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  1. o___o *Stares around furtively at the request forum* H-Hi. I'm Ozzie. And, um. I am looking for people to try one-on-ones with! It's been a while.

    Some things about me, to start off with:

    1. I am a slow poster. Sometimes I do post-spree, but sometimes I also may not be able to reply for a week or two. It doesn't mean I'm not interested in the game, just that I'm a REALLY busy person and that sometimes I have writer's block. I just plain cannot promise posts on a daily basis. D: If that is a problem, we're probably not going to work out.

    2. I like to talk with my partners, about random assorted things in addition to plotting the game! I do most of my chatting with people over Skype, but if you don't have Skype, I can make do with the forum Inbox Conversations. Just as long as we get to chatting somehow! I think OOC conversation is key to healthy RP partnerships.

    3. I play dudes and ladies! But mostly dudes. I also play characters of all sexual orientations, so if we're doing something with romance, I'm pretty flexible. Buuut, I'm probably not going to write smut with you right off the bat. Aside from the fact that my smut writing skills are VERY rusty, I don't write smut with just anyone. >__>

    4. I don't need to have romance! BUT, I need some kind of focus on character interaction, or I WILL get bored. Any kind of platonic relationship will do, but seeing how characters mix is the main reason for doing one-on-ones for me. Even in group games, the thrill comes from the character dynamics. Character interaction is my candy.

    5. Please ignore that blue name. I am just a reeeegular peeerson.

    Have I scared you off yet? No? ...Okay then!


    - Horror. GOOD HORROR GAMES ARE SO HARD TO FIND. I'm cool with just having horror/supernatural elements rather than going all-out, too; I am just all about creepy stuff. My tastes run more toward psychological horror than gratuitous gore, to give you a heads-up. I'm a big fan of the original Silent Hill games, for example. Supernatural horror/ghosts are also good.
    - Paranormal/supernatural/urban fantasy. My go-to genres! I never really get tired of them, and it's pretty easy to come up with ideas for a modern setting with these elements. I am especially fond of werewolves, wizards, fae, and demons/demon hunters, but really, there's just so much wiggle room here. I do like vampires, too, but I will warn you that I am REALLY picky about vampires.
    - Sci-fi adventure/space saga. Think something in the vein of Firefly, Babylon 5, or Star Trek. Something where we can get really creative with different planets and cultures, hopping around the universe or taking place in a melting-pot sort of setting like an interplanetary space station.
    - Cyberpunk. Actually, if we can do some kind of cyberpunk horror plot, I will love you forever.
    - Fractured fairytale type fantasy. I love doing twists on classic stories, and I enjoy satire. If you have a flair for comedic writing and/or sarcasm, please reply. (Note: I also enjoy puns. I read a fair number of Xanth novels.)
    - Folklore-influenced fantasy settings. I am a huge mythology and folklore buff. (This goes for modern settings as well, actually.)
    - A bunch of other stuff! I have a pretty broad taste in genres and I'm game for trying just about anything. If you're curious, throw something out at me and I'll let you know if it sounds good. To save us both some time, though...


    - High school drama. Unless it's being played for giggles, I'm not interested.
    - Pure romance. As much as I love character interaction, I need some kind of overarching plot or I will get horribly bored. Even if it's just normal slice-of-life type problems, give me something! Avoid soap opera style dramatics, too, please.
    - Smut. I will direct you again to my previous statement about not doing smut right off the bat with anyone. Also, if you're requiring smut, why are you even here? *Shoves you toward the Mature requests*
    - Fandom RP. I have horrible, horrible trauma related to fandom RP. I only do fandom RP with certain fandoms and with people I know very well.


