Old Meets New, Vampire From the Past

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    Zachary Madena


    Several young kids were screaming and running about in the old cemetery on Grant and Grove street. The place was huge and normally there was a cop there but it was a holiday so the guy had seemingly been allowed to go home.
    Too bad...so sad.
    The kids were running all around the graves, one, a young man named Zachary was swinging from a huge mausoleum. He was a vampire but none of his friends figured that part out, nor did he plan to tell them. If their horseplay didn't wake the dead their excessively loud voices probably wood.
    But in loo of all that one of the kids actually tripped and hit his elbow on a stone.
    That, was a bad idea.

    Zack's head instantly snapped around, his normally light blue eyes turning duller and getting closer to the color of dark red.
    Suddenly someone was screaming and all of the boys took off in different directions. A flashlight lit up the dark area. Guess the guard was on duty.
    Well, crap?
    Zachary quickly dropped down from the giant stone monument...only to slip right through a small hole in the ground with a loud 'yelp!' The noise echoed downward but slowly got quieter until Zack's back hit atop a mound of dirt.
    There was a slight hollow 'thump' when he hit, showing that he had probably landed on a box or coffin.


    The kid got up shakily, holding his arm as it stung, most likely bleeding a little from getting caught on one of the roots and twigs sticking out from random spots in the dirt wall. It was pretty danky and definitely pitch black down there, even with his vampiric eyes he could barely see enough to make out the tiny specks of light far above his head.


    Zack got up shakily, his feet making that same hollow sound as his landing had, just a bit quieter.
    "Hope I can manage to jump that high..."
    He tried doing just that but was only able to get about two thirds of the way up, then he fell right back down with another loud 'thump!'

  2. Drake had been in slumber many years, he was ancient and had grown weary of life and felt that a few hundred years of sleep would do him good. He appeared youthful as the day he was turned his hair was as chin length and slicked back , his face clean shaven and angular, his frame masculine but lean. He was sleeping peacefully when he heard the thump, that alone would not have been enough to waken the sleeping noble but the smell of blood... After so long shook him to his core. His body began to awaken as his limbs moved
  3. Zack didn't notice what was waking up beneath him.
    Instead he was focused on trying to catch at some of the roots sticking out near the higher portions of the hole.
    Each time he made a jump for them he just barely missed them, falling back down with a loud echoing 'thump'.
    One of his last tries left him in another free-fall after missing a limb but instead of just a loud thump resounding as consolation his right foot actually broke through whatever had been causing the echoing.

    Zack yelped in surprise and tried to stand back up but his leg was stuck up to the knee in whatever it was that was under the thin layer of dirt beneath him. The splinters of wood went into his leg, running a few droplets of blood into the darkness beneath it as they cut a few lines in his skin.
  4. This was to much for him to handle the thumping irritated him and then the leg bursting through his tomb covered in blood was enough he lurched forward the coffin broken as he moves pieces going everywhere as the ancient vampire bites into zacks leg decidIng to make this vampire his next meal

    (sorry its short :()
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    Zachery yelped as he felt something sharp dig into his leg.
    In fact, two something's sharp?

    The kid kicked hard several times, only managing to make the pain worse as he tried to pull his leg free of the shattered coffin.
    "Let me go!!" The guy shouted right before he managed to get his leg free.
    Without looking down at what had attacked him he jumped again.
    This time it wasn't nearly as high since his leg was injured badly but he managed to grab one of the large roots sticking out and hung on tightly, hoping whatever was down there couldn't jump enough to reach him.
  6. The vampire grunted at the kick, he knew from the taste of blood that the boy was his Kin and had he been more nourished he would have let him go on principle, but he was starving. The boy kicked him and he shook his head gaining much of his composure altho the blood made it difficult for him.

    "little vampire you are going to fall, why do you not just levitate? And why have you disturbed my slumber, what is the year?" he watches the boy toying with the idea of helping hI'm out of this hellhole bit at the moment his answers mattered more.

    He shook the dust from his clothes and ran his fingers through his hair while he waited for zacks answers to his inquiries
  7. Zack looked down to see a young looking vampire climb out of a long-forgotten coffin.
    His eyes went wide and when he was asked the question he gasped.
    "L-levitate? I can't do that...no one can."
    He had never seen a vampire who could fly.
    That was just a myth from the ancient books.

    "I didn't mean to wake you...I fell..."
    He looked up at the hole still far above his head, then back down to the man.
    "A-and the year...it's twothousand and ten."

    Zack's hand was slipping from the root but he dug his claws in and tried to kick a bit with his legs but the injured one just bled worse and hurt.
  8. The vampire arches a brow, " it seems I overslept. What was Naja doing... That blasted woman has horrid memory" he looks the boy over and decides to assist him, he had to get out to after all.

