Ok Wheres The Bar And Wait Where's The Car.....?

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  1. Welcome to the three floor Bar. Also know as Clare Time, Party Time. Worked by the family members Clare, CHi and Dark.

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    Chi is one of the bartenders she needs one more.


    Clare Works up on top floor In the dance room. she looking for a DJ to make the music bast and people dance. they do sometimes have well known DJ's come but they want a DJ to stay longer then them! ^^ also need some Boncers for out side and need some Dancers EVERYONE LIKES DANCERS XD


    Dark works down in the basement in the hush hush rooms. AKA the S** rooms. there is 20 of them so go crazy! where she points at you and says down stairs. (also means you need to take this to PM XD) Don't worry its sound prof ^^;


    Now rules of the club:

    1. You can't Yell at people
    2. Can't start fights
    3. and have sex on the dance floor. you can like sex dance but no taking off clothing please >.> i will warn you once ok or tell you to go down stairs!
    4. you can be what ever you want to be.
    5. frount door is the OOC where you can make a character sheet ^^
    6. If you want to work for me ask me on OOC and make a character sheet so I can see about your character ^^
    7. Have a party. AND HAVE FUN.... but not too much fun X3 that i may have to kick you out of my club ok THANKS!

    Top Floor!

    Clare was super excited because it was almost time to open up! and a lot of people come to her bar a lot. ok maybe a lot is an understatement they been On the rises. everybody wants to be in her club. her Regulars have special seats all the time because with out them the place wouldn't have rises.

    Dark sighed. "another day another nickle?" she shrugged waiting for people to come down stairs to hush hush room. she need someone to talked to and maybe today was the day.

    Chi was waiting for her new bartender to get his/her ass over here they where need and if the bar opens with out her she will make sure the (Race) will get her kicked and take down some on her payment.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Juliet "Jewl"
    Age: 365 yrs old
    race: Succubus
    extra: Would like the job as a bartender or waitress
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  3. GO for it just know Chi piss at the moment ^^;
  4. Jewl walked into the bar for her first day. Honestly she hoped it wouldn't go as bad as the last job she had. Last time Jewl was fired because she was feeding off the costumers, but she couldn't help that she was having a bad day! Anyway now that she has a new job, she can start fresh. How bad could it be?
    "Hello I am here for my first shift." Her thick british accent rang through the bar.