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I've been looking for a roleplaying site forever! I used to roleplay a lot a couple of years ago and have really been missing it. I can see there are a lot of different roleplays to join around here, so I'll be looking around for a couple of days before I try and join one.

Anyone have any pointers or suggestions?

And hello. :)
Hello, lorbel, and welcome to the Iwaku. ^^
I'm Miru, the timid purple person. ;x
Let's see....If you want to maintain your sanity, you should avoid the Insanity Section. Trust me. =x
In all seriousness, have fun, and ask me any questions you might have. ^^
Welcome to the site.
Why hello, hello and welcome to Iwaku!

Before I can recommend roleplays you might enjoy, how about telling us what kind of genre and plots you like? XD There really are a lot of them, and so many different kinds!
I think it's better if we start from scratch without any knowledge of who she is or what she likes and then just arbitrarily decide what will suit her.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku my name is Shadow Ike as you can see and I am the leader of Silveriwng wolf pack, thinking about disbaning that to the Wolves of Iwaku soon. If you have any questions just ask and I might be able to help you.
I'd suggest looking at the writing challenges in the art & writing section to get warmed up. Other than that just look around and kick Asmodeus down the stairs.
Thanks for the welcome, the site is turning out to be more active than I thought. I've noticed that a lot of roleplaying text-based sites are very quickly dying. So, good news then.

And as for the type of roleplays I enjoy; I suppose I like anything. If the roleplayers write well and it's an active thread with an interesting story-- I tend to get involved with any type of genre. Uhm, so long as it isn't based on books or movies.

My favorites are Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but I don't limit myself to 'em as I said.

If you have an RP going and you'd like another person involved, give me an idea of what the story is about and how many people are involved. Or I will poke through the large amount of threads myself, haha.
Hehehe, Iwaku's been around for over six years now. I'm not sure exactly how long but around in there...
Anyway, I'm a belated welcomer here it seems, but hi!
I'm Kitti, it's nice to meet you. I hope you have fun here.
If you have any questions, please ask!