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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by heliacalRebirth, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. Goooood morning everyone! Huh? It's not morning? WELL ITS NOT MY FAULT I SLEPT IN LATE TT.TT -Me every weekend

    My name is
    Emiko. I am a half Korean sophomore in high school and probably one of the most confusing and eccentric people you will meet (in part because I've been unofficially diagnosed with borderline personality disorder). I enjoy playing my guitar and viola. Despite having asian blood, I am actually really awful at math… But other than that I get straight A's. Anime, manga, homestuck, Dr. Who, yes. I yes. I yes to all of those. Yes :)

    So far you probably think I'm a pretty nerdy and smart lil asian, right?


    I'm a huge metalhead. I can do glorious death growls that make grown men tremble in their socks. That's right all you internet pedos- Tremble before me! And when I say metalhead, I don't mean Cannibal Corpse. Even I have my limits. I'm more of a Dir en Grey/Opeth/Tool/melodic metal type girl. But I also listen to progressive metal, lots of japanese metal, punk rock, kpop (lolwhut), OST's and classical music (seriously… what), aaaaaand a lot of other stuff.

    I like to go into a lot of detail with my role-playing, and I love fantasy/mystery/horror. I play both male and female... you can check out all of that on my profile~ I've been roleplaying for about 4 years, and I really enjoy it. I'm actually very impressed with the way this site is set up and the members. I've seen pretty sketchy sites.

    Yeah. I kinda don't know what else to say. My favorite color is grey. I'm kind of a yandere/scorpio mix. I love art. I wanna go to a haunted house really badly. Um. Oh yeah! Be my friend. I lost all my online friends since my parents raided my Facebook and Skype :( I'm sure I'll have a ton of fun with you all based of what I've seen so far~

    'Aight. I'm out of ideas. See you guys around~ n.n
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  2. You should listen to Finntroll.

    You should also listen to Amon Amarth.

    You should also listen to Dimmu Borgir.

    You should also listen to Whispered (Finnish Samurai Metal).

    You should also listen to any number of other bands that I know about that are wicked awesome sweet.
  3. I need a music exchanging buddy :D
  4. Right, so, first off, here's a good example of Whispered in top form.

    Finntroll is classic, and this is a fantastic song by them.

    Amon Amarth is great.

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  5. You sir… You are added to my List of Yes.
  6. Hi there Emiko! 8D You look like lots of fun! Welcome to the community! <3
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  7. Nice to meet you, and thanks~
  8. Welcome fellow whovian! :D
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  9. Hey there Emiko! Nice to have you join in. If you need help with anything give me a shout! Cheers and see you around Iwaku!
  10. My husband is a huge metalhead, Amon Amarth being his favorite band. I love their music, but Nighwish is my favorite when it comes to that kind of music, and they're more symphonic metal than anything. Next to them is certainly Metallica.

    However, if you're looking for an RP buddy, I'm good at Fantasy and Sci-Fi. If you're big into group RPs, lemme know. I'll link you to some of my RPs that desperately need players.

    Other than that, welcome to Iwaku! Enjoy your stay here. I know I do. XD
  11. Hey, Emiko, welcome to Iwaku.

    You like anime! :D
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  12. If you really need players for some games, Mowkie, I'm more than willing to play in them. I really am wide open most of the time.
  13. I hear Japanese.

    I must respond in kind.

    In the only way I can identify.

    With magnificent gifs.


    Also, welcome to Iwaku.

    ADDITION: "nerdy, lil Asian". I live in Asia, and there's a lot of non-nerds and non-lil Asians here. I had a friend who was younger than me and was pushing 6 feet something. As there are flavours elsewhere, there are flavours here as well. More so than others should think. After all, everyone (...right?) knows the Yakuza and Chinese triads aren't made up of flighty-looking bishonens, and more of really angry-looking people that aren't very friendly.

    I see you, too, are a connoiseur of metal music and OSTs. We really must talk about Daisuke Ishiwatari some time. I personally don't like death growls, and I'd rather the shredding of chords. Melody and harmony in chaos is my prime love.
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  14. I understand that. I just felt that one would assume me to be a nerdy asian being that I had stated previously my addictio- I mean… my interest in anime, homestuck, etc. And I often get asked "are you okay?" because apparently I look pissed all the time. My late mother said it was a Korean thing but I'm not too sure about that :P

    As for music, I too enjoy melodic and harmonic contrast in my metal. I'm really into progressive rock/metal bands such as Porcupine Tree and King Crimson so the metal I listen to is more like Opeth and Dir en Grey (my favorite band by far). I also like bands like Rammstein and Amon Amarth though. Haha I don't know, I like all music <3

  15. Hello friend
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  16. You got me at OSTs, yandere, and Asian.

    Welcome to Iwaku.
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  17. *spots title that's in Japanese**is tempted to respond in Japanese* XD

    whatever yolo *shot*


    But yeah.Hope you enjoy your stay here~ =^o^=
  18. にゃあー <3 ありがとう、初めまして〜
  19. haha thanks~ i hope i see you around
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