Okami (Not related to the video game or manga)

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  1. The realm of Darminia. This world is expansive and filled with lush, wondrous life that seems similar to life from the realm you (the roleplayer) are from. The inhabitants of this realm are animals of all shapes and sizes. On the outside, they seem like normal beasts; but a secret lies hidden, deep in their D.N.A. Deep in their past.

    Long ago, humans invaded the realm in hopes of colonizing it. A dreadful war broke out and no animal's life was left untouched. Slivers of the human's magic burrowed its way into the deepest crevices of the animals, giving birth to the powers that many call "Hissatsus". Not everyone is pleased with these element-controlling abilities. Some are opposed to these abilities, calling it a curse and shun those who have said powers. Others call them a blessing, acknowledging the skillful and amazing abilities the magic had bestowed upon them.

    Which side do you choose? The side that hates Hissatsus, or the faction that utilizes said powers?
  2. Ayla sat in silent shadow under a Willow tree. The bright cyan of her eyes highlighted the dark of her fur. She scored her tongue across her front teeth, deep in thought.
    She could feel the tension across the land. Felt how her bones stiffened and ached whenever she crossed a certain part of land.
    Ayla was an asassin. The shadow that seemed a part of her body, was not. It shifted into unnatural shapes. At times it seemed to peel from her body, animating itself.
    She clicked her teeth. She had a target, but the persuit wasnt immediate. She didnt need to go after them quite just yet.
    The sun beat down relentlessly. The shadow of the willow protected her from the rays, her ears pressed flat against her head. The dark of her fur seemed to absorb the heat, making her skin feel itchy and hot.
    With a snort, she curled up under the weeping of the leaves, her shadow tilting and moving like spilled ink.
  3. Trees were budding, flowers were blooming. The sky was painted a soft blue. It was spring, a season of new life, of a second chance for everything. Fenix needed a new life and he would do anything to obtain it. His life was shattered by the murder of his parents and sensei. Fenix thought that one of the rival ninja clans in the area was the culprit and in a rash, irresponsible move, he ran away from home, hoping to find out who the murderer was, if they still existed.
    The sun was still high in the sky, as it was midday, and Fenix was tired from running everywhere. Sniffing the surrounding air and waiting to see if anything was going to jump out and attack him, he breathed a sigh of relief after the comforting feeling of safety and serenity fell over him. Fenix hopped over to an abandoned hole. It smelt of rabbit, but the scent was extremely faint.

    "Must have been abandoned," he said to himself. Fenix hopped into the hole, settled down, and eventually fell asleep.
  4. Having been wandering through the forest, she found a patch of tall grass, settling down into, a breeze tossing the blades of grass about in a swaying wave-like motion. The sun coming to a high point in the sky as her pale white coat sent a shimmer of reflective light around her, a feeling of calm and collectiveness coming to her, putting her mind at ease. Earlier in the day, she had been surprisingly chased by a fox, almost tripped in a river-bed, and she scraped her nose in on a thistle-bush. It was a rush of excitement, and it was also a bit of a hassle to keep herself safe, even though she had a tendency to easily befriend her enemies, sometimes they still wanted to eat her anyway. But it didn't bother her all that much anymore, seeing the blue sky. She grew weary and had to strain to stay awake, the birds twittering about her and the wildflowers giving a scent of fresh blossoms all around her, easing her into a blissful daydreaming state.
  5. Oliver looked up to the bright blue sky as the warm sunshine warmed his fur a bit. Though he had no home at the moment, he was content just wandering from forrest to forrest in a nomadic fashion for the time being. It was a while back, but not too long since Oliver's departure from his father after he had ruined his eye, and he was just trying to survive and keep moving. He knew something or someone would appear somehow and would give him the second chance at a good life he so desperately wanted. With his bright red toolbox in paw, he walked down a path where many trees were budding and flowers were blooming; showing that spring was sweeping across the land. Then, suddenly, Oliver felt the ground dissappear from under him as he fell down a hole. He made a bit of a yelping noise as his fell in suprise into what seemed like an old den of some kind.

  6. Fenix's ears twitched at this sudden noise. He peeked out of his burrow and looked around. "Who's there?" he asked aloud. Fenix hopped out of the hole and sat up. His wide eyes scanned the area, looking for the source of the yelp. He could not find anything, but decided that, since he was outside for now, he might as well grab something to eat. He found a delicious patch of clovers and began nibbling on them, the vegetation soothing his tense nerves. The serenity of the calm forest and the scrumptious grass and flowers that surrounded him made him feel at home.

    "This isn't so bad," he muttered to himself. "There's food everywhere I go, and I suppose that getting away from everyone seemed like a good idea after all." He continued his meal in peace and quiet.
  7. Ayla sat up, her heavy head hovering above her paws, her shadow dripping like spilled ink across the ground. She didnt like the thought of leaving the safety of the Weeping willow, but her stomach had other ideas.
    She hefted her body up off the cool of the grass, and into the beat of the sun. Her shadow dissapated like evaporating water. With a yawn she set off on a small trot, her nose into the wind, catching the scent of some small rodent.
    he ran her tongue over the front of her teeth again, the stale taste of the water she drank earlier from the stream still potent. It tasted like metal and blood.

    Her ears stood erect on her head as she heard a yelp. North. Her body pivoted torward the cry, her stomach clenching in her lower body. The shade of sparse trees made darkness against the contrast of the sun, her shadow appearing in flickers, looking completly different from its creator. The shadow itself was on the hunt.
  8. She caught a strong scent on the breeze, telling her something dangerous was amuck. She rose form her comfy spot in the tall grass, her sense rising to a high alert. She was on edge, walking in a full circle to scan the area around her, ears pointed upward and rotating occasionally at the smallest noise. She stepped very cautiously out of the grassy field, the sun sprinkling down through the treetops as she walked beneath the thick canopy of trees above, making her appear to be covered in spots, the shadow shifting with the trees, walking very slowly and being careful and wary of where she stepped. Often topping to check the area around her. She knew of her cheerful and friendly disposition, but she knew better than to confront a hunting predator. She could very well get herself killed if she did such a thing. She remained aware of her surroundings, wanting to get away form where the strong feeling of unease had found her , telling her it was smart to leave the area in which she felt so safe.
  9. Fenix finished his meal and hopped around the small area he temporarily called home. He was only a few hops away from the burrow he had found, so he could make a quick escape if he encountered an enemy. Both of his eyes darted from one area to the next, but Fenix could not sit still, continuing to wonder what made that noise. Struggling to fight his instincts to stay put, Fenix forced himself to hop towards the source of the noise. After a few minutes of sprinting through the forest, he found a messy, unkempt den whose only occupant was an otter.