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there is a new dawn to every day...

Why hello there!

Feel free to call me Twinkie; it's a name that I've been dragging around a couple of forums now, so anything else would throw me off slightly (but hey, I'm open to new things, so if you got something else, go ahead throw me a curveball.)

I've been RP-ing for about three years now, though this past year has been relatively unproductive. (So I suppose that puts me back to two years of RP experience, haha.) I know of Iwaku from Jack Shade - (Who is that again? ... yes, I've been creeping your threads. The newb be laying out some groundwork, eh? ;D) and after being real lazy all year hitting a writer's block most of this year, I thought it might do me some good to start off fresh, at a different site, with new people to meet and write with.

But yeah - nice to meet you, hope to see you around!

Welcome to the site, Twinkie. Any friend of Jack shade, whoever that is,is a friend of ours! Hope you enjoy iwaku and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Hi there and welcome! :D Always fun to have someone else who has no idea who Jack Shade is!

Why thank you both for your warm welcomes :)

And you know, I think I may have figured out who Jack Shade really is after all...


I've thought about it long and hard, and the answer is clear.

He's your mom.



But yeah, can't wait to start signing up for RP's ~ ! I'm probably going to attempt and start one soon too - Just need the details ironed out, then I'll be ready to post it. ;)

Who's Jack Shade?
But welcome to Iwaku! Lovely to have you!
Jack Shade was my best creation ever. He's so elusive, only I know who Jack is.

Anyways welcome to the forum, Person with an Arctic themed name.
Oic what you did thar.

But yeah, thanks again for the welcomes! Friendly-a-plenty here. :)
I shall call you Alison.
I like the name Twinkie. :3 Hey I'm BoredAsUsual. You can call me Bored though most people call me Bau on here. Why? I have no idea. Hopefully I see you around in some of the rps. You sound fun. :D
Hey Allison, nice to meet you/. I like your name. If you've got any problems, just let me know. As a member with no responsibilities or power, I can help you in almost no meaningful way whatsoever. :)

Welcome to Iwaku.