from her kunai scorned chest. A marking; the marking of the beast inside of her sent a familiar wash of feelings and a sense of comfort from Kitari to the woman.

    "You're a Bijuu carrier." The female's gentle voice spoke, raven locks matching Tsukiko's as she looked over to the female's eyes. They were different, like Tsukiko's were.
    "Yes...." Was spoken, the Hyuugan wincing from the slight pain as Kitari washed her hands over the wound. The female kept her eyes on what she was meant to do; a small bit of medical aid to the woman. Being a medical nin really helped in circumstances such as this.


    Deep, miles away; the two assassins who were sent to capture the Hyuugan woman failed, a trail of blood scrolling from the entrance to where they stood. It would be moments and Hira would be crouched downward next to Kurai, his shirt being torn off as the female mended the male's wound. She had fresh bandages; the blood soaked sleeve being removed, his chest being exposed as she placed herbal substance to stop the bleeding and more so the pain. Blood pooled on the floor beneath the bandage, the female trying to be as gentle as possible as stern eyes looked upward and the down at the wound.

    "That should help...for now."
  16. The crimson eye'd shinobi was happy she was ok, but it didn't stop tears or worry anyways. She was alright though...thats what mattered. Kamoku was drawn closer by the female's gentle touch, a stroke his his tear soaked cheek, and a soft pull into her shoulder. His hands that had been holding her shoulders now more wrapped around Tsukiko, a soft embrace...He was mad, he was upset at himself for letting things go this far, this quickly. But her voice would calm the black haired man...Thanking him for coming for her made the young scarlet hue'd Special Jounin lean back from her shoulder to look into her eyes again. He seen her tear...a gentle hand reaching up and placing itself against her cheek, thumb softly rubbing the single tear away.

    It was about this time things was catching up to him...He'd been so focused on her he barely noticed Zakku and Kitari's arrival. The cat-like female approached, Kamoku continuing to hold Tsukiko up even though surely she was fine on her own, as Kitari mended to the girls wound with medical ninjutsu. He listened to the two of them talk...So Tsu really was a Jinchuriki, a host for a Bijuu...then again Kamoku frankly didn't know that the medical nin in front of him also was one. He looked over at the other two men, standing, conversing...He knew Zakku, but not Retsu...Looking back at Tsukiko, noticing Kitari had already done well to heal the wound, he'd help her to her feet, standing himself and Tsu up. He'd look at Kitari now, giving her a nod, "Thank you for treating her wound...ah..." he looked her over...He'd never met Kitari, but had heard stories from Zakku. "You must be Kitari..." he'd say before looking back over to Zakku and Retsu.


    "...You don't think they might come after Kitari do you Retsu-Sensei?" Zakku asked in a fit of worry. The cold man responded as expected; "Yes...They very well could."--Retsu crossed his arms--"They likely targetted this girl because of the demon...so its safe to assume they could try to get Kitari as well." he'd continue in a bit more detail. Zakku threw his arms out in anger, eyes narrowed and his hot-headed side showing through. "If they come after her I'll fucking rip their limbs off!" growled Zakku. Kamoku spoke up, "Well...I gave you a head start." he mentioned, clearly an ode to the arm he'd lopped off Kurai. Retsu closed his eyes in annoyance. "Both of you...shut up." said the rather cold Jounin from Yuki...man did this guy have a heart of ice or what? "Zakku...You need to get Kitari home and keep an eye out...You"--Retsu glared at Kamoku--"Konoha nin...if you want that girl's head still on her shoulders, I'd advise you do the same. I'm going to report this all to the Hokage." the man informed them. He'd knell slightly, before with a leap he was off through the trees--and eventually over Konoha's walls--heading for the Hokage tower...

    Zakku sighed deeply, "He never changes..." he muttered, rubbing the back of his head in thought. He'd look over at the three--Kamoku, Tsukiko, and his lover--eyes meeting Kitari's. "You heard him...it may not be safe here." he said, walking over and gripping Kitari's hand. He looked at Kamoku, "You good to escort the Lady Hyuuga home?" he'd ask his ANBU Captain. Kamoku nodded...With that Zakku would go ahead and walk off, Kitari tugged gently with him.