    The ground around his feet swirled for a moment before he floated effortlessly up picking the dangling boy off his root as he passed him before setting him on the ground, " do you require healing?" he glances at the vampire

    Has his kin become so weak? " I am draconian dravnoff, you may call me drake. The cemetery has changed since I was last awake" he notes with disdain also noting the hour by looking at the sky,
  9. Zachary gasped as the other vampire started to literally float up towards him.
    Holy crap!! He could FLY?!?!
    By the time the other was a few feet from him Zack's hand slipped but he was basically right above the other man so he grabbed him, wrapping his arms around his neck tightly to hang on.

    When they got above ground he sighed with relief and quickly dropped from the man's hold.
    This man could heal too?
    Sure Zack could heal quickly, all vampires could, but his leg would take at least a day or two to be back to being decently useful..
    "You can heal it...?"

    The kid was still rather hesitant since this guy had already bitten him once.
    (storming outside, might vanish)
  10. Could he heal it? Could HE heal it!? He was offended by the question and he huffs " of course I can heal it, what the hell has happened while I was asleep? It's basic knowledge how to heal. " hes practically growling, " let me see your wound, I'll heal you but I must return home, these new times are troubling to me and I need to process a plan.."
  11. Zack was a bit surprised at how defensive the other vampire was.
    Guess from where he came from they could heal others' wounds?
    Either way, Zack sat down carefully on one of the stone monuments nearby and rolled up the shredded pant leg.
    "Um....where is home?"
    He knew the guy had been asleep for a long time underground. His home had probably changed a lot.
  12. "Up the mountain. The sun will rise soon, you should go for cover" he nods standing and shakes the remaining dirt from his cloak about to flit home, he was not concerned overly, he knew he could handle whatever had happened while he was asleep. He was Draconian Dravnoff. He knew how to handle his shit,

    "don't dawdle" he turns and flits off and is nothing more then a blurr
  13. "The mountain?--w-wait!"
    As the man blurred in one direction Zack slid off the monument, only to stagger and face plant in the dirt.
    "What's up with that??"
    Didn't he say he was gonna heal his leg?
    Now he was running away from the sun? What was this guy about??
  14. He realizes he forgot the boys leg and didn't want the burden of his death on his shoulders so he turns around and picks him up by the scruff of his shirt and takes him up the mountain with him, " I will heal you once the two of us can stop, the sun will rise soon and we do not want to be caught in it"
  15. Zachary squirmed as he was picked up by the scruff of his shirt.
    What the heck was this guy doing??
    "Why do I have to get out of the sun? I'm not gonna get sun burned."
    He fought a bit more against the other but he was held at an angle that he couldn't really do much in.
    So, Zack had to wait until the other vampire decided to stop.
  16. He finds a cave reluctant to stay out so long, he wouldn't die in the sun but he was quite uncomfortable, "do you enjoy being burnt? Let me see your leg and stop whining so much, I am not going to bite you and I never would have if you weren't bleeding on my face when I was awoken"
  17. Zack grumbled under his breath but didn't fight anymore.
    "I don't get burned in the sun unless I stay out for hours. Even humans would get burnt then."
    He carefully pulled up his shredded pant leg, frowning at the gashes.
    They were definitely going to scar unless this old dude had some random 'remove scar' healing.
    "I didn't mean to step on your face...." If that was anything positive to the situation.
  18. He rolls his eyes at the cocky youth and bites his wrist then drops his blood into the boys injuries his eyes glowing as he mutters some very old words under his breath, after a few moments the skin stitches itself back together and looks the same as it did before he was injured, "perhaps you have a higher tolerance then I. After an hour I start to steam in the sun. It is quite painful and I avoid it at all costs."

    He licks his blood and rebuttons his shirt before finding a perch on a rock and sitting on it, he runs his fingers through his hair thinking.
  19. (Try to switch your commas to periods. Makes it flow easier)
    The younger vampire eyed the blood as it dripped into his leg.
    Er...hopefully this guy wasn't going to get him infected, I mean he had been in a hole in the ground...
    When he noticed the wound healing up he gasped.W
    Wow....it did work.
    Zack slid off the place he was sitting and bounced around for a few moments.
    His leg worked perfectly!
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    He rolls his eyes. Of course it worked! "Don't injure yourself. I suppose if the sun is not an issue for you, you may depart. I however, will wait here until the sun sets. Then I will return to my home."

    He nods decisively, home sounded good... and he could have his little bloodling again, she would be in trouble for not waking him but he always forgave her. She was too pretty not to. He smiles lost in his thoughts about her, her honey hair flowing through his fingers. He isn't paying much attention to the young vampire at this point at all.