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I guess this is more of a hello than I'm back. I doubt anyone I knew will remember me seeing how I've been gone so long I barely remember the people I used to speak to on this forum. Either way hello to everyone. I used to be a member a long time ago and am a reoccurring character in this place that used to be my home on the internet. I'm glad to see the community is still alive. :)
You will never be rid of us!!!! You can run, you can log out, but we will haunt your dreams!

Welcome back! I know how you feel, I have lurked this place for years, but I'm never less excited each time I rediscover it.
Welcome back to the site.
Welcome back haha yeah I know how it is leaving and coming back and not really knowing anyone XD
Why hello there. XD
Well hi there! Welcome back to the forum. :D If no one remembers you, I'm sure we'll get to know you!
Hello and welcome back yeah I have not the slightest idea of who you were before. Well if you need any help I will be here
Thank you all for the warm welcome. The community has always been good at that...even through the turbulent times when people were at each others throats. Haha...oh good times. The community has also always been good at being zany which I see has carried on. I look forward to whatever is to come. :)
Rasputin...Good to know you are alive.
They only thought they'd killed me. I moved to china. It was very nice for a while then things got bad so I tried out Canada and after a wild night I woke up in the USA. It's ehh here, but I make due.
And since you greeted us in Japanese and I have to speak basic greetings for my university course.

Konbanwa gozaimasu.

Doozo yoroshiku.
o_o Your username is familiar. Were you by any chance on afta/moonwings? If not, then I know you from here :P Welcome back!

-Dawn aka Ciel
Ahhh I guess I should have opened up with Hajimemashite, but all the same doozo yoroshiku Daiki-San. Senmon wa nan desu ka?

As to you Ciel, I remember you as well. I never change my name when I come back so I occasionally am remembered by some. I was here when it was just moonwings and then after everything came back as AFTA I was around for a short while, but fell away from the community.
I kinda thought I knew you from 'back in tha day' ;D
So once again, welcome back. Join an RP! There's a bunch of them 8D Stop by the cbox too (that's where I live lurk)~
Ohayou Gozaimas!
LOL, well in any case, welcome! :D Any questions, concerns or randompyuuu~ you can come to me! ^^