Ok, me too

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  1. Yep, I'm part of that cluster of folks migrating over like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

    I'm female, older than I care to disclose, and I've been RPing a couple of years. I prefer single or small groups and I like historical fiction but if the story is good, I'm happy to do modern, fantasy, or sci fi.

    Also, I'm terrible at introductions.
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  2. Yes you are, but I'm glad that you are here :D
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  3. I'm also bad at grammar. Thanks Bea!
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  4. But you're awesome at being you. Which is what really matters!
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  5. <3 Glad you're here. ^^
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  6. @idlehands

    It's okay. I'm terrible at being welcoming.

    ...Oh yeah. That's what I'm supposed to be doing. Hi!
  7. I am going to read this while looking in the mirror every morning.
  8. You just put up a picture of Buddy Christ next to it, to for that extra ooomph.
  9. Thanks and for tolerating our group's little circle...hug.
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  10. Another one! O__O Hallo! Hi! Welcome! Herro!
  11. We're like a plague...but a good kind of plague. Not a bad one with boils and blisters. More like rainbows and shit.

    Thanks for the welcome!
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  12. So when does Nat arrive.

    I'm ready
  13. Don't you put that evil on us, Aza.
  14. Geez, how much longer til you're all here?
    Well coming to this place of Iwaku to you friend! Enjoy playing roles!
  15. Welcome to Iwaku, idlehands!

    Seriously though, how many more of you guys are there? O_o;
  16. The cloning machine's been on the fritz, so... expect anywhere from a dozen to Northwards of 500.

    If I had to take an estimate, the main group of people from this pilgrimage is around 40 people, and who knows who's going to decide to mosey on over?
  17. I love your user name/avatar. Thanks for the welcome & I'm sure we'll still have more trickling in to check it out.
  18. The bulk of this migration is made up of another site's off-topic/spam section. You are seeing only the better of the active members come here, some of the undesirables have been left behind. I'm guessing that there will continue to be a slow trickle for the next week, but hopefully you only get our best, most respectable posters.

    (They totally buy that we are good people guys!)

    We are many.
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  19. Lousy immigrants coming over here and taking our roleplays...
  20. We'll RP for lower wages and won't ask for overtime.
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