☢ Okuu's Nuclear Fusion Thread! ☢ (Fandoms/Pairings inside)

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I am ridiculously bored, reader. I'm bored, and I have a stupid amount of time on my hands. (but not explosives) I'll love you if you can help me out... please? But, ah, I'm not bored enough to take any old rp, so... you'd better read the rules and stuff, or I'll have to light you up. Thanks.~ ^^

☢ Rules ☢
1. I would prefer it if my partner played at an adept level, or somewhat near it. I usually manage a comfortable paragraph or two per post. Rps get hard to work with if the posts are under a paragraph, or are very small paragraphs. I'll probably let it slide a little, but I'd like us to avoid posting under a paragraph.

2. You want to quit an rp with me? Don't be afraid to say so. I won't be upset, it happens to us all. Actually, I would prefer it if you did because if you give me the cold shoulder when you feel done with an rp, I may get my feelings hurt and avoid rping with you in the future. Shocker, right? Also, I'm more than willing to discuss other plots, or ideas to spice up our rp if it's getting stale for you.

3. I reaalllly like to use pms for rps, regardless of any sexual content. And with the new (confusing) system of threads, you'll be even more hard pressed to get me to do a thread rp. However, if I really like you, I'll do a thread if that's the only way to win you over. I also do not give out my email or skype contact info to rp. Even if you're the best rper I ever met, I'll refuse.

4. If you don't read these rules, I won't play with you. Show you have read the rules by only sending me a PM, and in it's contents, you have to tell me your favorite dessert! Or, if you don't like sweets, tell me your favorite food. That's all~

☢ Content ☢
1. Read my resume, pleaaaaasssseee~

2. If you didn't read it, I'm still telling you this, because it's the most important thing to take away... You ready?
I AM A DUDE. (Read below)
I wrote it in big, noticeable text so you'd see it even if you were hyper-scrolling down the page. I do not play females. I also only do heterosexual relationships. Sorry if that puts you off.

3. I am an adult!~ That means I only play sexual content with other adults now! I have a thread specifically for it (here), that you should totally check out if you are looking for just that. That's all! ^^

(Things marked with ☢ I want to do more than others, and a √ means I have a plot. ↓ means I'm not feeling it.)

☢ Fandoms ☢
(Note: I do not play canon characters, these listings are mostly world settings. (Sans Zelda))


Monster Hunter ☢
Legend of Zelda (all games)
Pokemon ☢ (every region but Sinnoh)
Fire Emblem (awakening)
Metal Gear (all main games)
Touhou ☢ ☢


Puella Magi Madoka Magica ☢ √
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Kill La Kill
Cowboy Bebop
Space Dandy
Soul Eater ☢ √
Neon Genesis: Evangelion
WataMote ☢

(vvv --- shit that I don't know all about, but am willing to play--- vvv)
Attack on Titan


☢ Pairings ☢

Human x Human sealing a demon
Human x Kitsune/Kumiho ☢ √
Human x Neko ☢
Human x Deity ☢ √
Human x Fairy/Elf
Human x Android ☢ √
Knight x Princess
Knight x Mage
Knight x Enemy

Tsundere person x Persistent person ☢
Dreamer x Dream √
Digital Relationship
Dimensional/Time traveler x Ordinary person
Rule 63 meeting ☢
A fake world stealing someone away from the real world.

Feel free to throw your own pairing ideas at me if you think I'd like them. ^^
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Still looking for a partner, partner! Don't be afraid to throw your own ideas at me. I'm willing to hear anything once!
Still need partners!
I would love to hear about the plot you have for the Human x Deity or Human x Kitsune/Kumiho pairings ^^
Still lookin!
I got buried, but I still want partners!
Need more partners!
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