Oh you poor, self-centered humans...

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  2. And here, have a follow up video by the main man, Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

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  3. "This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper."
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  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanobacteria

    Let's just take this moment to recognize the fact that there are hundreds of species that have permanently altered the entire planet and we aren't even in the top ten. Change is nature.
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  5. Good points made, lols had

    That being said!

    Remember that the moral of the story is that, while the earth and natural systems can adapt around us, we ARE killing our future by not taking care of our environment. remember to recycle, put trash in your pocket if you can't find a garbage, and try to promote biodegradables!
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  6. Well, we've pretty much already sold tomorrow. We're in for a 4 degrees c rise above baseline temperature within the next 100 years. What that basically means is certain death. Plants cannot adapt quickly enough to keep up with that kind of temperature rise. After a certain point (like a 4 degree rise in temperature) Plantlife will no longer be able to claim C02 from the atmosphere and will die, and so will we. The only way this can be avoided is a complete, and utter global collapse of industry and society. Even that probably wont do much now. And if there was a complete collapse, just think of all the nuclear power stations that would go into meltdown because of people not being able to look after the cooling process. And now we even have positive feedback loops, I'll give you this example;

    The hotter it gets, the more Arctic ice melts. The more Arctic ice melts, the more methane gas trapped under the ice gets released into the atmosphere (we are talking billions of tons of methane here). The more methane gas that gets released into the atmosphere, the hotter it gets, the hotter it gets the more ice melts..... (Methane is way, way worse than C02)

    Whether it is humanities fault or not for these rising global temperatures it doesn't matter. Temperatures are rising, a 2 degree rise means death and 4 degree rise means extinction. Not just humans either. Its called a near term extinction and will be the quickest one in planet earths history
  7. Like Neil DeGrasse Tyson said, Earth will survive. We humans are absolutely fucked.

    I hope my generation gets on this. I don't want a mass extinction of the human race before we get space-side. We need space colonies first, damnit! Where's my Foundation?!
  8. I'm not saying I disagree- because I like living, and so does everyone else- but if we completely stop pollution all at once, the planet wouldn't be able to change back that quickly. It has to be one step at a time, a slow progression to getting better. That's how the world works. It evolves slowly over time.
    Maybe if we had polluted the world at a slower rate, then Earth might have been able to evolve better. And maybe we would have evolve with it. Though it would've probably taken hundreds of thousands of years for it to happen.

    That does sound like a good RP though. . .
  9. You know what I am truly surprised by is the fact that any of us think our species will last forever. Now don't get me wrong I approve of a environmental friendly way of life as much as the next guy. But our time in this universe was always going to be limited. Nothing is meant to last forever, at least in the physical sense I am not going to argue metaphysical isssues here.
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  10. See, now I don't believe that humans are exactly 100% earth things, it's Mother Earth, sooo, who's the father?

    For all we know evolution might only be an earth thing and humanity has yet to discover it's baby daddy @.@

    Time to sleep.
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  11. One of the many reasons why I choose not to procreate.
  12. In the year 1999, I remember serious talk in the scientific and NASA world of trying to colonize different planets. To create suitable atmospheres in planets like Mars, over time, and try to engineer a hospitable planet. Water is still believed to be under Mars' crust.

    They haven't achieved teraforming primarily because of two reasons. Low gravity (about 30-some percent of earth's gravity) and Mars lacks a magnetosphere. Earth has a magnetic field around it that is caused by earth's rotation and the magma in earths crust. This magnetic field creates the polarities and reflects most of the suns harmful rays. Don't get me started on the magnetosphere, unless you want to read a three page essay. You should, of course, research it for yourselves.

    A number of other planets already complete with an atmosphere and promising other similarities have been found within the last few years, but climate and proximity to the sun has been the issue. I believe they are sending drones and such to them now for more data. But the major problem with that is the distance, of course.

    Living in domes put on Mars might be probable, though. And more practical. They should attempt this on Mars, in my opinion. But, NASA is having problems with funding, and this would take a lot of money.

    Also, in 1999, the Rain Forest was all the hype. Preventing the destruction of the rain forest and all that. Anyone as old as I am should remember how big that hype was. Now, in 2014, they are still doing it, and no one talks about it anymore.

    But I do know one little fun fact. One volcanic eruption is equal to 100 (or maybe it's 1000) years of human air pollution.
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