Old 1X1 Idea of mine!

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  1. I have this idea for a 1x1 that flopped the last time i tried it, to im hoping that hopping on to a new site might help me out!

    Setting: some futuristic time in a space colony or civilization that humans have build on a different planet(any planet will do)

    Plot: In this futuristic time setting Kael Evans, if not for him learning to speak the colonies language and mimic their accent, would stick out like a sore thumb. this place has been his home for two years, living amongst people unlike him. he was a guinea pig in an age old experiment that took place in 2010, Time Project K, named partially after him. in an attempt to break the barrier of time, he volunteered to test a small pod that had been worked on for years. just seconds before it exploded he was shot 1000 years into the future, 3010. the experiment was recorded as a failure, the scientists thought he had been incinerated in the explosion. now he finds himself wanding in a futuristic world, a walking history book, proof that man once conquered time itself, yet no one knows. the experiment went down in history books as a failure, so what would happen if someone in his new futuristic home world were to find out that he was from the past?

    So, my character Kael, would be the time traveler obviously, the role that needs to be filled is the person who discovers that he is from the past. i think something like this could be really fun to plan as we go!

    A little bit about Kael:

    his age would be about 23.

    he is a gentlemanly character, caring, with a love for his viola and flowers. even though he originates from modern times he tends to be a bit old fashioned in his gentlemanly ways. he is an easy character to get along with, however when it comes to matters of the heart, if he isnt the one turning on the charm(so to speak), and is on the receiving end, he can be a bit bashful.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    If youre interested, speak up!
  2. it sounds like the story could be fun, but I don't like roleplays where there is a main character and a tagalong, and it sounds like my character would just be there to accentuate your main character's awesome levels :(

    If my character could have a purpose to the story (or if the story could revolve around something other than your character) I'd be interested
  3. i totally understand where you are coming from, however i actually got a pm from someone already. sorry!

    and about the whole main character thing, i usually map out my character stories like this, however im usually content to follow the lead if the other character has something important going on. its no fun if one person is the center of attention.