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  1. Greetings, my colleagues and comrades.
    Today, I present to you, ideas.
    Seeing as my Aphorism topics garnered no interest, I decided to forget that I ever posted them. Even if I did really want to play it.
    NEVERTHELESS, I am not here to bemoan my failure to attract potential players.

    My first idea is based in the Custom Robo universe. Now, plot-wise, it depends on whether you are familiar with the series or not. For those of you who aren't, you have two options. One, do some light reading here. Your other alternative is to Do an academy RP with me, whereupon I will control a majority of the teachers, who will educate your character (and, in turn, you) on the subject.
    If you are familiar with the series, then an idea I have hatched is as follows.
    An archaeological team in [country] uncovers a what appears to be a toy set of armour, no more than a few inches in height. However, this actually turns out to be a form of Robo, and one powered by what was thought to be a long-gone element. It seems invincible - when its killing sprees are finally noticed and fought, attacks just seem to bounce right off of its hide. So how is stopping it possible? Simple. It implants energy into the Robos of whoever it has murdered, and commands them to wreak yet more havoc upon the world. Defeat these Robos, and by using an exerimental chip in your Robo's circuitry, it is able to harvest this energy. Store enough up, and your Robo's attacks will be effective.
    The only problem is HOW effective.

    The other idea is using a character with traits similar to the Doctor, from Doctor Who - in the sense that he has seen many, many things, and he still clings to his beliefs - because, in the end, they're all he has. He wanders, never stopping, never looking back. People have travelled with him, and he's lost them. Lost them all. Yet, while his companions are cursed to never stay by him, he is a man that must never be left alone. For, if a man like him is left alone, he will become warped. And when he becomes warped, when a mind like his is distorted, there is little anyone could ever do to survive him.
    Because he's not human.
    As for plot specifics, those can be discussed later.
  2. HEllo, well I had a question about the academy RP, what kind of academy RP are we talking about??
  3. As had been said, it's one in which I will control a majority of the techers, thus enabling me to teach people about the subject matter - Custom Robo. It will essentially be a boarding school, except there are different classes mixed in with the normal curriculum, which teach you about the use and maintainence of your Robo. Of course, there will be the usual drama about it, though I will try and make it so that it isn't boring and overused.