    Kamoku sighed and looked down. "...I still feel this is my fault." he'd say quietly. He shook his head and looked over at the beautiful Hyuugan. She probably didn't expect it, but the crimson eye'd man would scoop her off her feet, an arm under her knees--another under her upper back, carrying the girl. He'd take a leap, then another, and they was already back inside the walls of Konoha. He wasn't letting her out of his sight for a second this time...simply walking now, carrying the girl in his arms. "...I hope you can forgive me...Tsu-chan..." said Kamoku quietly as he carried her. He was taking her home...

    It'd be a couple minutes before they made it to where this all began, right outside the entry to the Hyuuga's Estate. The street wasn't empty though, multiple shinobi stood around the crater left by Hira earlier--including one with matching eyes to Tsukiko...It was her father, Genka. He turned, the man's eyes narrowed in anger as he seen his daughter being carried by Kamoku. Kamoku was covered in small cuts from Kurai's wind-based attack earlier, and Tsukiko although healed, was still covered in blood around her neck and chest. Genka grinded his teeth in anger, and erupted with a booming deep voice. "If she's hurt...You're going to wish you hadn't brought her back." said the angry father. Kamoku wasn't phased though...He didn't care...all he wanted was her to be ok and safe. He'd approach, before gently letting the girl down to her feet. The Elder Hyuuga glared in Kamoku's direction...He wanted to strike down the scarlet eye'd Hayate, but reframed from it. Arms crossed, he approached. "...Tsu. Inside...now." he said sternly, glaring at his daughter, before his angered hues went back to staring down Kamoku.


    A hideout not to far from Konoha was mostly quiet--a trail of blood lead inside, the only sounds being that of Hira stripping Kurai of his top, leaving the armless Karasu member sitting on a large rock shirtless. She quickly bandaged up the red haired male, who sat in silence...His eyes full of hate. He'd wince every once and a while when she was wrapping up his new-found stub...But otherwise showed little pain. Kurai was ruthless...a missing arm wasn't even that bad to him. He glared at Hira with his pink hues, growling under his breath. "...We need a different approach to capturing these Jinchuriki..." he said with the same, deep, demonic like tone that'd been heard only once before this night.
  17. Talk of someone losing a arm would be present as the female medical ninja would stand beside her husband after healing the injured female. Agreeing with his statements of hatred toward others to exploit people. Until her name was mentioned from Kamoku's mouth. The deep topic of Junchiriki being left to lie.

    "Thats me, pleasure to meet you. Im sure this honry guy talks more about me than anything else. Except our daughter, that may be a tie." She smiled, until hearing her husband scream about ripping someones arms off. Her body gently pressing against his to try and give him a calming hug, before being tugged along to safety as the older shinobi ordered.

    Everything would go by in a matter of seconds, a thickness in the air from the lifeless arm lying on the ground, with the already fridgid air. The talk of Junchiriki sent scared shivers and angry tremors down spines. The talk of death sent disfigurements into the works. Wondering what would happen. The talk of Zakku's wife Kirari being killed sent anger in the air from the dog like man. Until Retsu and Kamoku talked to Zakku about safety. It was time to be safe. It was time to be smart. Somethig had to happen, the shinobi rushing off toward the Hokage tower. The feeling of Kamoku wiping away the tear across her cheek made her feel safe.

    Tsukiko felt herself be pulled into the young males arms. Her arm wrapping around his neck at the moment of him standing there. Talk of forgiveness... Came from the males mouth.

    "Its my fault." Would burn her ears. The male have a sadness about him again as she felt from the warmth of the males hands against her skin through her skirt...Tsukiko would shake her head, "I dont blame you. I dont think anyone knew what was going to happen or why."-- as they reached the living area for the Hyuugans, the females voice was cut off by the roar of her father.

    The moment Kamoku stopped to place the female on the ground, she seen her fathers eyes. The automatic hatred that seized from his veins to the Shinobi male. Tsukiko would be demanded to go inside, her stepping in front of her father, to block the view from her friend.

    "Father, hes the one who saved me. You have no right to be angry at someone who saved me. " she was right, even though that was probably more so because he was so protective of her.
  18. Genka glared at his daughter as she stepped between himself and Kamoku. She said he saved her...Although her clothes was ruined--Tsukiko did appear uninjured. His icy gaze came back to Kamoku. "...Is it true." echoed Genka's voice down the somewhat empty, snow covered street. Kamoku remained silent...He hardly felt like he saved her. Genka's eyes could pierce one's soul right now as he stared down the Hayate. The elder Hyuuga would shut his eyes in anger, turning away from both of them--walking away. He stopped for a moment.."If something happens to Tsukiko...and you are involved...You will be dealt with." the Hyuuga threatened, before continuing to walk off, back inside the estate...The others who'd been with him followed, most of the Hyuuga eyeing Tsu as they followed Genka inside the grounds--leaving Kamoku and Tsukiko alone.

