☢ Okuu's Nuclear Fusion Thread! ☢(Fandoms/Pairings Inside!)

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I'm back from a super big hiatus due to computer issues. So, if you'd like to play with me, keep on reading! ^v^ (there is a lot to read. Super sorry about that)

☢ Rules ☢
1. As the posting expectations tag says, I play at an adept level, and I'd like my partner to do the same. One large paragraph, or two, with decent spelling and grammar is just fine. No less, but I won't ask for any more than that.

2. If we are going to quit an RP, or just don't feel it anymore, please inform me, and we will work things out. I won't get upset with you. I will do you the same respect. However, I sometimes read posts and forget about having not replied to them... for that, I am sorry in advance for being a dumb bird. Please, if a day or two passes with no word from me, gently remind me to get back to you. I may have gotten unexpectedly busy, or, needed time to think up a good post.

3. I usually only do rps in PMs (usually do to content, and manageability) but if you demand that I RP with you in a thread instead, I'm inclined to acquiesce to your wishes. (we just have to make sure it's in the right section.) However, I only give out my Skype address and email to friends. If you wish to use those, we'll have to be friends first... that shouldn't be hard, I think I'll be easy to get along with. ^v^

4. If you don't read these rules, I won't play with you. Show you have read the rules by only sending me PMs (to show your interest) please. Also, pick your favorite font color, or font, and decorate your interest pm with it.~ If you can't do that for certain reasons, please say so. If you don't do this, I won't respond to you. I'm terribly serious. Oh! I have another thread, so could you please state that this is for just 1x1s, and not liberteen?

5. Respect! Show it to me, and I'll give it right back. That's really a no-brainer, but I'd like to take this time to say I enjoy OOC chat and becoming friends with partners... if you are looking for just business, please don't bother me.

I don't have more than 6 rules, I just like the number... ^v^''

Read my resume for content!

(Things marked with ☢ I want to do more than others, and a √ means I have a plot. ↓ means I'm not feeling it.)

☢ Fandoms ☢


Monster Hunter ☢
Legend of Zelda
Pokemon ☢
Fire Emblem
Touhou ☢ ☢


Puella Magi Madoka Magica ☢ √
Soul Eater ☢ √
Neon Genesis: Evangelion
No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular! /WataMote ☢

☢ Pairings ☢

Human x Demon
Human x Kitsune/Kumiho ☢ √
Human x Neko ☢
Human x Deity ☢ √
Human x Fairy/Elf ↓
Human x Android ☢ √
Knight x Princess ↓ ↓
Knight x Mage ↓ ↓
Knight x Enemy ↓ ↓

Tsundere person x Persistent person ☢
Dreamer x Dream
Digital Relationship ↓
Dimensional/Time traveler x Ordinary person ↓ ↓
Rule 63 meeting ☢

Thank you for reading all that! Your reward is hella nice jams~
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Hello! I've been searching to find someone who wants to plot out a Soul Eater rp or even a Watamote rp! There is so much hype! I would love to hear your plot on Soul Eater, and maybe we could even discuss Watamote?
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