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Sci-Fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic. Roleplays with plenty of action, violence, and romance. I don't mind if the base is on one of those alone, but it gets boring when nothing else comes into play, know what I mean? - Also, I'll do something modern if it seems like something I'd be into, but that doesn't happen often.
A message told me to come here, and I saw other introductions, sooooo..




Name's Greg, one that's way too common where I live. I've met so many with that same name. I thought it'd be confusing, so I started telling people I met that my name is William. Which it is. It's my first name. What I didn't think about though, is that I'm not used to being referred to by that name. So, when I hear "Hey, William", it usually doesn't grab my attention right off. MY PLAN WAS SO WELL THOUGHT OUT.

Anyway, I was referred here by a certain adorable dinosaur lady. I think I was, anyway. She may have just mentioned the site to me, and I decided to stalk her like some kinda creeper. Which I'm not. I'm not a creeper. I promise. Now, if you would please step into my van..


I've loved roleplaying since I was fff.. Fifteen or sixteen, I think.. BUT, as stated in my resume thing, I am pretty rusty. So, try not to expect too much from me if I'm in one of your roleplays. SciFi and fantasy are spiffy.

If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.
Welcome to Iwaku. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thank you both, I'll probably start looking into roleplays tonight or tomorrow.
Well hello there~
Welcome to Iwaku. I'm Kitti, it's good to meet you.
It seems you've already filled out the resume, yes? Lovely.
I hope that you have fun; happy roleplaying to you.
If you have any questions, please ask~
Hi Mr. Notacreeper! :D
-tackles to the ground and licks face.-
I have recruited you, and you shall be my little Grgy doll. Kay? Kay. ~
My nose itches but I can't scratch it. I CAN'T. TT ^TT

...anyways...WELCOME come forth and rp with us! BECOME ONE OF US! >3
Hi, I'm Torstein, it's not a common name, anywhere, it seems...
Welcome to Iwaku! Enjoy your time!
Ogawd. I totally should have paid more attention to this. RESPONSES COMING.

Kitti: Lovely meeting you too, and have fun I shall!.. As soon as I find something to squeeze into. Already looking at a few different things, but not quite sure yet. Went ahead and asked a couple of people about maybe joining though.

Dougverse: That movie was hilariously terrible. So, how is your sex life?

Diana: Hello Mrs. .. Um.. Ladyperson.

Staci: Being recruited to be your Grgy doll reminds me of that time I was playing this one game that I can't remember what it's called and this one person whose name I can't remember totally used one of her abilities to give my character half of her stats in exchange for me doing her bidding. The ability actually attached little strings to my characters and made it impossible to go too far from hers, so she called me her puppet. Lulz. LONG BORING STORY ABOUT A GAME. - *Scratches your nose, even though the itch is probably long gone by now* AND I MISS YOU ALREADY D:

4got10angl: ..OH. I GET IT. I didn't realize what your name was "Forgotten Angel" until I actually typed it out xD;.. AND.. The way you said that gives me a sudden feeling of foreboding. Are you people planning to brainwash me or something? :c

Torsty: I can't say I've ever heard that name anywhere before. IT'S UNIQUE.

Thank you all for the warm welcomes and such. Is very nice C:
xD <3<3
-Giggles and crawls into his lap.-
My ears keep popping. o.o
And I misses you too. xD
yaaaaay -gives a cupcake.-~
OHAI. You're the cool person that joined my roleplay! ^.^
welcome to Iwaku!
I'm Sakulalala~ ;D hope you enjoy the place :D
*Growls and bites Staci's ears* Stop popping, you fiends! D< .. OHHEY, CUPCAKE <3 *Omnoms and snuggles*

Cool person? Where? -Hurrhurr, thank you ma'am. I think I will enjoy it here C:
Yayyy.~ My Grgy Bear has saved me once again.

I'm Rory...According to Staci I'm a rabbit-cat thing but I am also an admin. Welcome to the forum. :D
You totally do look like a rabbit-cat thing! Hi mister rabbit-cat, and thanks for the welcome 8D May I offer you some milk and carrots?

Well Welcome to Iwaku!

*insert generic welcome message*

I have done my duty...

In all seriousness though welcome. Pretty nice community here, doesn't bite to much.
But I like the biting D:
Well then just ask... there should be no issues with people biting. Hard. To the bone.