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So, after a year or two (I can't even remember at this point), I've returned home to the lovely community of Iwaku. However, much to my dismay, when I tried to log in to my old account, none of the information seemed to exist. I'm hoping to see if an admin or staffer might be able to help me recover and possibly merge my old account.

This also counts as a preemptive request to merge accounts if I somehow log in to my old one!


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See if you can search your old user name: Registered Members | IwakuRoleplay.com If you can find it, I can merge it!

If not, that means it got removed in the yearly dead account purge. I MIGHT be able to recover the old account. (it will not likely include things like PMs and profile info though, it will only connect your old posts) But I cannot guarantee this. D: There is a modification that can revive guest accounts, but it was unmaintained and recently fell in to new ownership, so I am not sure if it's available or usable right now.
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