Old Friends, New Relationships

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  1. Katherine was sad, sad as she could be. Another day running down the halls, being laughed at. Another day of hearing rumors spread about how she fucked other girls at night. Another day about seeing them look at her and laugh at her. All because she was the only lesbian girl in her grade. It wasn't fair. She hated them, she hated all of them.
  2. Amy smiled as her old town came into view, it had been so long since she had been here and was glad that per parents decided to finally move back; she wondered how her old friend was since it had been so long. She wished she had stayed in touch with her over the past few years, would she still be the same or just a wee bit different; Amy hummed and got out of the car once her mom dropped her off at the school wit the promise of being able to move her stuff into her room once the day was over. The raven haired girl grabbed her bag and headed inside, toward the office to get her schedule and then went to put her stuff in the locker that was assigned to her; she hummed and bit her lip as she concentrated on putting in the combination.
  3. After another girl insulted her, Kathrine had almost cried. Why did it matter if she liked girls? why did it matter if she thought kissing a girl was more or a rush than tonuging a boy? She covered her face and rand blnidly down the hall, not caring for who she was looking at. This was how she collided into Amy.
  4. Amy was about to open her locker when a body suddenly collided with hers and she fell with said person; she groaned and sat up. "Well, this has turned out to be an interesting day...Kathrine?" She looked the girl over and smiled, it had been a while but the girl hadn't changed much since they last saw each other; she frowned a bit once she noticed she was crying. "What's wrong?"
  5. Katherine looked at her and gasped, "A-amy?" She said, wiping her tears. She looked at her and shook, "Nothing, nothing other than I'm being harassed for being homosexual."
  6. "Psh...figures, people always gotta be pricks everywhere you go..." She stood up and helped Katherine to her feet. "Just because a girl likes another girl is no reason to be mean." Amy sighed, picking up her stuff off the floor. "It'll be alright Kath." she assured and hugged her.
  7. Kathrine nearly sobbed at the use of her nickname, Kath. No one but Amy ever called her that, and no one really cared enough to get to know her. She hugged Amy back, then regretted it as two girls snickered and pointed from across the hall. Embarrassed, she let go and ran, crying, down the hall.
  8. Amy glared at the girls and flipped them off before going to find Kathrine; she wasn't about to let those girls ruin her reunion with her best friend in the entire world. "Kath?" She called for her friend, hoping to find her.
  9. Kathrine was in the corner of the hallway, sobbing her eyes out for maybe the third time today. She hardly looked up as the tears of her sexuality kept coming out.
  10. "Who gives a crap if your a lesbian..." Amy said and sat down in front of her with a small smile. "I certainly don't, those girls are just idiots. They are losing out on being friends with a wonderful girl." she hugged Kathrine close.
  11. Kathrine slowly stopped sobbing, but kept feeling bad, "they're rihgt, I look at chests more than stomachs, and I don't like cocks, but I love seeing a girl. What is wrong with me?"
  12. Amy sighed. "There's nothing wrong with you sweetie." She assured and kissed her cheek. "You like girls, it's alright, so do I Kath."
  13. Kathrine tried to stop, "I just wanna be loved. My parents won't even look at me anymore." She hugged her.
  14. "Shh..." Amy held her and ran her fingers through her hair. "You will be loved Kath, I promise..." She whispered.
  15. Kathrine hugged her and sobbed into her, "no I won't. There aren't any lesbians or girls here that care. And my parents told me I either find a boy or leave the house."
  16. "Well...I'm a lesbian too Kath...and I care. My parents are fine with what I am and if your parents kick you out then I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind if I bring you home." Amy said, pulling her close.
  17. Kathrine held her closer now, starting to stop crying, "They'll kick me out. School rejected me, now my parents. My teachers won't look at me. All because I like girls." She held onto her.
  18. "I like girls too Kath..." Amy said. "You can live with me." She assured as she held her.
  19. Kathrine looked at her, "R-really? Can I live with you? Move in today? Tomorrow? Soon?"
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