Okay. Seriously. WHAT am I doing wrong here?

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  1. Just doing my job.

    I think her computer is having issues, I am in another RP her and her sister are running and her sister posted there that JinxMonster was having PC issues.
  2. Yura gave a sigh before grabbing Layla and pulling her closer, she wrapped her arms around her body and gave her another kiss. Relaxing on Layla's bed Yura playfully cupped Layla's breasts. "Right now your bigger than Zeria was when we were your age, don't get too hung up on your breasts, they will grow nicely." She accented that by giving Layla's breasts a loving caress. "And I will count this as a real date since its for you." She would let the movie start playing and adjust Layla so that she could see the movie though she kept her arms around Layla's body, playfully licking her ear.
  3. "Lyra is getting to you."
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  5. Probably.
  6. "Cobblestone floors and heels. Never a good combination." It seemed Jen was on point today. Felicity would definitely know who Jennifer Walters was. The premier attorney when it came to metahuman matters, her emerald face was in the news weekly, at least.
  7. He coaxed Lilith's lower half to his face where he worked her with his tongue. Mars was still getting fingered, this time he was rubbing her rapidly, then slowly and in and out deep. His tongue again stretched into Lilith as he made it throb and move around inside her as it would feel like his now hard member which was ready to be used. Aeleosir was going all out for the two girls, getting them riled up and slowly coaxing them so that he could hear them beg or force themselves onto him.
  8. Well, Mason isn't an uncommon name, so there's that to keep in mind x.x though to be fair surnames can get alot more mixed up in say, the Chinese language, because apparently there is a ton of folks with "my" last name, even if they weren't related at all.
  9. I feel like he would literally try to have me crucified for adding the UN to his lore.
  10. your UN is a hell of a lot more effective than it's IRL counterpart, that's just sad
  11. *bursts through the front door, out of breath and desperate to be in the conversation*

  12. Well she doesn't advertise that she has them. The only time she's seen using them is in her own title "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" so while she has them in canon, she'll just use them as reference material off-screen.
  13. Question, is this the comic version, the "Gotham" version or do I gotta go wiki-looking about one of the games to get the full scope. I like the character, I just need a full frame of reference so I can see where you're headed with Strange.

  14. Melody nods slowly.
  15. anyway, who's excited for halloween?

  16. Happy Birthday, Pike!

    Uh... Let me post for Sakura. That will be your gift.
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