Old member returning, feeling very newbie.

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  1. I'm an old member from clear back in the chat history.

    I left this place and AFTA a few years ago and am returning again. I feel very out of place from being gone for so long. Don't even know if anyone will remember me, but hi again!
  2. Welcome baack Mr. Ninja!
    I don't specifically remember you, but hey, we can meet again~ and maybe some deja-vu will put my memory in place ;)
  3. I might have had a different username, depending on how far back you go? c;
    I only remember one Sakura and I haven't seen them since Dream Twilight and I don't think she remembers me.
    Glad you replied though, thank you!
  4. Uhh, definitely not AFTA, but I've been with Iwaku 4+ years now, with bouts of inactivity~~~

    Dream Twilight? Not sure if that sounds familiar x3

    There was one other Sakura, I think, but she was only active for a short time.

    You're welcome! See if there's anyone you knew~~ :D It must be nice to be back!
  5. I don't remember anyone called Ninja? But you were most likely a bigger part of AFTA, it sounds like, so you'll probably find more people from there that remember you?

    Unless you had a different username? **Stares at intently before running to grab Asmo**

    Erm, anyway, yes. Hello. Welcome back! I'm Kitti and if you need any help, please do ask.
  6. AFTA, eh? What was your user name there?

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  7. Ninja as well at AFTA, I was there when it first opened up. But I had many usernames in the chats before it.
    I think I recognize your username, but I could be wrong. Did you attend anything before AFTA and Iwaku?
    DT, PhoenixChat, Sailor Sun, or any others I've forgotten?

    Either way, thank you for responding.
    Figured I'd give Iwaku another try as well as AFTA, it has been some time.
  8. I was a bigger part of AFTA, though I did lurk Iwaku for a short time before leaving for the time that I did.
    In the history of AFTA and Iwaku I've only used Ninja as my username. I had many more in older chats before these two places, but I don't think many remain from those days anymore.

    Thank you for the welcome back!
  9. That other Sakura might have been her, but I'm not sure. I mostly stayed at AFTA with people I knew and just lurked Iwaku before I left.
    It feels strange to be back after so long, I hope I can find a home in this place.
    Strange to be a newb all over again. lol
  10. *Throws rocks at Ninja!*
  11. I was The Butterfly for AFTA and MoonWings, too. A little before that I was Graviton. Might could be that you remember me only vaguely. Anyway, you'll get to figuring this place out. The ups and downs and what have you. Welcome.
  12. Oh noez! D; *flail!*
    Owwie. ;.;
  13. I remember you, totally forgot about MoonWings. lol We didn't talk too much, just once in a while.

    That is all
  15. Prove it!
  16. Prove It? Prove It?! PROVE IT?!?!?!

    Ok...I got nothing...

    Oh yea by the way..YOUR WELCOME hahaha
  17. *winz!*

    And thanks. xD
  18. Or do you?

    I maybe should invite all other older members of former chats back here like I did you.
  19. I do, because I say so.
    And that's your choice. Most stopped talking to me a long time ago.
  20. Hi Ninja. I vaaaaguely remember you from MW. I was Stephanie or maybe Kari at one point; here I'm Elyd. Welcome!