    - I have a serial killer who needs love. ([MENTION=2422]DawnsLight[/MENTION]: If you're still interested and have time, you've got dibs on him.)
    - Ever watched Twin Peaks or anything else by David Lynch? I need this in my life.
    - It's been a while since I did anything anthro. It's not something I'm turbo into, but I also might be interested if you sell me on the concept.
    - If you like girls who like girls, be sure to mention it. It's not a priority for me, but it's also hard to find partners who are interested! Most people prefer het or dude-on-dude romantic pairings, in my experience. (Which I am totally cool with, since I mainly play guys. But when the fancy strikes, it's good to know I have options.)

    If any of this sounds remotely appealing, let me know! I don't have any particular plot requests or characters that I'm pushing for, but I am completely ready to plot up stuff with anyone who responds to this! I just have one request:


    I love all my regular partners, but I am trying to meet new people! (For those of you who have only plotted with me or talked about playing with me, you're all good as long as we haven't actually started to play! Feel free to remind me about our plots here or float something new by me. If we HAVE played together before but you want to remind me about a particular plot we already have waiting in the wings, hit me up on Skype.)

    >> So... I guess that's everything!
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  2. Dear sweet jebus, I have been waiting for this moment!!

    Ozzie'love I'm so proud of you <3
  3. o___o *Snags Thalia for plotting*

    I'm still looking for other people too, just to be clear!
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  4. I was thinking about this the other day! I was afraid to ask about it since my own posting habits at the moment are somewhat inconsistent (*cough*understatement*cough* >.> ) But given that you're sort of in the same boat I think it would work out! Maybe a bit slowly but... nothing wrong with that. YAY FOR SERIAL KILLER HORROR ROMANCE RP!!!
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  5. Hi Ozzie! I would love to do a horror rp with you too~
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  6. Good day. I know several people have answered already, but may I have permission to message you?
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  7. Sure thing.
  8. I'd be quite happy to do an urban fantasy [ preferably with strong tie-ins to folklore of various cultures ] or some kind of Firefly-esque space adventure with you. Assuming you're still looking, that is-- feel free to drop me a PM any time!
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  9. I'm sorry, did somebody say adventure? In space?
    I'm not the most competent of writers, and neither that inspired, but if you've got room for me, I'll tag along.

    Having a friend wouldn't hurt either...
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  10. Ello!
    I'll do a horror rp with you :)
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  11. I would love to entangle myself in a plot with you! Especially something based on a tv show but everyone's in high school and it's just complete and total smut but with romance that's totally forced in there with a crowbar and a sledgehammer!!

    Oh wait. No. The opposite of that. ;)
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  12. If you still have some space open I'm interested, although I can be quite inconsistent with posting, sometimes I have very little free time while I can post daily other times:) I am a big fan of both mythological/folklore as well as everything supernatural and fantasy.
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  14. Horror... I call being a killer!!!

    Oh wait this is Role Playing right right.. Okay I call playing as a kliller! Hehe! ;3
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  15. Whew, you've got a lot of replies here. I'll just throw my boat in with the fantasy genre. If you're interested shoot me a message. :)
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  16. *tip toes in* I noticed that you like paranormal and psychological horror, which is something I've touched on and would like to get more in to. I also have some sci fi characters that are up for just about anything, and I adore fantasy. I've never written anything with mythology or fairy-tale twists, but that's interesting to me so I'd be up for trying it out. So if you're interested in chatting more, just let me know! I know there are a ton of people that have already thrown their names in, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to express interest. Hope your search for new partners goes well :)
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  17. Hey everyone! Sorry for disappearing for a bit, I was having some stressy life stuff going on. If you have already contacted me about plotting stuff, we are still good to go! If I haven't talked with you yet, I may still be grabbing you shortly to talk RP. :D
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  18. Understandable life has a horrible way of getting in the way of everything you enjoy doing, hope all is well now.
  19. Looks like you've found a lot of people to choose from, or rather, they found you. But if you ever need a good horror rp, then hit me up.
    I'm a sucker for good psychological horror.
  20. Not sure if you are still looking for someone to do a sci-fi adventure kind of rp, seeing as you seem to be getting a lot of offers. But, if you are send me a pm.
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