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Hello there, yes I'm American but I speak Japanese a little. So... Roleplay with me, ya' crazy people. What have you to lose, yo'?
Stand fast brothers! We are the Emperor's fist, closed and ready to strike!
I'll go get the 'Indoctrination Stick...'

*Goes and rips some piping out of the welcome area's plumbing.*
Welcome to Iwaku, where apparently we let the crazy guys out of their padded cells! :D
I read that as OHIO GO SIGN M' ASS YOU.

Yup. no japanese here... just staffspeak and 40ktalk.

All I have to lose is my patience, so what the hell, welcome and yes we will roleplay, just be careful of the hazing.
Fufufufufuf. You can only paddle me if you are a gurl.
Very well then. *Takes the paddle from Orochi*

Welcome to Iwaku, mah friend. We'll hook you up with some fabulous roleplays, writing challenges and awesome discussions! When entering the Asylum, use caution. >__> It's super duper crazy in thar.

If you need anything, just ask! <3
Thank you both for that typical display of Iwaku behavior in the welcoming thread... next on the schedule is Asmosarchasm... please give a big hand folks you won't want to miss out on this.
welcome fellow american! :D
haha (: let me know if you need help
Hey thanks for all the comments people.
If you continue to talk gangsta I'm sure we will get along great heh. Welcome to Iwaku!
Get out while you're still young and free. While your skin and teeth still belong to you. Run until you collapse and should you wake in the morning you'll know you're clear of danger. That is all the advice I can offer before they come.

If you stay, Welcome to Iwaku.