Okuu's 1x1 Thread! Fandoms And Pairings Inside!

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  1. Ok, so, I'm pretty bored, alright? And I've been looking around, and seeing next to no threads that really match my tastes... so, I thought maybe I'd make my own? Is that ok? Of course it's ok! Is that even a question? Heh, well, anyway, you're gonna hafta read the rules and all that boring junk, okay?


    1. I'm a teenager (17 to be exact), so don't expect any sex in rp if you've got a red star!

    2. I expect at least a single large paragraph or two, and mostly accurate grammar and spelling. If you show that you can't pull that off, or, we begin to dip in post length for a long stretch of time, I'm probably going to say we can't play together, or in the latter case, try to build things back up.

    3. I'm a guy, let me lay that out clearly. I'm also straight.... and I can't play girls worth a crap...
    (I need to work on that... T^T) Anyway, If we're gonna have romance, or explicit stuff or whatever, it's gonna have to be a guy and girl only, please.

    4. I don't really like animals all that much. So don't even ask to do anything animal related, unless I have it listed as a pairing. I will not play as an animal, or furry, or, whatever... I think it's off-putting... (it gives me the creeps, ok?)

    6. If you want to stop rping, that's ok. Just tell me, and we'll be all donuts and milk or whatever. I'll do you the same respect, and, if you would, maybe we could work things out to still remain partners, or play another rp.

    7. You've read this far? It touches my heart... thanks for not getting scared off... I swear I'm actually really nice...
    You're gonna have to do me a favor and tell me your favorite donut. If you don't like donuts, then mention the sun in your post. Or do both and you'll get all my hearts. If you don't, I'm gonna be kinda disappointed. (and I'll reserve the right to ignore you. Please take this seriously. It's not me being mean, it's me making sure you've read all my rules.)

    8. Oh, I really only do this kind of thing in conversations. I have a Skype, but it's for friends (if you want to be one of those), and, for some reason, threads stop sending me alerts after a while. I often check my pms, so it's just simpler that way for me. If you absolutely demand another method of rping, we can talk, okay?

    9. This really isn't a rule, but I'd like to become friends, ok? Let's talk and stuff!

    Ok, so I should reward you with the good stuff, right? The stuff you came here for? Here it is!

    Ah, if I mark it with , It means I have a plot! If I mark it with ♥ , then I'd love to do it!
    If I mark it with ∇, then I'm not feeling it at the moment.



    Space Dandy
    Trigun ∇
    Mirai Nikki/Future diary
    Little busters! (also a VN) ♥
    Neon Genesis: Evangelion
    Kill La Kill
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    Soul Eater ♥ *
    It's not my fault I'm not popular!*
    *(I didn't like the anime/watched a little of it... I read the manga, but it counts, right?)

    (Oh, you could totally throw some animes at me that I haven't watched... that could be fun, maybe?)


    Metal Gear Solid 1-4, Peacewalker, Rising ∇
    Dark Souls/II/Demon Souls/Bloodborne
    Monster Hunter ♥
    Legend of Zelda ♥
    Pokemon ♥
    Fire Emblem
    Kid Icarus: uprising
    Touhou ♥
    Elsword ♥



    (Holy crap, that isn't much... v-v)

    Maybe there'll be more available in the....


    Human x Demon
    Human x Kitsune/Kumiho
    Human x Neko ♥
    Human x Deity
    Human x Fairy/Elf
    Human x Android
    Knight x Princess ∇
    Knight x Mage ∇
    Knight x Enemy ∇

    Futa x unknowing boy
    Tsundere person x Persistent person
    Dreamer x Dream
    Digital Relationship ∇
    Dimensional/Time traveler x Ordinary person
    Rule 63 meeting ♥

    (that's all for now... It wouldn't hurt for you to throw something crazy at me anyway~)

    Thanks for hearing me out... here's some music!
    The flavor of the week is tabasco!

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  2. Hi! I'd like to be friends with you too^^
    I'm interested in between human x android, dreamer x dream and dimensional/ time traveler x ordinary person
    honestly I don't know what to choose- their all so nice Dx
  3. I'm looking for new players! ^^
  4. Human x Demon interests me ^^
  5. Soul Eater! Count me in!
    Also, favourite donut? Chocolate glaze. Mmm.
  6. The Human x Android one sounds fun!
  7. Updated!
  8. Holy Glazed Donuts, Batman!!

    I'd totes love to roleplay with you!! I've no idea about any of the anime's or video games :( sorry!! Buuuut! I would love to do any pairing of YOUR choice :D

    Unless you'd like to do a Supernatural rp, which then we could toted be bffs.

    P.S. did you see the sun today? It was all covered in flames and light and stuff.
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  9. Fly me a pm, and we can talk about starting an rp when I get done streaming on twitch~
  10. OMIGOG! Praise the sun and chocolate. Homestuck!
  11. Fly me a pm and we'll see what we can cook up!
  12. Heya. I'm really interested in hearing about the Human x Kitsune plot you have in mind ^.^ Also, jelly donuts rock, and I prefer cloudy days to too much sun ;)
  13. About the sun: The sun is a big ball of hot melting whatever the hell it is. Don't look at it. It'll burn your eyes. Just sayin'- v.v

    I would love to become friends to be honest ^^

    What I am interested in:

    Human x Android ♦ ♥


    Tsundere person x Persistent person
  14. I'm still lookin' for players!~
  15. The suns out and it's hot! D: Though, I'm still craving rainbow sprinkled donuts.

    I'm rather interested in the pairing of Human x Neko. Maybe you have a plot a mind or we could brainstorm one.
  16. I love raspberry-filled glazed donuts, but no store seems to have them. Hm. But at least the sun is everywhere, eh? :)

    I'd love to do the human/ deity with you, if you're willing!
  17. Ah, please send me a pm! I won't be able to discuss plots and such until a little later in the day! ^v^ (this device sucks for long posts~)
  18. Knight x Princess sounds interesting, never done one of those before. Tiaras are shiny like the sun.

    Oh, I like most donuts, especially Krispy Kreme. ;3;
  19. the sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray! The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out today.

    *Ahem* I love a bunch of these ideas xD you still open for partners?
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