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  1. This is a setting to RP the pagan Gods of mythology, it's mostly about their origin, since each would have different powers and abilities, I won't be getting much into detail now.

    The human being as we know it is about 100.000 years old, back then there was no science to explain the sun rose each morning and other mundane facts we came to perceive as mundane.
    Earthquakes were perceived as foot steps from legendary giants and other catastrophes were equally misinterpreted.

    We know what happens to the body when a person dies, it decays and fades, but what happens to their live, to their energy, wishes, dreams, faith, soul... all that energy has a lot more power than the eye can see, specially in an age without science where it was way easier to believe the supernatural.

    So basically beings as the Titans, the Ice giants and so on, were born from the materialization of fear.
    This beings terrorized the humans, so they believed in saviors, as more and more of them died, their hopes and dreams began to materialize and eventually there was enough power to create the saviors they envisioned and all the lore that came with them, this was the birth of the "Gods" from many religions, since this aren't really "Gods" I prefer to call them "deities".
    Of course not all "deities" know that, some actually believe they are "Gods" and the ones that know, are usually cast aside, those are usually the underworld and dead "deities".

    Like I said this is a very basic setting to explain the origins of old Gods.
    Why they would still exist nowadays, if no one believe anymore? That's simple, once they are born they exist, same as a child, once the baby is out you can't abort cause you think it was a bad idea.
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