Old Friends , New Foes (PRIVATE)

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    Hiccup had grown up to be a wonderful and powerful leader of derek. He still of course missed his strange friends and tried to visit when possible but he had little to no time as he had his duty as the leader. he never married Astrid or ever found a girl for himself so smiling he had seen the sign that the group had to come back togther. He flew off to the pace they sowre to meet if any trouble had came back to their lands. He flew high above the ground and flew down as he saw jack flying as well he smirked as Toothless gave a silent burp and hit jack inthe back with a powerful blast of fire and knocked him over on the meeting sight. The rider undid his helemet and smiled at Jack "rough landing Old Bud?" he asked as he pets toothless happily as the dragon growled happily.



    Rapunzle had not really aged for some reason no one in the kingdom under stood why but after her 21 birthday she never aged again. her hair was long and golden color as well and smiling gently she was givena ride to the place of the meeting by mazimus that galloped through the land and he galloped in and stopped seeing the others and snorted at the dragon and snorted as it allowed the girl off as she smiled thanking him and the horse galloped off.​
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    Meeting up with old friends was something Jack always looked forward to. Though in his mind he always expected them to age. Though standing at the meeting place he got hit by a blast of fie which knocked him off his feet and onto the ground. Doing no damage of course to him or his clothes. "long time no see" he said to Hiccup and toothless. Jack said leaning on his staff which was now made of wood and metal. Seeing Rapunzel arrive he grinned
    widely at her.


    After a long ride on her friend Agnus Merida arrived sadly last to the group. Being the queen who did not age made her life very busy though she had no suitor and life was certainly becoming dull.Dismounting Agnus she walked up to the clearing to see her old friends Rapunzel, Jack and of course Hiccup and Toothless. "seems I am last again" she grumbled her accent still very powerful as Agnus walked by her side to the four waiting. ​