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  1. Hey everybody! I'm an average RP guy. I enjoy survival RP without long drawn out introductions. I will soon be posting one called "23 Hours" it's gonna be sweet and I'm hoping you guys will join me and I'm excited to see what kind of community this forum has to offer. Just some random stuff about me: I'm blond. I like things that go BOOM! I am running a small minecraft let's play series. I probably know more about making weapons at home than most people my age should. I hate stereotypical "shambler" zombies: (the ones that just kinda lazily limp around yet somehow have enough power to bite through flesh and make it through a spray of gunfire.) I've met Ellen McLain (the voice of GLaDOS) and her husband! (the voice of many characters including the sniper from TeamFortress2) so please invite me to some RPs so I can get mah mojo back! Don't have the 6 posts needed to PM yet but I will soon! Send emails to Icydath@yahoo.com. This is my spam mailbox so I'm sorry if I delete your message! D: PM me with your email message and I'll reply as soon as I get my 6 posts. Sorry for this long one! And YOU ALL JUST LOST THE GAME! MUAHAHAHA!
  2. Hello Stoneninja. Like you, I love survival rp! I am intereted in '23 hours'. If you start it please let me know and I will gladly join it. I sure hope we can have fun with that c:
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