    Kamoku hung his head--the crimson hued shinobi's gaze meeting the ground. He felt Genka was onto something...Kamoku couldn't protect her, she nearly was killed. But...she wasn't...it was a struggle inside Kamoku's mind, it started a whirlwind of emotions to flood the man's head...He wasn't able to keep Tsukiko from getting hurt...he wasn't able to stop his teammate from being killed...he was a failure--he shut his eyes and a hand came up to hide half his face--his scar. The torment was visible in his expression...


    Rooftop too rooftop, the dark clad white haired shinobi made his way to the Hokage tower. He landed just outside the windows of the main office, looking inside...but no one was there. He narrowed his eyes, "That woman..." growled the Yuki-nin. He shook his head and darted off across some more rooftops...he knew where she'd be. It'd take a minute, but the shinobi landed upon a home--a nice one--and dropped down to the ground. He glanced across the building...it was silent. He walked around the home, and make his way into an area only a few knew of-an underground training area. Retsu made his way into this underground zone--in warmth for the first time in days...And as he figured, she'd be down here. The man stopped at the edge of the room..His bright green hues peering across the way to a redhead. "Setsua...we need to talk." said the Yuki-nin. She'd know his voice...
  19. Tsukiko stood in between the two as she watched her father's eyes peer into the very depth of the ninjas soul. His crimson eyes would tell a tale of sorrow and eneptotude that enabled sadness to survive in his mind. Along with anger, happiness and guilt. All swallowing up his determined attitude. He was a good ninja, a good man. And Tsukiko believed this the moment she met him.

    Hearing the silence and then the angry hues that gravitated shut, only to send a threat to the undying sterneness of her father. All violet eyes peered at the male. Whispers in the back of their minds came forward as she watched them follow like lost dogs back into their homes. A sigh of relief and frustration came from the Hyuugan woman, her deeper plum colored eyes peered over at the male. A gentle hand would be felt lifting his chin.

    "I think youre a great ninja... And you saved me. I may of gotten hurt. But I'm alive. If it werent for you. None of this would of... Been able to happen. By hurting them , you didnt just save me. .you saved that girl too. Kitari? " the hyuugan questioned, not fully remembering her name from earlier.

    "More important... You saved our clan. And I believe even quite possibly the village... After taking me you don't know what their plans were... You need to go home and get some sleep. " her voice was swee, gentle and kind. But the Hayate male would feel something gentle on his cheek. A flushed kiss as the woman leaned forward and kissed him on his scar near his eye.

    "Thank you.... Kamoku kun."

    Warmth would narrow in the darkened hallway of the female's home. Images blured out on the walls with furniture and darkness. The white haired males ears would burn with the sound of struggles and fresh grunts. Frustration sounds would echo through the home.

    As the male entered the room, it was a wide room. Almost as wide and long as a field. Worn woode statue and posts filled with kunai and shuriken. Bloodied marks from freshly cut wounds and deepend scars. A redhead would stand, a deep fire ember colored locks would be tied up easily with a black band. Bangs hanging down with stragling pieces. Her thin frame was bare except for a pair of tight gree pants which loosened at the thigh area. Her breast were tightly secured with bandages that covered right above her navel. Bare foot, no shoes. Hands wrapped in bandaged as well torn slightly at the knuckle from the force of training.

    The female Hokage would turn around to hear her ears already burning.

    "Mm?" Her asure hues would turn to face the white haired male with a smile. Noticing the somber look that he graced ever so often.

    "You're always so serious." The female sighed. Setsua Kurohime. Age 30. Female Hokage of the village Konohagakure no Sato. She was a shorter woman. Only standing about five five.. Maybe 5'6" if she was lucky. Her frame was well astounded from all the training she did. But her body was curvy and she was heavily endowed.

    A smile would glance the females face.

    "You need to lighten up." She was a lot less serious than some took fancy too, but it could be said that she got the job done and protected her village when it needed to be.

    Bare feet would slowly walk across the floor grasping a deep green cloak and throwing it over her body. "Lets talk then."
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