Okay, ima just sit in this corner over here.. alone..

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  1. I'm that one girl you saw at the store and stared at until she was out of view, and not cause she looks weird, but because she acts weird. And that's how I am, It can't be helped.
    I'm what you would call a sadistic horror loving yaoi lover I guess. Hope that doesn't scare anyone, o.o I'm not scary I'm just freaky is all.

    Nice to meet you ;)
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  2. Lmao nice to meet you person with the strange name o_o.
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  3. Play on the word Ammonium, or if not, what's the story behind the name.
    Anyways, helloooo!!! Welcome to Iwaku Emonium ^-^
    Hopefully your weirdness won't prevent you from having fun and roleplaying with us :P
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  4. Whispers in the dark corner of the room while I Pet my oversized Tiger..:3

    Fu fu fu.. Welcome to the Madness. Remember nothing is what it seems in here lol

    Enjoy your stay Girl ^^
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  5. @Adenthos
    First I just wanna say I had to look up like fifteen times in order to get your name right then it auto corrected to something else so I had to write it again XD

    Yes, this happens to me anytime I make a username.. it has become a mindless habit

    Haha, about that. It was originally gonna be Pandemonium but then I thought it was to long so I cut it short lawlz.
    Anywho, thanks! ^w^

    And my weirdness wouldnt dare. Do such a thing.

    Pshhh. I was born in the madness.
    Thanks ^^
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  6. On the mention of Pandemonium I considered making my name Pandamonium when I couldn't find my old account and made this one XD
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  7. Well, it is a small world my friend. We live in a world full of coincidences

    In this case, an epic one. ;3
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  8. Hi there Circle Letters! Welcome to the community! :D
  9. Shup