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  1. Hello, my name is Dionysia and I am a newbie to Iwaku! I was invited here earlier today (believe it or not) by a new friend of mine on another chat site. He mentioned this site and said that I would truly enjoy this community! I hope that stays true. Now then, I am assuming anyone reading this is expecting me to use the generic format that they have provided, however I would personally feel lazy if I did that. That is why I am going to introduce myself...differently!

    I am a new writer, roleplayer, and person in general as far as intense literature goes. I have of course read, in fact I love reading and have a personal miniature library filled with a couple hundreds of titles, all various genres. however I have yet to delve into the utter depths of writing and would love to do so here, as I am in a technical college for Software Engineering. (I prefer not to talk about my college life as I come on these sites and such to get away from that stress.

    One thing i am very excited to try is the One on One roleplaying. I love to get constructive criticism in any way, as I feel it forces me to improve, therefore helping me in the long run. My passions vary from Romance to Horror, and I am not usually one to do a sexual roleplay, however I could be persuaded into it. Not much freaks me out, other than maybe spiders, clustered holes, and needles. (The fear of clustered holes: Tryphophobia. Look it up, its real)

    That is all I really think I need to say, as if you wish to get to know me better, you can ask the question yourself :p​
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  2. Dionysia, your friend is most definitely correct! You will enjoy this community and all its lovely people! Welcome to Iwaku and have lots of fun! ^o^
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  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Dionysia!
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  5. What about Ohio?...
    They harvest potatoes there right?

    Welcome to the site!
    Enjoy your time here!
    Happy roleplaying!
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  6. Hiiii
  7. How are youuuu ccc:
  8. I am wonderfully wondrous! Yourself? :3
  9. I'm not gonna lie. You are by far the smoothest transition I've seen from anyone I've brought to the site XD
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