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  1. I keep seeing things about submitting character sheets and stuff and I can't figure out how to do any of that?? Plus, if I were to create my own roleplay, how would people submit them to me?
    I'm just really confused in general, so if you could explain those and other rules that I should know that would be cool.
  2. Well, lethal, when people submit character sheets for a roleplay, they're usually following some set of rules, most likely some kind of form provided by the roleplay's GM to be filled out. These would go in the roleplay's OOC thread, which goes in the OOC/Planning subsection of whichever board you're using. If you wanted people in a roleplay of yours to submit theirs, you would provide the same, like say...


    And they would return,

    Name: Billy Hotdogpuncher
    Age: A BILLION
    Sex: Yes, please

    ... These are just examples, and bad ones at that. But you might get the general idea.
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