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  1. Ah.

    I have been here before, yes.
    Of course I have.
    And I am here again, ready to start over.


    I suck.

    For leaving in the first place.

    -Insert heart here.-

    Ah, wait.



    Hey, Iwaku. Long time no see. I am very happy to be back. I've been in a role-playing mood lately and haven't found much that would satisfy my needs besides this lovely place. Hopefully I could find some long-term role-play buddies, or groups I could possibly be highly interested in. Or both.
    I do have some characters, all of which are yet to be posted in a blog entry of some sort. I am willing to create new ones, I'm just... not so creative and usually take 274782850 years to come up with another character. Smh. I have two canon characters I enjoy role-playing as, too. Maybe you have heard of them. Maybe you haven't.

    Who watches / loves Soul Eater?

    Well. I will occasionally role-play as Soul "Eater" Evans and Crona Gorgon. BecauseIlovethemsomuch.

    Yeah, I suck at introductions. This was -cringes.- I'm not usually like this. In truth, I am very anti-social or just... Hm. Am sorry. But it's over, thank Lord Death.

    But. I will say this once again.

    Hello, everyone! Hope to meet / role-play with a bunch of lovely faces.
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  2. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here :)
  3. Omg another soul eater fan XD
  4. Thank you! I'm certain I will.

    Oh yes. Problem? c:

  5. No its cuz I'm one too XD
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