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Hello everyone, my name is Jinx!

For a bit of background about me, here are a couple of facts about me!

  • I’ve been roleplaying for seven years
  • I’ve been writing for twelve years
  • I first roleplayed on Chatzy! It was a town roleplay that I can no longer remember the name of! But I learned a lot about roleplaying there, and am super grateful for what it taught me.
  • I then roleplayed on freeyourselfroleplaying.com for around five years, but that website unfortunately died. Again, I learned so much through roleplaying there and am really proud of how much I’ve improved.
  • I very much so enjoy romance in roleplays, but like building up to it and it having other elements as well.
  • My favorite genres outside of romance are adventure, thriller, fantasy, realistic, slice of life (on occasion), drama, historical fiction, and mystery.
  • I enjoy both fandom and original plots.
  • I am currently in college, so it may be difficult for me to give more than one post per day.
  • Fun fact about me being in college, I am an accounting major with an emphasis in forensic accountancy!


I usually do at least four paragraphs per reply. As long as your replies are descriptive and advance the story, I am not extremely picky about the length! I’m honestly just looking for someone who will progress the story with me.

Of course, proper grammar and spelling would be very much appreciated.

I usually use character sheets, or skellies as I called them on another website, because they’re honestly just great references. I’m alright with doing PM or thread, I’m honestly not picky about that.

I really want to talk to you guys outside of the roleplay! I love talking about plot, characters, or even just chat! Especially before we even begin the roleplay. But during the roleplay, I really would love to maintain contact, but if you don’t want to, that’s totally fine.

Not all my plots are complete, but if the title interests you, and there is no description, feel free to ask about it! I was swamped with homework whilst writing these, so please be gentle about my description writing! I promise my actual writing is better.

I prefer to play females for most of the time, but there are times that I can be persuaded to play males. I just am very out of practice of playing males.

I enjoy playing side-characters along with our main characters, so let me know if you guys are comfortable with that.

Fandom Pairings

Genji x Mercy

Dean Winchester x OC

Jacob Frye x OC

Peter Parker x OC

Loki x OC

Agent Washington x OC

Kylo Ren x OC****

Slytherin x Hufflepuff

Slytherin x Muggleborn!Slytherin

Draco Malfoy x OC

Shadowhunter x Shadowhunter

*italicized are the roles I prefer to play
**** means I'm craving this plot

I don’t have any solid plots for most of these, but I would love to hash out some plots with you if you’re interested!

Original Plots


Songs of the Sea – Pirate x Lost Stowaway

Muse A was the daughter of a rich merchant who controlled most of the trade routes over land and sea before her family was butchered during their Yule Gala. On the run, and unsure of how to blend in, Muse A degrades herself to stowing away on Muse B’s ship. Of course it isn’t too long before she is discovered, and from that point on she is no longer known as the wealthy merchant’s daughter but a nobody who managed to get the favor of pirate captain, Muse B. As she is hunted down by relentless mercenaries, keeping her identity becomes more and more difficult. Will the bonds between Muse A and Muse B be strong enough to keep her from being turned in?

The Contract – Vampire x Witch

In the windy city of Chicago, castes of supernatural creatures hold their domain. The family of High Witches has become tense as their oldest heir had been murdered. No evidence, no leads, and no idea who spilled his blood, Muse A is determined to discover what happened to her older brother. This becomes a problem for all of the castes of the city, as the princess of the Fae turns up dead in the exact same manner. Muse A decides to form a contract with Muse B, the current leader of the vampire caste. The two continue to clash as they try to solve these growing murders together, but both acting unfailingly to protect the other. As they grow closer to the truth, they find that things are certainly not what they seem.

Hunted – Werewolf x Werewolf

Muse A moved to Summerset Valley to escape from a mating bond gone bad. Her family welcomed her back with open arms, despite her reluctance. Knowing that finding a second mate was near impossible, Muse A decides to simply give up on falling in love. Choosing instead to work at her family’s coffee shop, she is ready for a quiet and mundane life. Or as mundane as a werewolf’s can be. Muse B, the alpha to be of the Nightfell Pack that resides in Summerset Valley, was excited to someday find his other half, his mate. However, he didn’t expect his mate to be a withdrawn barista at the local coffee shop. At the time, they couldn’t see why they would be mates. But as ghosts from their pasts come to haunt them, they discover that perhaps they met one another for the better.

