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  1. Every time I do this I have no idea what to write about myself. It's always tempting to jump right into the plots and pairings and whatnot, but maybe that's a bit too wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, idk. Hell. Anyway.

    I'll spare you all the tedium of my entire life story, lmao. I'm god of teeth. You can call me god or (barring moral compunctions, ha) teeth, etc. I've been roleplaying for nearly ten years. Not recently, however, so I'm a rusty. Have patience. Be gentle with me.

    Rest of the stuff you could find me in roleplay resume, but I'm capable of playing males and females though nowadays I prefer playing males. My preference towards slash or het depends specifically on the pairing/plot idea so I'll let you know.

    I don't have any kind of limits. I'll defer to my partner in regards to what they are and aren't comfortable with. If anyone manages to write something that squicks me out then I will a) be impressed and b) let you know and we'll figure something out.

    I don't post that often. Max I'm able is a couple of times a week, and that would be if it was a good week. Just a heads up.

    Finally, check out my writing sample. That's generally what I write like. My literacy level varies between adept and advanced, and though I hate to be the asshole that does this -- make sure you have a writing sample available either in your roleplay resume or you link it to me before we start roleplaying. Some writing styles aren't compatible. I'd rather figure this out right from the beginning rather than after plotting and first posts.

    I'm really not a hardass though, and I won't bite unless you ask lmao.

    Anyway, here's wonderwall a list of all the plots I'm craving. You'll kind of see a general trend in my interests, or in my word bank interests in my roleplay resume, so if you don't see it on here but have an idea/craving yourself, don't be afraid to suggest.

    • Harry Potter (Slytherin OC/Gryffindor OC)
    • ATLA (Firebender OC/Waterbender OC)
    • Labyrinth (Jareth/Sarah)

    • King of Dreams/Dreamer
    • Fae/Human
    • Time Traveler/Human
    • Time Traveler/Immortal
    • Immortal Soulmates*
    • Story Teller/Demon

    • Cain/Abel*
    • Poison Taster/King
    • Pirate/Stowaway (steampunk)
    • Captain/Disguised Crewmate (steampunk)

    • Agent/Agent*
    • Boss/Employee*


    Immortal Soulmates: This idea was shamelessly ganked off of Tumblr. Anyway, it's based off the idea that humans stop aging at age eighteen, until they meet their soulmate and then are able to grow old and die together, because that's romantic for some reason. I'm interested in playing a character who repeatedly kills his soulmate (and his soulmates' reincarnations) in order to live forever. Doesn't have to take place in the modern world as we know it, possibly an AU with urban fantasy etc.

    Cain/Abel: I keep trying to write this plot with people and it always falls through and now it feels like a wound that's never healed. Cain is the first murderer. He killed his brother. You know the story. He's cursed to live forever. Abel (the soul) reincarnates over and over, and through some compulsion, Cain murders him over and over. By some twist of fate, Cain meets a reincarnation of Abel that has no previous memories of his past lives. A blank slate, wiped clean. A story about absolution.​

    Agent/Agent: There's a legendary rivalry between two of the most promising field agents. Everybody's heard about it - even the grunts down at research and development. Most people assume that such longstanding enmity must have come from somebody accidentally shooting somebody else's mother or something equally heinous. What they don't know was that when the two field agents were new recruits, they were a) being evaluated for a promotion and b) had an ill advised, drunken one night stand with a stranger. How do these two facts have any correlation, you ask? Well. Firstly being an agent for the secret service involves a great deal of suspicion and paranoia. Secondly, it was kind of a slap in the face to walk into work and find out your competitor
    for the promotion was the person you'd just fucked last night.

    Long story short, they both assumed that the other had known and had only slept with them to try to get a one-up on them. Feelings were hurt and Cold War II began.

    Present day and the head honcho cheerfully informs them both that they're being assigned to a six month long undercover mission.

    Ears are pressed to the door, of course, and already their fellow agents are making bets as to who kills the other first.​

    Boss/Employee: It's Sunday, and against your better judgment, you go out with your friends and let them convince you into ordering just one drink. And you think it's no harm done, it's just a social thing, but then next thing you know you're doing body shots off of a stranger and one thing leads to another. In the morning, you hate yourself, of course. One walk of shame, a hangover and two aspirins later, you hop in a cab because it's Monday but it's also the first day of work at the new firm. You walk in for the meet and greet, and when you're introduced to your new boss, lo and behold it's the guy you shagged last night. You're not sure if the situation is improved by the fact that he has no recollection of who you are or what happened the night before. This is awkward.​

  2. Now, I don't know what the exact policy is regarding bumping/double posting, but I'm going to guess that once a day won't get me the boot. And if it does... well, someone will probably let me know.
  3. I am interested ^.^ Though I must say I don't have any characters built for the rp pairings you have. Perhaps check out my rp resume and drop me a line through private message.
  4. I was actually interested in two plots that seemed like they could be interesting please don't judge me I'm indecisive....
    I would love to do boss/employee or Agent/Agent
    Just get back to me whenever you can~
  5. This is still open
    I still have openings
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