Okami (Not related to the video game or manga)

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  1. First off, this is not related to the video game "Okami" or the manga "Okami-san". I just happened to like the Japanese word for wolf.

    The rules for this roleplay are:
    1. You can curse if you want to, just don't spew them like a fountain. Please.
    2. No Godmodding or Powermodding. But then again that's kinda obvious.
    3. Romance and relationships are allowed- just keep it a PG-PG13 rating.

    Second of all, welcome! In this roleplay, most, if not all, of the beings roaming this realm are animals. Cannot be mythological animals. I'm sorry.

    They also have control over the seven elements: fire, water, darkness, wind, light, grass, and earth.
    Your character's power (known as "Hissatsu") has to involve one of the seven elements in some way. Also one and I mean one power is allowed per character.
    These powers weaken your character for as long as the power is active. Even if you don't use your power for five seconds or less (basically, a short amount of time), the usage will still weaken you.

    Here's a character sheet:

    Gender (Optional)
    Fur/feather/scale and eye color
    Hissatsu (A character's special power. Optional)
    Item (Optional)
    Background (Optional)

    Have fun!
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  2. Here's my character sheet:

    -Name: Fenix
    -Animal: rabbit
    -Gender: Male
    -Fur and eye color: Golden-colored fur with red and orange curved triangle markings on his ears and hind legs. A spiked tuft of hair on his head is slicked backwards. His eyes are a shade of light brown.
    -Hissatsu: Fire. Fenix has the ability to conjure fire from his paws. He can use this fire as a means of attack, defense or propulsion.
    When he goes in for a killing attack, he cloaks his body in flames in such a way that he looks like a phoenix when swooping downward.
    -Item: Nothing useful for a weapon. Fenix does, however wear an orange vest with straps holding it closed. In addition to that, an orange loincloth hangs in front of his haunches (hind legs).
    -Personality: Fenix is usually hot-tempered, but won't hesitate to help others. He is calm when need be and listens to reason from time to time, save for when he's angry. A kind soul at heart.
    -Background: Fenix comes from a ninja clan. He grew up having a wonderful life, until one fateful day that changed his life. His sensei, along with his parents, both of whom Fenix loved very dearly, were killed by one of three rival clans. Since then, he became bitter against anyone and rarely trusts anybody.
  3. ● Name: Oliver
    ● Animal: Otter
    ● Gender: Male
    ● Appearance: Oliver sports a dark green coat similar to the shade of a pine tree with splotches of dark brown spread throughout which circle his eyes, cover the tip of his tail, and color his belly up to his chest. He usually is seen wearing a pair of goggles on his forehead, separating the end of his mohawk from his face. He has light blue eyes, but has lost all eyesight in his left eye, which is a pale silver.
    ● Hissatsu: Earth. Oliver can use the ground around him to form objects, build walls for defense, or alter the battlefield.
    As an effect of training, Oliver has learned to make not only weapons, but also armor using earth that he shapes and hardens to his liking. He prefers to form several weapons at a time, and fling them at his opponents like an arrow storm.
    ● Oliver is a bit of a mechanic, preferring to keep a toolbox wherever he goes. His favorite tool is a big wrench his father gave him when he was young. He also likes wearing his trusty black fingerless gloves and paw wraps, along with his goggles.
    ● Personality: Oliver is seen as a bit cocky since he's constantly pulling jokes or bragging about himself. He is very friendly, but tends to unintentionally offend people with his 'class clown' habits. Oliver is very smart, but doesn't try to over complicate things. Jokingly likeable.
    ● Background: Oliver ran away from home around his mid teenage years after his dad began trying to control him too much. Though his dad had taught him many great things, he realized after his dad ruined his left eye with the same wrench he gave Oliver as a kid that he could no longer stay with him. He told himself to be better than his dad ever dreamt of being, and tries to be nice to everyone he meets.

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  4. Hey! Didn't even know this was up already x3
    I'll be thinking of a form either today or tomorrow ^^
  5. Name: Minami Anguis
    Animal: Fox
    Gender: Female
    Fur/feather/scale and eye color: Mina's fur is a deep black, except for her socks on her hind legs, her toes on her front paws and the tip of her tail. These parts are all white.
    Mina has blazing amber colored eyes that turn a deep purple when she gets angry.

    Hissatsu: Mina can solidify and harness darkness and use it as she pleases. As it so happens she can slightly manipulate the darkness in ones heart.
    Item: May add later

    Name: Zayne
    Animal: Wolf
    Gender: Female
    Fur/feather/scale and eye color:
    Hissatsu: Zayne controls electricity in multiple forms.
    Item: A piece of rope tied around her neck.

