Okay but - An entire ring of mutual sex friends??? Interest check

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    It seems strange that we don't have this kind of roleplay in the thread - I mean we DO, but not with something so bold. I was thinking back to some shit I read earlier, and a thread that I'm in currently -- though not a libertine one. What if we just had a thread were an entire group of friends, regardless of gender or sexuality, just mutually had sex amongst each other with complete acknowledgement of the entire thing, and general acceptance. (Unless consent is not acquired.)

    A group that is really OPEN with their sexuality, no shame, and they're basically really great with experimenting. Of course they all probably like sex -- and a single text could instigate/prompt it. It wouldn't even JUST have to be one person, either. You could call up several people, group sex -- if you've got kinks you want to try, this may be a good place to test them. Like I said, though I am typically more comfortable with Guy/Guy and Girl/Girl for myself, there will be no restriction on sexuality or gender. So it's a bundle of shit.

    We'd have to decide mutually amongst ourselves an age group, too. Since we can't have a sixteen year old all sexually buddy buddy with a fourty five year old. Their friendship and relationship has to make sense. This all makes them open to several relationships at the same time. Please understand that! Unless two people decide to become exclusive.
    But, u kno.


    It is what it is. Just an idea I had for another group roleplay.
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  2. I'll be interested ^^
  3. Same here!

    We need some more group roleplays as it is.
  4. I agree entirely! Glad to have people interested in this -- I mean, what's a better excuse to try out some shit you've never done before?
  5. Yay! I say they have a meeting every night or once a week for sex night or something!
  6. I don't know how I feel about THAT - Since people don't typically do that? That makes the entire thing less casual, in my opinion. I personally think we should balance these two out. Friendship and intimacy. You feel?

    I mean. Hell. If you guys want to arrange that amongst your own characters you're free to do that!! Buuuuuut I'll probably pass uwu
  7. I think a balance is good. I could just imagine it. Having sex one night and the next morning isn't awkward or anything. That sounds so nice~
  8. I KNOW RIGHT, just imagine them casually - sluggishly getting dressed, half tired and exerted, and falling all over each other.

    Plot twist they trip over someone on the floor and the realization that they had a threesome comes to them.
    "aaah shit."
    "more mouths to feed."
    "let's just go out to eat."

    "SleEpy NoIses but I HAVE MORNING WOOD,,,"
    "me too,"
    "you people are troublesome."

    I'm shocked this hasn't come up somewhere already to be honest. It's a good and fun idea, so yes, please count me in for this <3 I have so much I want to try but nothing ever gets to a point where I can work it into the RP ;~;
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  12. Patience, Yaki will get to it x3 Besides, she may want more people into it before we start~
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  13. This sounds really fun TT^TT

    Would it be okay if I jump on the bandwagon, as well?
  14. Certainly!
  15. I'd be super up for it~! \(ouo)/ Sounds like it could turn out pretty funny~
  16. i am interested also, @Yaki-tan did you just leave the rp hold me?
  17. . . . ? ? ? ? ?
    What gave you that Idea???
  18. you havent been replying lately
  19. No one's.
    Been replying lately.
    I'm following the post order and waiting for my friend to post first.
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