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  1. Please, call me Pray~

    I will say this beforehand, it is very nice meeting you all! I am very excited to rp here and create very unique stories, plots and characters. I am VERY character driven in my rps and try my best to create a character you will never forget!

    If you're looking for an antagonist/villain, call me! I'm really looking forward to work on my antagonist characters. I've played the protagonist/hero for years and it's getting a bit boring!

    Happy roleplaying everyone! Can't wait to get started!
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  2. Welcome! I hope you are able to find a RP partner or group soon :)
  3. Hello Pray, welcome to Iwaku! If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM! ^_^ I hope you have a wonderful stay on here!
  4. Welcome to the site!
  5. YOU GET RAINBOWS! Because that is fantastic. I wish I could branch out to be the villain/antagonist, but after working on my personal stories and struggling, I use other''s writings as research on how a negative persona would act. ;D

    I hope you find many Rps that catch your interest! Tons of fun here, so I have no doubt you'll love it. See you on the boards~!
  6. Thanks all for the welcomes! This wonderful welcoming is a great sign on how this site is I bet.

    And you Oyoa for the rainbows!~
Thread Status:
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