Ownership – Vampire x Human****

A war has plagued the earth, supernatural beings all fighting for domination before vampire finally come out as the supreme being. Taking the human race as their servants, humans are trained from birth for what awaits them at the age of 18. This is where our story begins. Muse A, a human girl who has just turned 18, is at her first auction with the titles of pure and unbitten replacing her given name. The only thing that is her own is the small tattoo on the small of her back that symbolizes her ties to the rebellion forming against the vampire empire. Muse B, a high ranking member of the vampire community, doesn’t realize what he’s in for when he purchases a new servant from the Spring Equinox Auction. Dealing with a rebellion, turmoil in the vampire monarchy, and a servant whom he can’t stand but can’t stay away from in equal parts, can Muse B live to see the Winter Equinox? What happens when feelings begin to blossom between the two of them.

Marked From Birth - Warlock x Witch

At birth, as is tradition for witches and warlocks, a half of a symbol appears on the wrist of the child. The other half can be found on their mate’s wrist. When both reach eighteen, the two are bonded permanently and are expected to marry straight away. Muse A and B, both children of powerful families in the magical community, were destined to be together from the beginning. They were okay with this when they were younger, not exactly understanding what it meant until they hit their teenage years and realized that they weren’t exactly compatible. Muse B begins to date many girls, going through them like tissues as Muse A watches from the shadows. He is the popular player who loves the spotlight, she is the casual bystander who doesn’t stick out from the rest of the crowd. But, of course, magical beings are fairly jealous creatures. She sabotages each of Muse B’s dates as her eighteenth birthday approaches, two months after Muse B’s, the pressure builds as Muse A turns the tables and gets into a relationship with another male, which only creates an explosive reaction.

Scarred – Werewolf x Human
In a small town protected by a pack of werewolves, on of the largest packs in the world, a new-comer moves in with the local dance instructor. This, of course, sparks interest due to it being a small and remote town. Muse A, a broken girl with scars running across her abdomen and raking down her back, is living with her aunt after escaping from a dark past. Now plagued with the job of becoming a normal person once more, the 19-year-old begins dancing once more at her aunt’s studio along with working at the coffee shop in town. Muse B, the young alpha of the pack, along with dealing with a brewing pack war has to make sure that the secret of the werewolves remains a secret to this new girl. But as he visits the dance studio to speak with the aunt, who is already fully aware of the beasts lurking around her, he sees Muse A and knows that they are mates. But can she ever learn to trust again after her dark past? And how will he handle the brewing pack war and a shattered mate?


Forbidden – Son of Gang Leader x Daughter of Gang Leader****

Perfect Harmony – Bad Boy x Good Girl

Muse A is the definition of a good girl. Perfect grades, skirts of an appropriate length, and not a blemish on her school record. Muse B could not be more different. It is a miracle to see him show up to class on time, usually found roaring into the parking lot on a motorcycle, and usually surrounded by a group of rough looking individuals, normally these two would never interact. Until they were assigned a book report that would take place over the entire second semester of their senior year. Now these two must work together if they want to pass their English class. As they begin to work together, they cannot seem to find any common ground. Until they find out that they both love music. While Muse A sticks to classical instruments, Muse B prefers anything he can play in a rock band. This common ground could blossom into something much more potent that simply acquaintances.

Agents – FBI Agent x FBI Agent

Affairs of Court – Prince x Princess, Prince x Commoner, Enemy Ruler x Princess

Other Things I Love
  • These are just things we could possibly work with to make a new plot or adjust any of the ones above
  • Medieval (matters of court, knights, prophecies, political agendas, etc.)
  • The 1920’s (Mafia, WWII), Civil War, Revolutionary War, French Revolution.
  • Harry Potter! I’m always up for a Hogwarts roleplay.
  • Musicians! Anything from two feuding bands to a music academy.
  • Characters who often butt heads! I love characters that are both stubborn, strong-willed, and don’t take no for an answer. Strong characters are really awesome. As are all other types such as quiet, brooding, hyper, etc., characters!
  • Superheroes. I love teams, heroes versus villains, heroes teaming up with villains, I could go on forever.
  • Vampires. I have a few plots in mind for this.
  • Both forbidden and forced romances. Two people who really aren’t supposed to be together, getting together is very fun to write for me. I love forced romances, such as arranged marriages, because the relationship development in that is interesting!
  • Modern Fantasy (Magic, Werewolves, Witches, Sirens, etc.)
  • I really like to base plots off of other ‘tropes’ that I love? I call them tropes because I mainly just take the basic idea of the plot. Such as Anastasia, Beauty and the Beast

Things I’m Not Particularly Into

These are just things I’m not super into. It’s kind of a short list.


Science Fiction (Outside of Star Wars)

Animals (Outside of werewolves or shapeshifters)
  • Love
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Romance, Fantasy, SciFi, Modern, Horror.
Still looking! ^.^