Old happens to people...

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  1. Isabellas randomly remember toothbrushes.. How they used to be just simple and flat.. With simple handles.. Then they had that reach one.. Then a longer reach one and suddenly more special bristles for certain things.. Now there is so many complicated bristles.. All so the handles have slowly grown larger to where they no longer fit in old style built in toothbrush holders in old houses or apartments...

    All so the internet changed a lot.. It was once just bulletin boards with only text.. No pictures or adds or anything...

    Isabellas want to know more about random products and things that changed a lot in everyone Else's time!

    *Runs away crying*
  3. There were 4 channels on TV.

    Ice cream came in Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint or Chocolate.

    Coffee was black or white.

    You had to pause between each number you dialled on the phone, so the dialler would reset.

    People had TWO parents.

    Bikes didn't have gears.

    Toasted sandwiches were very difficult to make.
  4. My tv and computer monitor have not only thinned out as the years passed, but sometimes they are one single being. O.O
  5. Vampires didn't always sparkle
  6. I remember having to fight for the telephone so I could use the internet. o__o

    And when you had to get film developed and then scanned before you could share them on the internet!

    And when television wasn't swarming with retarded reality TV about stupid people. And they actually played music videos all day on MTv. >:[
  7. Oh yea.. and there didn't use to be pop up adds on tv either..
  8. Kids played with marbles and army dudes.

    Everyone was NOT always a winner on the internet with the flashing lights and the shaking CONGRATULATIONS bar.

    Pot made guitars sound so much more beautiful.

    Pants had flares at the end, not sucked in SUPER TIGHT.

  9. Remember when Saturday Morning Cartoons were just the greatest fucking thing ever?

    Or when there was just 150 Pokemon?

    Good times...
  10. Cellphones used to be clunky and big.

    Gaming consoles have also slimmed down in size. I still have the fat PS2 o_o

    That Wonderball candy used to be the coolest thing around.
  11. Toonami used to show some of the best anime that they don''t show now.
  12. I remember:

    -DOS, and having to quit windows every time I wanted to play Doom or Quake.

    -What my modem sounded like connecting to MSN.

    -Not having the internet to entertain me. Nor a PC.

    -Napster, Kazaa, Limewire and the ensuing legal shitstorm that erupted from their existence.

    -The days before the war on terror.

    -TMNT, Bucky O'Hare, Teknoman (before I knew it as Tekkaman Blade), and other cartoons that I would spend all Saturday morning watching.

    -Not knowing the distinction between western cartoons and anime.

    -Viz and Dark Horse being the main sources of manga in the U.S.A., before Tokyopop.

    -Arcades on every corner and in every mall.

    -Superman dying.

    -The formation of Image Comics.

    -Marvel Vs. DC.

    -All those fun toys.

    Some of it I miss. The rest either sucked and deserved to go away, or are just plain better now.
  13. Hmmmmmm......

    - Saturday Morning Cartoons!
    - The good old Cartoon Network cartoons (Ed, Edd and Eddy, Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, etc.)
    - REAL Yu-Gi-Oh matches
    - Toonami
    - KiSS dressup and old fashioned internet
    - Sailor Moon
    - Myspace
    - REAL Yu-Gi-Oh anime instead of the silly one they have now
    - No-one I knew had a cell phone
    - No-one I knew had internet (going way back to 2000-2003ish)

    I could go on and on, sadly I wish I was born in the 80s so I had more to remember.