    Edit: Still working
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  6. Can't wait to start, this is gonna be so cool!
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  7. Hihi I know :3 I'll finish up soon
  8. Hi! ;u;
    This looks so cool omg

    Gender (Optional)
    Fur/feather/scale and eye color
    Dark black/almost midnight blue shade, her eyes are a brilliant cyan hue
    Hissatsu (A character's special power. Optional)
    Animated Shadow;
    With this Ayla can animate her shadow to create almost a living form of her shadow that can seperate itself from her body. The shadow has the ability to touch and reform itself, can create illusions. Can cause bodily harm

    Item (Optional)
    Frayed rope with a silver ring around her neck
    Ayla is very solitary. She is very quiet, and mainly speaks only until spoken too. She focuses on becoming a better version of herself, and prefers to be apart from a group.
    Background (Optional):
    Working on all of this ;u;

    Thank you for looking omg!
  9. Yay new people ^^
  10. This character seems very quiet and silent. This may just be me, but she sounds like a great assassin.
    Take all of the time you need on her background.

    Nice work, Ayla. Welcome to Okami. :D
  11. Name
    Apricus Cervix
    ( more commonly known as Apricot)



    Fur/feather/scale and eye color
    Fur- a strange and unnatural glowing shade of white
    5c1e12dbf9a059f0be2db4cd95b8f01f.jpg (( image for reference))
    eyes- aquamarine
    download (1).png

    Hissatsu( special power)
    Can use the wind on varying levels, though as depicted, it drains her energy rapidly.

    Apricot is a cheerful creature, loving to spend tie around other animals no matter what kind of animal they are. Even if they are a predator to her, she seems to have a way of befriending all whom she meets. Often times finding herself having an intelligent conversation with a wolf or some other animal who would have gladly eaten her on any other occasion.
  12. Glad to have you here, Viahra223! Nice to meet you!
  13. Nice to meet you too! I hope we can get along. Love making new friends through RP, exciting and productive at the same time!
  14. Agreed, Viahra233.

    The roleplay is here, folks, just in case you're all wondering where it is.
  15. Name: Crystal Hail
    Animal: Snow leopard
    Gender (Optional): Female
    Fur/feather/scale and eye color: Fur is snow white with black grey spots, stroped tail and Ice blue eyes.
    Hissatsu (A character's special power. Optional): Wind, She is good to make icy winds.
    Item (Optional): She have a blue crystal collar necklace in her neck
    Personality: She is usual very quiet and shy, but when you get close to her she is very cheerful and kind.
    Background (Optional) She have a bad past and childless wolf couple is augmented her.

    Name: Aqile
    Animal: Eagle
    Gender (Optional): Male
    Fur/feather/scale and eye color: He is pitch black with white head and tail, Brownish golden eyes.
    Hissatsu (A character's special power. Optional): Darkness
    Item (Optional): Nope
    Personality: He is usual very tricky and someones can think that he is cruel, but he is not, kjust hard to understand. He don't show his emotions, so he can see outside little heartless and cold.
    Background (Optional): He did have a mate, but she is killed by humans.
  16. Nice to meet you, Wolfstar. :)

    Although I'm going to need you to be more specific on both Crystal Hail's and Aqile's Hissatsus. "Darkness" and "icy winds" don't necessarily cut it here.
  17. I see, well I was thinking that Crystal could have the power to make ice on her paws and/or Snowstorm's flicking her tail, but I wasen't sure is thoise elements allowed?
  18. Icy paws? Sure.
    Ice is just water is a solid form, isn't it?

    Also, who's "Snowstorm"? The only characters you posted that I could see were Crystal and Aqile.
    And I'm not sure how flicking one's tail is a Hissatsu.

    Edit: Did you mean that Crystal could create snowstorms by flicking her tail? I could see her sending a flurry of ice particles/shards at an opponent, but an entire storm? No way.
    A storm would require a lot of energy and it would take a lot out of whomever summoned it.
  19. Well I was thinking thoise both for crystal but din't know is it allowed, but her hissatsu would be making ice By her paws. I guess her hissatsu power is then water instead of wind xD

    Agile's darkness... Well he can move his shadow which weaken him, but he can steal others energy By his shadow?
  20. I can understand Crystal's Hissatsu, but as for Aqile/Agile's.... moving his own shadow seems like a power in its own. Stealing another's energy seems pretty powerful, depending on how fast it is drained. I honestly think you should choose one power and stick with it, okay? Good luck.