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Oi! I'm new here

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Maxwell, May 28, 2012.

  1. Love to be called Max even though I'm a chick. An for the record this is all very new to me working on figuring it out.
    I mainly write so this kind of stuff is my area of sorta expertise, but usually I play either the gay person or transgender or some supernatural person in my writing.

    Song of moment is Grim Goodbye from the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
  2. Ohhh! That's a good song! I like you -nods-
    Welcome to Iwaku ^.^
  3. Why hello there!
    Welcome to Iwaku Max!

    Enjoy your time here!
  4. Hallo there Max. Its a pleasure to meet you.

    Welcome to Iwaku.

    If you need someone to help you ease into the forum, I'll gladly lend a hand. Or if you just want someone to write with, that works as well.
  5. Hey Max~! ^^

    I'm Mitten! (Or Kitten, or Kitty, whichever you prefer to call me, or you could be cool and start a 'Mitty' nickname! :D) Pleased to meet you! ^^

    I hope you like it here, I know I sure as heck do! If you ever need help or want to RP I'll be glad to help you out! Just PM me or add me on Skype/MSN ^^